Friday, July 30, 2010

Taco Casserole

I am always on the look-out for fun and easy recipes. I found this one for taco casserole on babycenter.

1 can crescent rolls
1 bag Frito's
1 lb ground beef (it actually called for 2lbs, but I only used one)
1 pkg taco seasoning
1 cup sour cream
1- 1 1/2 shredded cheddar cheese (I didn't measure this, I just used enough to cover the top)

Unroll crescent rolls into casserole dish. Sprinkle with crushed Frito's. Brown beef with taco seasoning, drain, add to dish. Spread on sour cream, sprinkle with cheese and another layer of Frito's. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

This was delicious, a good twist on the traditional tacos. I put mine over shredded lettuce and tomatoes. This will definitely go into my small group rotation of snacks.

This isn't the best picture, but it does show a good reason why I love casseroles. We always have so much left over it lasts for 2-3 days.

I could get used to this

We had another awesome week here. We had no appointments and no schedule all week. It's been so nice. We still got out of the house and did some things, yesterday we had lunch with Tracey, Levi, and Maggie... which was awesome to catch up... thanks for inviting us. Next week it's back to doctor's appointments so we were pretty lazy most of this week. We started off this morning with some water color painting.
Just a few of our creations, can you tell who did what?
Since the weather was beautiful today we had a picnic lunch. I thought about taking him to the zoo since it was going to be in the 80's, the only day for the next two weeks. But, I went with walking with Karen and Jessie last night and I didn't want to slow them down so I tried my best to keep up. I think I did something to my inside thigh... only I could do something like this by walking. Anyways, it hurts today especially making sudden movements, so no zoo for us. This pregnancy has been so different than with Cooper. I don't remember feeling this bad and having this much pressure so early on. As a matter of fact I worked out past my due date with Cooper and as of right now I've had to take some time off because I get pains in my belly and side when I do work out. I do have to admit that not working out has helped with our no schedule weeks. Like I said, I could get used to this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Question for the Moms

Does anyone know where to get a good potty training chart and or stickers? Cooper loves his calendar we make and loves to mark off his day each night, so I think a chart may help motivate him some.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Target Story

I have another Target story from yesterday, imagine that. I noticed the other day we were running low on Cooper's Curious George Band-Aids, I don't think he has used a single one for the correct purpose by the way. I gave him the choice once we were there on what he wanted. They had George, Sesame Street, Spider-Man, Toy Story. Well my son wanted Dora. Sound familiar, Jess? So I did what any good mother would do, he got Dora Band-Aids. Funny thing is, we don't even watch Dora.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Cooper loves puzzles. I mean LOVES puzzles. He does a really good job at them too for his age. Just the other day I told Steve that was all he was getting for his bday and Christmas. Well look what I found in the Target dollar spot today, puzzles for $1. We have already done the animal puzzle like 5 times today and he calls the boy and girl on the 5 senses puzzle mommy and Cooper.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Not only did we switch from the prescription pain medicine to Tylenol yesterday, I totally missed a dose today. He did just great.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Low Key

We had a low key week around here, despite recovery from tonsil surgery it was quite nice. We really only left the house to go to places we needed to go to, like the grocery and a doctor's appointment. We did venture out today for a visit with some friends. My friend Melissa was in from Colorado so we went to her mom and dad's house to visit. I'm thankful Cooper was up to it, it was nice to spend some time together.

For the most part I think we are over the hump as far as recovery. Recovery is about 7-14 days, with more pain coming in around day 7-10 when scabs fall off. He hasn't really let me look too deep in his mouth this week but I got a good look tonight and I think they may have fallen off. Actually yesterday when I gave him his medicine he started crying, that happened twice, I know from spilling the medicine on a paper cut on my finger that it does burn so I'm hoping that was what the crying was from. Overall he has been a pretty good patient. It's hard at times to distinguish the whining from pain or just being rotten. He has gotten away with some stuff this week, like eating for example. It hasn't really mattered to me what he has eaten or when, as long as he eats. I can say he has had some good breakfast this week; cinnamon rolls, waffles, french toast, donuts. He did ask for Cheerios one day, he still likes to eat his cereal dry so we haven't tried them yet. He did get some animal crackers after nap today, didn't seem to bother him. We also hit two important milestones today; last day for ear drops and I switched from his pain medicine to Tylenol.

