Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cornucopia Farms

About a week ago I was checking out our calendar for the upcoming month and realized we didn't have a free Saturday until the week before Halloween.  I didn't want to take the chance that something would come up or deal with crowds so we headed up to Cornucopia Farms for some fall fun this morning. Or rather fall fun, in the fall, but still summer weather. :)

This place is between Scottsburg and Salem.  I wanted to go for more of a smaller farm and less crowds.  It wasn't any cheaper to get into their family fun area than it is Huber's, but they had just as much to do.  
They would have been happy had the slides been it. We could have stayed at the slides for an hour and called it a day.

Of course they would have missed the bales of hay. Cameron was cracking me up, he was so timid and wouldn't jump around, yet he will jump from a chair in my mom's living room over to her couch and back.  

(some of my pictures are clear, taken from our camera, and some are terrible, taken from my phone.  That's all about to change because our iPhone 6's are on their way)

Okay, back to the topic.

I need to get me one of these in my backyard. Every time we go to one of the places that has a box of corn kernels, they love it!!

Cameron loved this thing too. You pumped the water to make the ducks float down the tube. Really I think Cameron just wanted to play in the water but he did keep asking to go back and do it.

"Cows" to milk and "horses" to ride.

Totally see Jimmy Chitwood practicing on this goal.  #Hoosiers

Of course anytime we go to a place like this we must take posed, picture perfect family photos. You know the ones everyone is screaming and yelling then we stop and smile just in time to smile and take the picture.  I'm only half kidding :)

We took this gem home with us.

Probably my favorite part of the trip was the soy bean maze.  They have both that and a corn maze.  We had already been there a while, Cameron was getting tired, and it was hot. We opted for the one that we could actually see over the crop.  

They had 6 hidden signs all over the maze and we had to check off our card once we found them.  They had pens attached to each sign, now you could totally cheat if you had a pen of your own, but we didn't.  We found all 6!  Now of course we were taller than the soybeans, but the signs were not.  They were hidden pretty well and deep within the maze.

Cooper was a champ and led most of the way.  I ended up carrying Cameron toward the end, so yeah, totally glad we did this and not the corn maze.  Steve and I did a haunted corn maze the first year we were married, so much fun!!!

Such a great day, 5 more school days!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Full Weekend = A Happy Heart

We had such a great full weekend, it leaves me with a happy heart tonight.
On Thursday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We were such young pups.

We celebrated by not seeing each other until 6:30 and having Little Caesar pizza.  I guess that's what 10 years gets ya :)

Steve had extra PRN work and I took the boys to the homecoming parade, hence the late evening and crappy dinner.  Since Cooper and Luke aren't in class together this year they are wild and crazy when together.

I wanted another picture with better lighting and got this.  He's 6, not 14.

At least one of them still likes their picture taken.

Friday was another busy one.  My mom was off that morning so she watched Cameron for me so I could go for a run.  Something is wrong with this world when I'm getting sitters to go run  I haven't blogged this but I signed up for a 10k.  I should be ready, getting excited and nervous.

While at my mom's she was cleaning out things in her garage and she found my old baby doll, her name was Madeline and I think she is adorable.  I want to clean her up and bring her home.

I spent the rest of the day running errands and setting up for our yard sale.  Then it was time to get Cooper and get ready for the homecoming game.  Granted I haven't really been to any football games since graduation, but I have never seen it that packed.  It was fun and Charlestown won so double bonus.

I was up bright and early Saturday for the yard sale.  Really there was nothing bright about what time I got up.  Most of what you see are the things Scott and his friend brought over, but I did sell all my big ticket items.  I measure the success by how many boxes or bags I have to pack back up.

Cooper set up a lemonade stand, we chipped in a couple dollars and some people gave him extra, he walked away making $15!

Saturday night we got to have a date night for our anniversary, but not before Steve made my anniversary dessert- caramel apple pie.  It was awesome!  

Now he didn't get all crazy and make roll out some homemade crust, that was store bought and he also used a jar of fried apples, but he did make the icing and did all the work himself.  I was impressed.  He took his time, made sure the edges didn't burn, let it cool before frosting, the whole thing.  Yummy!!!  

The next four weekends look to be just as busy as this one. some of those super exciting.  The idea of fall just makes me excited. 
10 school days till fall break!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Cameron!

At 6:59 am on Saturday morning I heard the pitter patter of little feet outside my door, the door opened, then "I'm 4 now".  This kids had been counting down for weeks.  I wanted to tell him he still had one hour and 7 minutes but I got up and we got the day started.

We let him have our gift early. This kid would have been happy with a .99 pencil sharpener.  He was just happy to have a birthday.

We got him some action figures.  He already has Spider-Man but not the other three bad guys.  Between the two of them we probably have about 15 of these type of action figures.  They play with them all the time.

I still had a certificate for Krispy Kreme leftover from our Spring fundraiser so that was our breakfast treat.  

We spent the rest of the day cleaning and getting ready for the party and answering the question, "when is everyone getting here", about 942 times.   Finally, 4:00 rolled around and we had a packed house.

It was the usual of family and the Reid's.

A friend from church made the cupcakes, A-dorable!  Tasted great too!

I had a mom blog fail during present time,  I only got pictures of the first one, a new bike helmet from Mamaw and Papaw.

He was just so sweet with everything.  He really is an easy kid to please.  He also shared so well, especially when you have a big brother who tries to take over every single gift.

This is actually from today but I had to share.  I always tell Tracey not to worry about getting my kids anything when we have parties, that's not the reason we have a party.  Plus my kids get so much, way too much really.  So it's been a running joke now that Tracey gets him snacks. After dropping Cooper off today, he couldn't wait to get home and eat the goldfish that Maggie gave him.  Oh, he also calls Maggie his girlfriend.  

I can't believe this sweet boy is four.  When I say sweet, I mean it.  He's the most loving child.  Always wants to be loved and hugged on.  When my mom comes over he always asks her to come rock him.  He has a stuffed tiger from the zoo that he calls his baby.  He can't go to sleep without his baby and his doggy blanket.  I can't leave his room without saying goodnight and by his bed isn't good enough, I must say it as I'm shutting the door.  When someone comes over and it's time for them to leave, he goes to Cooper's room and watches them from the window until they are out of sight.  He does this when Steve leaves for work in the morning too.  Just incredibly sweet!

Happy Birthday baby boy!