Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Week in the Life- Thursday

I have been inspired by Kelly over on Kelly's Korner to do a week in the life blog series. I probably should have started on a Sunday but if I waited I might not have done it and this is a good way to get me back into the swing of things. I let my blogging go to the wayside after Cameron was born. So here goes nothing.

My days starts at 6:00. I must have a shower or I am a total grump. It's kind of like my coffee since I don't drink the stuff. This morning I got up at 6, took a quick showers, skipped out on washing my hair and laid back down. Cameron started waking up around 6:30 but was quiet enough that I didn't go get him till around 6:50. I changed him, made a bottle and Steve fed him, since he was done getting ready and just watching tv, so I could straighten up our room and stuff. I finished feeding him, Steve left for work and somehow Cooper was still in bed. He had been getting up around 7:00 and before I knew it, it was after 7:30. Normally I would rejoice in this but he had been coughing last night and I started getting worried that maybe he got sick at night so I checked on him. He quickly sat up and our day began.

This is our assembly line of breakfast. Banana, fruit loops, cheerios, and milk for Cooper. He doesn't like his cereal in a bowl with milk, he eats so slow that it gets mushy. I've been mixing his cereal for a long time now, he usually gets a mix of Cheerios and something fun. That way it fills him up and he can good stuff and healthy stuff. Cameron had baby food fruit and yogurt bites. I had a banana and toast with Nutella. My new fav! I couldn't finish it because it was so rich.
After we ate and cleaned up it was down to the basement for play time. Cooper got out Mr and Mrs Potato Head and made Mamaw and Papaw. We also went listened to some Dave Crowder you tube videos and did some dancing before heading back upstairs for Cameron's nap.

I wanted to take them to the park for a picnic so I had Cooper help make some lunch. I love our new snack dispensers from yesterday's shopping trip. This is when our morning got a little crazy which I know one day I will look back on and laugh. Cooper doesn't know how to entertain himself. He's all over the place when he does, it makes it very hard to try and get ready to go anywhere. Today he told me he had to go pee, I was busy so I told him to go my himself and I would be in there in a minute. I go to check on him, he didn't lift the seat up so pee was everywhere. I get it cleaned up and start to get him ready, I go to brush his teeth when Cameron wakes up. I really wanted him to sleep longer so I try to get him back down and come out to find Cooper trying to eat toothpaste. Then Cameron wakes back up and I was going to let him cry but Cooper walks in his room. I was so ready for the park by this point, it did us all good!!!

This also made my happy, the first thing I noticed was a man with a metal detector and shovel. I wonder what kind of treasure they have there at Speed Park.

Cameron loved the swings, he was cracking up the whole time.

Cooper loves the merry go round. Some man was sitting on it the whole time and finally got off right was we were leaving. We had a nice time, ate a quick lunch and there were no tears when we left. My day was getting better. And I'm pretty sure my son was the only three year singing Dave Crowder while going down the slide.

I had to throw one more in.

We got home and I had to make two quick phone calls so the boys wrestled on the ground. We did some more playing downstairs before heading up for nap. They were both down by 2:30, Cooper woke up at 3:40 and Cameron was up a little after 4:00. It was good quiet time. Once they were up we went to the grocery to buy some stuff for our cook out on Sunday. Cooper loves riding in the carts with the car on the front. It's the only way I can take them both and have room for groceries. He sits up there and talks to me and asks questions the entire time but I can't hear because the cart is loud. I have no idea what he is saying. We get home and Steve is mowing, I make a quick dinner... ham, mashed potato cakes, and green beans. It was yummy! We had strawberry shortcake for dessert, Cooper made such a mess that Steve picked changing Cameron's dirty diaper over cleaning up Cooper.

After dinner Steve went back outside to finish up while we headed downstairs to play more. There was more singing and dancing. Steve got back in, Cooper had a snack, Cameron had his bottle, we had book time, Cameron fell asleep in my lap and finally Cooper was in bed around 8:30.

Hopefully I can continue this for a week, it will be fun to go back and see how I really spent my day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooper's Shopping Trip

Cooper got a gift card to the Disney Store for this birthday last year. Rather than shop online I thought it would be fun for him to go the store and pick out something for himself. I had planned on waiting until after the holidays, his birthday is right before Thanksgiving, but somehow time got away from me and here we are 7 months later. The kid was like a ping pong ball in there. I'm not even for sure if he picked anything out on his own. He was looking in every direction, too concerned about the tv in the back. We made out with some practical things he was excited about.