We also managed some play time outside tonight. Of course it would be the hottest day of the year. Steve and Cooper played, I sat in the shade drinking my water and taking pictures. The doctor's orders are to stay cool and hydrated. I love it that my little guy is starting to like the camera again, he kept looking at me and saying cheese even when I didn't have the camera out. Most importantly though, I'm glad I'm starting to get my little guy back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Donations accepted

If you would like a unique foam sticker creation by Cooper, donations are gladly accepted. Here a few samples, I'm sure there will be more my weeks end. Just a few shots because Cooper thought I was taking a picture of him the first time. He slipped on the paper and so each picture had to look like he was falling. Notice Mickey in the back, I'll give you one guess who brought that over Sunday.

Whatever floats your boat

This is how Cooper insisted on eating his lunch today. This was him asking for a cookie. He has gotten a little spoiled with the tonsil surgery, Chips Ahoy chewy choc chip cookies are too good to resist.


So I've heard pregnancy is supposed to make you a little extra clumsy, especially into the third trimester when you have this basketball sized belly in the way. Well I don't need the extra incentive. By 10:00 this morning I had spilled tea in the refrigerator which required me to take out the bottom shelves and clean them and I spilled Cooper's medicine, yes it is in the liquid form. Luckily I didn't spill much and he is already taking half a dose 3 out of 4 doses.

I need a nap!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Innocence of a two year old

Cooper loves talking about the parade we went to for the 4th of July. So today while watching the news they were showing a clips of a demonstration/protest over some racial remarks that were made, Cooper pointed to the tv and said parade.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Smart Guy

Recently we have started making a calendar for Cooper and drawing pictures for what we are doing each day. Every night before bed we let him mark off a day. We did it as a count down for staying all night at Steve's parents. We did it as a count down for going to the hospital. For the hospital one we drew a picture the next day of us coming home. Every night that is the day he wanted to go ahead and mark off. Well we just added a week to the calendar, this one for the last day of ear drops, which is Friday. Tonight he wanted to mark off that day, I think I would too.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

There's no place like home

I feel like I am clicking my ruby red slippers tonight, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home". My little guy is a champ and we couldn't ask for a better couple of days.
We got to Kosair on Fri around 7:15, with surgery scheduled for 8:45. The surgery floor has a play area so that kept Cooper busy for most of the morning, which is a good thing because they didn't take him back until almost 9:30. It also helped for him to not ask for food or drink. Our early childhood care director from church also stopped by to help pass the time. Finally they came with the "happy juice" in hand. Oh my, that is about all I can say. He got so figidity, but there was no way this child could stand alone. I was ready for surgery by then because we could barely hold on to him. He did great leaving us, he laid in the bed, had Mickey Mouse under one arm and away he went. Surgery went quick. It wasn't much more than 30 minutes before the doctor came out to talk to us. The right ear tube looked good, the left one had lots of fluid build up so he put in another which should help with hearing. His adenoids weren't bad but his tonsils could have won some awards they were so big. He told us Cooper will most likely be a happier kiddo and sleep better, I'm not for sure how that could happen, he sleeps fantastic. They did say no child this young should snore and if they do then they most likely do have some form of sleep apnea. This made me feel better, just because I kept questioning myself if we did the right thing or not this only proved we did.

We didn't see him again till we were all back in the room were we would stay in. He was awake and somewhat alert (what you can be given Morphine) and he was doing good, not crying at all. We got settled and he took a nap, but woke up in pain. Poor guy, at one time he had tears but wasn't making a sound. He got pain medicine every 4 hours but yesterday it seemed as if his limit was 3 hours, especially if he was asleep and woke up and it wasn't time yet. He was emotional at times, but if we could get him to drink at all he got better and talked and played in the play area and watched plenty of videos. He drank a little yesterday and ate some Jello and ice cream. They would weigh his diapers and by evening he was doing good. They had used an IV during surgery and kept it in and bandaged up, luckily he didn't need anything the rest of day until bedtime when they went ahead and gave him some fluids. I've learned my lesson on the IV for the future, always tell the nurses he is left handed. I'm sure they just assumed right handed, put it in his left and wrapped his hand up and he pretty much didn't have use of his hands last night. I didn't even think about it until we got his sticker book out and he gave us this look like, what am I supposed to do with these? He didn't get to sleep until 11:00 and woke up for good this morning at 6:00 when they came in with pain medicine. Steve and I didn't get much sleep at all, they came in the room pretty much every 1-2 hours either checking vitals or his IV.

