Sunday, February 22, 2015

Will we make it?

The question of the night has to be; will we make it to school tomorrow?  I think we are.
I was texting with Gretchen & Tracey last Sunday evening about the impending snow storm, which by the way came out of nowhere, and G mentioned that they would end up being out all week.  I thought no way, we will be back my Wednesday.  Then we just had to get more Tuesday night, crazy cold temps, y'all know, you lived it too.

I do not like having to make all this up, but for the most part it was a nice break.

Of course the kids begged me to go out and play Monday morning and of course they only lasted about 10 minutes before they thought it was too cold.  Plus Cameron had a 102 temperature.

He spent a lot of time cuddling that day.  I got him into a doctor the next day and it was strep, after a day of medicine he was all better.

Cooper also had an eye appointment on Tuesday, doctor visits aren't the most fun so by Wednesday we were ready to break out.  We headed to Chick-fil-A and Target.  This is how my kids do Target.

Thursday was probably the most fun day for them, we spent about 5 hours at the school prepping for our festival that ended up being postponed.  There was several of us there, all with our kids, the just got to play in the gym and on the computers, we ordered pizza for everyone, it was a good way to get some energy out for them.

Obviously... someone got energy out. I let Cooper stay up to finish the IU game and look who fell asleep.

By Friday it was time to take Cooper to the doctor.  I had suspected a sinus infection and I was afraid it would turn into an ear infection.  Mom is always right.  She said had I not come in he would have been in pain with a full blown ear infection within a day.  Trust your gut.

Saturday's weather may have sent me over the edge.  It was supposed to be the day I ran 9 miles for the first time and have our festival behind us, now the festival isn't until this Friday and I didn't get to run at all.  Steve worked a half day and by that evening we were ready to get out.  We braved the roads and headed to Steak N Shake.  Not my favorite but we had a gift card.

I don't know why but this made me laugh and it would have been funny had someone walked in.  We decided our couch wasn't good enough and we all sat together in a chair.  We must really love one another.

So will we or won't we have school?  I think it's gonna happen and as much as I love having my kids home with me, I would rather it be in the June.  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I've never considered us to be a family that celebrates Valentine's Day but then I was going through my blog and it seems I blog about it every year, so I guess we do celebrate.

It helps when both kiddos have parties.  It all started on Thursday with Cameron's party.  I provided a couple crafts but besides that I got to stick with Cameron and enjoy the party.  I'm usually running it so this was a nice break!

Love these little bags. 

I got these next two crafts for both Cameron and Cooper's party.  I had mom call me out on it who has a little girl in Cooper's class and a boy in Cameron's.  Just making things easy.


Cookie decorating.  Let me tell you about these cookies, they were amazing!  Someone made them from a Lofthouse cookie copycat recipe.  Delicious!

Game time and this was adorable.  They hopped from heart to heart and when the music stopped they had to act like the animal on the heart.  I have it on video of Cameron being  a butterfly.  

Marshmallow toss.

Cameron and Layla.

We got home and we went through his bag of goodies.  He kept finding things and saying he was going to save for Cooper since he would like them.  He has such a sweet spirit.

Friday was Cooper's party and I got one picture.  I had to run the party and some parents helped but it's just chaotic trying to make sure everything is going smoothly.  

That brings us to today.  Steve took the boys out for donuts this morning while I did my long run.  We hung out doing pretty much nothing until dinner and we had our usual Papa Murphy heart pizza.  I would call it a tradition now. 

I surprised them by decorating the table with some heart plates and napkins, heart shaped candy (that was for me, it's Dove dark chocolate), new cups for the boys, and an iTunes gift card for Steve.  It's the little things in this house.

After dinner Cooper wanted to make me something so he asked Steve to help and they came up with this.  How cute?!

So, although we don't do a whole lot for Valentine's Day, we do try to make some fun simple memories.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Scott was able to find a couple extra tickets to the IU game on Sunday which meant Cooper got his first college basketball experience.  To say he was excited may have been an understatement.

Little Cameron, oh how I love this child.  He didn't even get to go but he was just happy cause Cooper was happy.

It was a boys day for the trip.  In almost 7 years this was the furthest Cooper has been away from me, not gonna lie, I was a little nervous.

I had a cute date to take my mind off things.  He dressed himself for church and wore that tie all day long.

It's safe to say that Cooper's heart may belong in Bloomington now.

Not too shabby for one's first basketball game,

So thankful that IU pulled out a win.  Cooper would have been so disappointed.  Steve said Cooper told him he was still shaking after the game. IU led pretty much the whole game but almost let Michigan come back.  

See that banner in the middle?  Indiana is the last college basketball team to go undefeated and win the national championship.  It's why it's so important right now for Kentucky to lose a game :)

This is blurry cause it's from my tv, but look right in the middle for a man in a white shirt then look to his right for a little bitty head.. that's my baby!  He looks so tiny.

