Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Update

I just can't seem to find time to blog on a regular basis so weekly updates are what you're gonna get.

We were teased with such great weather from early last week, especially yesterday.  This was from earlier on in the week.  
 Cameron started feeling bad Tuesday night, I got him into the pediatrician on Thursday and it was an ear infection.  We spent most of our day in the doctor's office and at Meijer waiting on some medicine.  I'm happy to report he is feeling much better, especially since he was up most of the night on Thursday.

Steve's birthday was also on Thursday.  While we were out I picked up some dessert from the Pie Kitchen and had plans on making him one of his favorite meals but he ended up beating me home so I grabbed a pizza from Charlestown Pizza Company.  I'm sure it was better than anything I could throw together.

Doesn't this make you feel old?

Both my kids have been good at puzzles but this simply amazes me how good Cameron has gotten.  I helped a lot on this but I think he could do it on his own if I did the outline.

Saturday morning brought another basketball game and Cooper is having a ball.
 Some time in between all the shoveling, moving a patient at work, and playing basketball at church, Steve threw out his back.  He couldn't even go into to work on Friday.  He's feeling much better but looking at this you can tell how bad he had been feeling.  

Cameron uses basketball games as a way to get phone time.

Cooper got a few packets of Fun Dip at his Valentine party.  I let them have some on Saturday and Cameron referred to it as "his sugar".  He's pretty much right on that one.

Saturday evening was spent celebrating Steve again, this time at his parents.  These two were pumped for some cake with homemade chocolate icing.

I decided to channel my inner gansta.

It's funny how we spent so many weeks with school cancellations now that we are back to a regular schedule I'm complaining that weekends are too short.  I guess we are never happy.  Here's to another week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Week

As far as a stay at home mom goes, this week has been kind of busy.  I had a couple appointments, my two CBS days, and did a few things to prep for Cooper's Valentine party at school.  I had just gotten out of a dentist appointment and picked up donations at the school for treat bags when Tracey texted me asking if we wanted to meet her and Mags at Chick-fil-A.  That was a no brainer.  And Tracey, your hair is getting so long again.

These two littles are too adorable.  And maybe a little rotten too.

 After lunch we headed to Meijer and of course no trip is complete without a ride on Sandy.

Cooper had basketball practice Wednesday night, I talked Steve into taking both boys so I could make red velvet cake balls for Cooper's teacher and the CBS children's helper.  He texted me this, they both love their time alone with daddy.

Speaking of CBS, it was time to turn in my re-commitment letter for leadership.  Sadly, Cameron's preschool schedule conflicts with leadership and there just isn't a way around it.  I have been struggling with the decision to come back at all, even just as a student.  Selfishly I really want those 2 mornings a week to myself.  Then comes this past Thursday when they revealed what we would be studying next year.  I have always wanted to do a study on Revelation.  Guess what we are doing?  Revelation!  Along with Daniel.  God made it loud and clear on that one.  Looks like I'll be back.

Back to our week.  This was the loot I picked up from school for the treat bags,

And this is 26 bags filled with the goodies for the party that almost didn't happen.

Let's talk about Friday morning and the impending snow storm.  I got to the Y at 5:30 to run and found out JCPS was out.  Started body pump at 6:00 and found out we were getting out 2 hours early, the same time as the party.  Then at 6:20 the text came through that our party had been moved to 10:00.  That meant I needed to be ready for the party when I left to take Cooper to school.  Which meant I had to high tail it out of there so I could get home and shower before Steve left at 7:15.  Also, had to call my in-laws to see if they could still watch Cameron at the new time.  It was a mad rush but I made it and the party was a success.

The bad part of being a room mom is that I don't get a lot of pictures.  We did a mosaic craft with a baby food jar and tissue paper. a coloring sheet, a heart magnet craft with foam stickers, and a relay game.  We also had fruit, cupcakes, and cookies.  

The magnet craft was done with leftovers from a Wee Ones party, I thought I was safe on that one, should have known at least one of the 10 kids from Wee Ones would point that out.

School started at 9, party was from 10-11, and we still got to take them home without a tardy.  And it was all counted as a full school day so that June 10th is still in tact.  Yippee!!

We celebrated as a family Friday night with a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and a I pulled out my Pinterest skills and made a heart shaped cake.

My dad got the boys a battery operated car they can drive around.  Steve put it together a few weeks ago but it hasn't been warm enough or dry enough to get it out.  We finally had enough today, doesn't everyone get out in 25 degree snow covered roads in one of these?

One last thing, I'm gonna try something. I drank my last Diet Coke today. Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A whole lot of nothing

This post may be all over the place so bear with me here.
Let's back up to last Sunday and the Super Bowl.  We have had "Super Sunday" for several years now.  We have hot dogs and drinks and our Sr and Associate Minister team preach the sermon.  I missed the sermon this year cause I was in the toddler room buy the boys didn't miss out on their hot dogs.

Steve was at the IU game and didn't make it home till about an hour before the big game so we didn't really do anything to celebrate. I picked up some cupcakes at Jay C, although sadly they didn't bring us good luck. 

So many people were posting pictures on Facebook about the game and this was by far the funniest to me. I laughed for about 10 minutes. It's better to laugh about the outcome than cry.

Monday is where my week gets all cray cray.  No school Monday, out early Tuesday, no school Wednesday.  Oddly we were full schedule Thursday and Friday and others were on at least a delay.  I slid a few times Thursday morning but I just wanted my routine back. I've been okay with each and every delay and school closing, I've made the best of them and have had some fun.  Wednesday was breaking point. I was done.  There is just only so much you can in the winter that doesn't cost money.  At least in the summer we have the park, the pool, our zoo membership.  I was ready for the real Hulk and Captain America to come rescue me.

These are just a few thins I posted on Twitter this week.
Look at those eyelashes. I'm jealous of my 3 year old.

This almost makes my stomach hurt, longing for the days of the past. Levi, holding Maggie, Pierce, Cooper, and Hope. Cameron is still in the womb.  I'm gonna say June/July 2010.

I was all ready Thursday to get Cooper from school and head to the Y when I got a text from Christy (Luke's mom) saying she was taking Luke to the JJ basketball game and if we wanted to join them.  I made a quick change of plans and wore make up AND fixed my hair for the first time all week.

Cooper had a basketball game this morning and he made a basket!  So it was during halftime practice but it was a basket!  This may not seem like something to get excited about to most of you, but keep in mind this is hist first year.  He also has the skinniest little arms and that basketball is heavy to him.  His form is good and he just kept trying and trying all morning long, getting closer and closer to the rim and it finally went in.  He was so excited for himself. He is still reserved during the game, gets it from his momma, but that is getting better too.  He picks things up quick when he breaks out of that shell.  He is having fun and that is all that matters.

It looks to be a calm week so let's all pray for 5 days of school!