Today has been much better. He ate some french toast and pudding for breakfast, Steve got me and him a cinnamon roll and he wanted some of it too. They came in around 9:00 to let us know they would start working up our discharge papers and since he was scheduled for another round of medicine at 10 we could leave after that. We were ready! Cooper was feeling well enough he wanted to get down and move and play and he was just plum exhausted from lack of sleep. Wouldn't you know it they preached all day Friday about not getting behind on pain meds and this was the one time they got behind. We finally got out of there around 10:45. He has been so much better once getting home. First he took almost a 4 hour nap. He has eaten Jello, applesauce, a pancake, and a popsicle tonight. We got him in bed at our normal time and he just seems happy to be home. Still a little cranky at times, but that is to be expected. His voice cracks me up though, it's so high pitched. I read it could last a couple of months. We are all hoping for a good night sleep tonight. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, it is appreciated. No one wants to see their child in pain but after hearing from the doctor I realize it was all for the best.

I didn't take many pictures, this is one right after we got into our room. He was a little sleepy.
He was trying to eat some Jello last night, check out his hand. Poor guy, it was so awkward for him eating with his right one. I wish I would have gotten a pic of his left, they wrapped it up in a diaper.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cooper Update

This is Gretchen doing a quick update for Jami...

Cooper made it through the surgery and is in his room. I guess he's pretty out of it right now, she said they have him on Morphine (poor baby!!) Doctor also said that Cooper would have won awards for the size of his tonsils. So, I guess it's pretty good they came out.

Jami will be doing a more detailed update I think on Saturday, but she wanted everyone to know that he made it through fine.

I'm sure mommy and daddy are glad to be back with him!!! Lots of prayers have been said for them today :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Earth & Fire

We took Cooper to Earth & Fire last week to make something for Steve's moms birthday. We picked it up tonight, I think it turned out pretty good. Cooper did the painting and the hand prints, Steve did the writing and the polka dots. I can't wait to take him back and do something for Christmas. They have Mickey Mouse ornaments, he will love that.

All ready to go

I finally got all the phone calls today and everything set up for tomorrow. Surgery is at 8:45 am, a lot better than the dream I had last night where it was at 5:00 pm. I just got a call from an OR nurse and she answered a lot of questions. Yes, they will give him the Versed (sp?) before the procedure so we doesn't remember it. They will start with gas but once he is asleep they will do an IV. Not for sure how much I like that. I will not see him until he is out of recovery and we get admitted into our room, not for sure how much I like that either. The IV will stay in since he will have IV pain meds and fluids to keep him hydrated. Hopefully the pan meds will help him sleep so he doesn't freak out. That is my biggest concern, him being scared. Total time away from us is going to be almost two hours. I keep debating on if I should have opened my mouth about the tonsils, I mean I know it would have happened sooner or later, especially if fall/winter hits and he gets strep or RSV again and they get inflamed and he can't breathe. The less times you have to be put to sleep, the better. It's just still scary. No one wants their babies to be scared or hurt. She did mention that if get gets plenty of fluids tonight and doesn't get overheated playing outside then it will be much easier to get an IV in. So it's water, water, water this evening.
We won't be bringing a laptop with us and don't have Internet access with our phones so I may call Gretchen sometime tomorrow and have her post a quick update on here. Other than that I will post details sometime Saturday evening. Wish us luck!

Tot Time

We had our final Tot Time of the summer this morning, so sad! Usually I'm ready for the fall/spring sessions to be over but summer session is only 4 weeks. He just started learning the songs and poems. I can't believe next time we go I will have two kids with me. This session was extra special because Sharon and Allie signed up as well. It was Allie's first time coming to Sellersburg. Hopefully they will sign up in the fall.... hint hint! Although we can't go to McDonald's each week! I think we went there three out of the four times. I'm only allowing msyelf that privelage because I have two months to eat whatever I want then it's time to get in shape! I snapped a few pics this morning, not that someone wanted to smile at me. These are the pile of books he wanted to take home. He loves the sound books. I always try to rotate the sounds he struggles with- like s and f.

And of course the finished craft. He wants to give it to Mamaw and Papaw.
Thanks for switching times and joining us Sharon and Allie. Sign up in October if you can!