I would have loved to experience this with Cooper but I know it's important for him to have his boy time.  He had a blast.  So thankful for these memories that he is making.

On a different note, Michigan has a kid playing for the them named Austin Hatch.  If you get a moment look him up and read his story.  He survived two plane crashes.  Two!!  They were both piloted by his dad, the first killed his mom and sisters, the second, years late, killed his dad and step mom. This was just after his verbal commit to play at Michigan.  He ended up with a brain injury and was in a medically induced coma for several weeks.  He was able to rehab and play basketball game and Michigan honored the scholarship. Such an inspirational story.  Check it out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Groundhog Day

I found a super fun idea on Mix and Match's blog that originated on Momfessional's blog.

It's a new blog topic every other Tuesday and today happens to be Groundhog Day; the day you would relive over and over if you could.  

Here is a list for the year if you would like to follow along.

As I was trying to figure out that one day the obvious popped into my mind; wedding day and births of Cooper and Cameron.  Without a doubt I would relive my wedding day time and time again.  It was so fun and I was laid back, I spent the day with my closest friends, married the guy I had been in love with since I was 19, it was just perfect.

But I'm not gonna go with that. I also didn't want to go with the boys birth dates and really didn't want to do anything before Cameron was born cause that I would be like leaving him out.  My life  wasn't fully complete until he came along and completed our family.  This moment right here to be exact.  Look at my babies.

So I decided to flip through some old blog posts and come across a couple that I would go back in time and do over and over again if God would allow.

First one comes to you from this post from May 2013.  It almost mirrors this post when we blogged about what our perfect day would look like.

It was full day spent in the Magic Kingdom and our kids couldn't have been more well behaved in the middle of the chaos that Disney World offers.  

This day of course would plum wear me out.  
 So let's look for something a little more laid back.

This was a little harder so I didn't go too far back. My day wouldn't have to be this exact but it would be all 4 of us at home just being us and ending in our favorite family tradition of our carriage ride through Charlestown and Christmas lights.  This is from just this past December.

Of course any day with my gals would be included.  Like this one when we had a full day of shopping and a movie premiere, a trip to Nashville, and anytime with this gal doing what we love best which of course is shopping.

So I guess you would say I can't pick just one.  But you could throw a whole lot of these days together and life would be grand.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dogs, Bowling, and Running

Wee Ones has been having show n' tell the past couple weeks.  It's not secret my kids are slightly afraid of dogs.  One on particular day someone wanted to bring in their dog, it was a big one.  I thought about staying but decided he needs to learn on his own.  Imagine my surprise when I get a text from my friend Laura who has been subbing at Wee Ones... that is my son giving the dog a treat.  Way to go Cameron!

Scott called me a couple weeks ago asking me to keep January 31st open, he said he calling in a few favors and may have extra tickets to the IU game.  Thankfully we kept it a secret because it fell through and we didn't get to go.  We were gonna have to pay at least face value for the tickets so when Saturday rolled around we had some extra cash and was it burning a hole.  We opted for some bowling.  Despite his demeanor, Cooper was excited.

He's not half bad either, he did beat me.  Granted he also had bumpers.

Last summer I signed them up for kids bowl free at Hoosier Lanes, kids got to bowl one game free per week.  We only went once, mainly because I signed them up late.  I hope they have it again this summer, I think you could pay $25 and parents could bowl all summer too.  Pretty good deal.

I haven't talked much about my mini marathon training so I thought I would spend some time on that.  One of the biggest obstacles in the past was the time it would take away form my family.  Now with Cameron in preschool I have a good system worked out.  I run 4 days a week and sometimes just 3.  One day is a quick 3 miles where I run sometimes up to a minute a half faster per mile than I do my long run.  If I skip a run, it's this one.  I usually do it on Sundays, here soon I'm gonna meet my cousin on Monday mornings.  That will be nice because it will free up Sunday afternoons for me.  If we are busy then I just skip it. not a huge deal.
Two days a week I run 3 or 4 miles, come March and April it will be 4 or 5.  I usually do these on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Cameron is in school.  I have just enough time to drop him off, get home and run and shower, and go pick him up.  Once we hit daylight savings time, I'm hoping to do one of these in the evening to free up at least one day he is in school for housework or other things that need to be done.
Finally, Saturday's are my long run days.  This week was another 7 miler, it actually ended up being 7.2.  This coming week is 8.. yikes!  These I cannot skip.  I am comfortable skipping any other day but this one.  Right now it has been working out great that I can run with my friend Laura but she is going on a cruise in March and I won't be able to.  One of those days is a race day but the other I have to do 10 or 11.  That will be rough by myself.   I'm super excited and cannot wait to get that medal around my neck.

I belong to a group on Facebook where we log our miles.  We all got a matching shirt, I love the saying on the back.

I've watched the coverage of the mini for may years now and this year I can be apart of it.