When mom's away the boys will play

I really don't know where to begin on these. I went to Target the other night and Steve called to make sure I found the balloons. I got home with the balloon and him and Cooper had been playing a game and they showed me how just in case Cooper asked for it the next day. Sometimes they just leave me speechless.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Potty Training

We are in the EARLY stages of potty training around here. So far, not too bad. I still haven't had the courage to leave the house without a diaper on, maybe one day soon. For the most part if we are home Cooper is in big boy underwear. I usually have to keep up on it and ask him or take him at least once every 45 minutes to an hour. Occasionally we will tell me, but more often it's me taking him. If he tells one of us that he has to go he gets a treat, otherwise nothing. We did have a couple accidents today, he starts to pee then stops himself and tells me then will finish on the potty. At least he is recognizing he is starting to get wet and it's a pretty small amount too. He did go #2 in his pants today. At first I was putting a diaper on him when I thought he would go, because he has no intention of doing it in the potty. But I didn't catch him in time today and he told me as soon as he did it and he didn't like the feeling so I will probably just let him do it in his pants until he get tired of it. He likes his underwear and would rather wear those than a diaper. So hopefully we are doing something right.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Day of Crafts

We had some change of plans today. I wanted to take Cooper to the Science Center to do the new Sesame Street exhibit, but I decided to stay around here and get some things done. First we had a little fun this morning. We finished up our second finger painting canvas that we started on Saturday. He was in a bit of a mood on Saturday so we had to quit and finish up later. I would rather have this in Cameron's room but Steve thinks it needs to go in Cooper's room along with the other and Cameron can do his own someday. We probably won't even be living in this house by that time. Either way here is the finished product. I think next time I'm going to put the paint directly on the canvas and have Cooper paint from there. He had more fun rubbing the paints together on the tray.
I needed an oil change in my car so first we took care of that then we headed to Michael's to buy some crafts. We got some water color paints and paper, and my favorite; foam paper and stickers. They had their foam materials half off so we got two tubs of stickers ranging from animals, Noah's ark, letters, and numbers. I helped him out on two of them, first Noah's Ark.
Then something for Steve.

Then I just gave him a pile of stuff and let him have it, this has got to be the cutest. So random!

I'm going to try and save the water color paints and more foam stuff for next week. Give us some fun activities to do. I am not someone who can stay in the house all day, I love to be out and about. I have to plan home activities in advance to keep us busy.

What do your kids do?

After an instance in our car yesterday I got to thinking, what do your kids do that you should totally get onto them about you can't because you are laughing too hard? This happens all the time in our house. I have a nervous laugh so sometimes when Cooper starts throwing a fit for no reason at all I laugh because it's so unnecessary.

Anyway, yesterday I was getting him out of the car and he likes to hold the CD cases we are listening to. So I take the case and gently toss it into the front seat. What does he do? He takes his cup and launches it into the front seat. It hits the stereo, bounces back into the console. This kid has a pretty good arm on him. I know I should tell him not to do that but I am cracking up laughing, I was laughing this morning just thinking about it. He was only mimicking my behavior. I was wondering, what have your kids done that makes you laugh so hard you can't scold them?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Playdate with Reid's and Bush's

I set a goal for myself this week that everyday would be a fun day. I figured with Cooper's surgery on Friday that we might not be up to playing much next week so we needed to get as much play time in this week. Luckily for us our schedule was clear all week. We started it off today with a play date and lunch at Gretchen's with Pierce, Hope, Levi, and Maggie. I use play date loosely because the three oldest, even though Hope is older only by 7 months, played outside together while Cooper stayed inside playing puzzles, and Maggie.... well she is only 2 months old. It was good to catch up with Tracey and Gretchen as well, I haven't seen Tracey much at all since Maggie was born. We tried to get a picture of all the kids, these was the best I could do.

My Little Alien

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

We spent a family fun morning at Chuck E Cheese today and guess who tagged along.... Uncle Scott. Actually, it was Uncle Scott who treated everyone to some fun. Where else can you spend $30, feed four people, and play games for over an hour? I think this was best trip yet. The older Cooper gets the more fun it gets and he wanted to play with Scott so much it gave me and Steve time to sit back and observe him and take pictures, of course.

They started off the fun by trying to catch apples in a bucket. I wish I would have gotten a good pic of the one where you catch popcorn. All morning long Cooper kept talking about popcorn at Chuck E Cheese. We were telling him, no we are having pizza. I guess he was really just talking about the game. Next up, my favorite, skee ball. We all had fun playing this game.
The Lee boys can't pass up a good game of basketball.
This one was more Cooper's style. I think he even made a few baskets.

I have no idea what this game was, I guess it was just a way to win tickets.

I walked back to the table to get my purse, turned around and saw this. I think it was just a photo op more than anything.

Cooper LOVED this game. I can't remember what it was, it's on the other side of Deal or No Deal. You put in a token and you push a button to win tickets. You either win 2, 3, 4, 25, or 75 extra tickets. He played it at least 10 times and one time he did win the 25. I didn't get any of the Deal or No Deal, but Steve won over 50 tickets in just 2 games.
We used our last few tokens by riding some rides. I can't believe he actually got up on this one. Last time he was too scared.

Looks intense, doesn't it?

The last ride was driving the car.Of course Mommy had to help out and push the pedal for my little guy.

After an hour and a half we left full, tired, and a rubber frog, comb, and sucker. We all came home and took naps afterward. Thanks for the fun Uncle Scott!

Well that makes it more real

I got in the mail today my surgery time and instructions for my c-section. I thought to myself, already? Makes things seem more real. It's a little different going into this knowing I'm having surgery, things can obviously change but for now it's all set. We have to be there sometime between 5:30-6:00 with surgery at 7:30. With Cooper we had to be there at 5:00 am and has born at 6:41 pm, this time we will have our baby within 2-3 hours.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yummy Treat

We had a fun summer treat tonight. Melissa, you may remember this I got it from you. Top some graham crackers with Cool Whip, sprinkle some sugar on top and put in freezer for a couple of hours. I didn't think of it early enough so it was only in our freezer for about 45 minutes, it's better the longer it stays in there. It was Yummy! Of course this kid will eat just about anything with sugar.
On an unrelated note, Cooper wanted the sprinkler to get him in the belly.

We have some visitors

I commented to Steve a few weeks ago that everytime I walk past a bush in front our house that birds fly out and I think there might be a nest. I was right and guess what..... there are also two baby birds. Momma bird isn't too thrilled each time we go out there to water. But she sure does stay close by.

Creative Imagination

I guess it is true about leftys having a good imagination. Yesterday we were playing with the Aqua doodle and one of our pens is like a paintbrush. Cooper was using to draw and a few minutes later after some of the water had dried he pointed out this looked like Goofy.

29 Weeks

I had another check up this morning, 29 weeks and 2 days! Sometimes it feels like this pregnancy has flown by then I am reminded today of when I first found out I was pregnant we were having multiple snow storms and now we are in the midst of a heat wave. I took Cooper with me for the first time and of course they were backed up, he kept himself busy with raisins, Cheerios, and a sucker. I thought he might like hearing the heartbeat but he was more interested in the sucker. So far everything is going great. It's probably the only time in my life I will ever hear "You've gained 22 lbs, that is perfect". I'm on track to gaining about the same as I did with Cooper, although I do feel my belly is bigger this time around. I've also started my every two week visits, doesn't seem possible. I don't think I'm ready for that, not that I'm not ready to meet little Cameron, I just don't feel like going to a doctor's appointment every two weeks. I still feel pretty good as well. Today was a little off, it mainly depends on the weather. I felt great last week. I heard the best news today, 85 and rainy on Friday. My doctor also put a c-section on the schedule for September 13th. That is tentative depending on if I go into labor on my own before then or if I show good signs of labor before then. We shall see.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Swim Time

We had another fun day to end our long weekend. We were hoping Cooper would sleep in some this morning, even after going to bed at 10 he still woke up at the same time. Little Stinker! Steve and Cooper headed out the park while I went to Jazzercise in the morning. It was a much needed work out but I'm not so sure how much longer I can go. Physically I feel fine and want to continue but I am starting to feel a pulling on the right side whenever I do too much so I might have to tone it down some. I just want to make it to 35 weeks, that is 6 more, I can do it! Once I got home we headed back up to my mom's for lunch and swim time. Cooper was a little scared at first but got used to it after a while. He didn't enjoy wearing the floaties, he would rather be held. Thus the need for swim lessons, I don't care that he really even knows how to swim, I just don't want him to be afraid of the water. After swimming we came home and all of us had naps then we cleaned and did laundry all night. It feels good to have it all done for the week, that never happens on a weekend.
Cooper was rockin the mohawk.

He liked it when Steve would splash him, check out the video he was cracking up.