His first pick was the Mickey and Woody Buzz sports bottles. He had to use Mickey today at lunch. I had picked up the spoon and fork and he got all excited cause he would eat his baked beans with the spoon. Those went in the back. Speaking of bag, I bought one of their reusable bags. It was either Mater or Pirates. I don't know about you guys but Johnny Depp doesn't nothing for me. Cooper picked Pirates. We also got a bowl, a snack dispenser, and Cooper picked out the Mickey hand held fan. I spent about $6 of my own money, the rest was on the gift card. I love this bowl, it was the alien on the bottom.

We also split a pretzel and got a cookie to go. My boy gets spoiled when he goes to the mall. I checked out Gymboree but they didn't have much for boys. But man alive if you have a girl, the most adorable yellow and black bee collection. Tracey, Gretchen, Alicia..... STAY OUT!!!!!

Dentist, Ice Cream, Shopping, Boo Boo's, and Grilling Out

I really have no title for this blog. It could have been called Tuesday, but that would have been boring.

Tuesday morning Cooper had a dentist appointment. I decided to switch him from Dr Fleck to our family dentist. Nothing against Fleck, we just really like our dentist. They remember everything about you and I knew it would be good for Cooper to build a rapport with someone and he would do better. I was right, he did great. Our hygienist is male, are they still called hygienist if they are male? Anyway, he has two boys around the ages of Cooper and Cameron so he can relate to Cooper on a great level. The appointment went great. I can't believe this time next year I will be bringing both my boys.
After the appointment I told him he could have a treat and he picked a root beer float. I wasn't in the mood for ice cream for lunch so I got a chili dog, the chili dogs are Chiller's aren't half bad.
Little man loved eating his lunch outside.

It was past noon at the point but since I was feeling good and Cameron had already eaten I decided we would hit up Kohls's. We had been there last night to pick out a few things for the house. We got something for the kitchen, bedroom, and foyer. Once we got home we realized we needed two pictures for the bedroom so that was the reason for our second trip.

We got this cute thing for the kitchen, I had been admiring it for a while. Glad I was able to still get it.

This is our bedroom. We misjudged the width between our windows and felt with just one picture something would have been missing. Glad we went with two, I like it. Still need to do the foyer, I will take pictures when finished.

They were also giving away Kohl's cash this week. I had gotten $20 on Monday night so I had to spend at least $50 on Tuesday to earn another $10, you know I HAD TO! I picked up these cute shirts for the boys to wear on the 4th. Now I just have to decide, do they wear them for our cook out on the 3rd or the parade on the 4th? Maybe I need to do more shopping :)

I also picked up these cute glasses for myself. They are green, just like my eyes. That's how I roll. I also found some a-dorable flip flops but they didn't have them in my size. I'll try the Jeff store next.

Here is where things went down hill. We got home and it was nap time but once again I was feeling good so I let Cooper play outside with his new bubble toy. A few minutes later he tells me he needs to go poop, I say let's hurry hurry. I go to grab Cameron and that is when I hear it. Cooper took a nasty fall in the garage and gave himself a giant goose egg on his forehead. It's the second time in a month he has done this. By the time I calmed him down, calmed down Cameron cause he cried because Cooper was, got some ice on it let him watch Mickey Mouse, it was after 3 before they both napped.

Steve came home and saved the day. He grilled out pork chops for dinner. Check out this yummy goodness. There are even leftovers for tonight. All in all a great day. We just can't let Cooper wear flip flops outside anymore!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Game

We had our final games of tee ball this week. Thursday was a make up of a make up game and Saturday was our last scheduled game. I forgot my camera on Saturday but had it handy on Thursday.

Cooper was excited that he had time to play on the playground before the game started.Of course I had to get some brotherly love pictures and mommy and son pictures.

Thursday's game was a little different. Only 4 kids from our team and 1 kid from the other team showed up. And neither coach was there as well. Didn't surprise me on our coach. He hasn't been the most reliable. We had a game earlier in the season that was rescheduled earlier in the day due to heat, we didn't find out until after the game was to have already started. It was no biggie this week though, Steve stepped up and helped out.

I got some cute action shot of Cooper.

Coach Steve with half his team, Grace and Cooper. Grace is the daughter of Denise, a fellow blogger. Alicia if you are reading this, the first week at the ballpark I recognized like 4 or 5 families on your blog roll.

I tried to capture Cameron as he was cheering for Cooper, this was the best I could get.

I have to brag on Cooper a bit. The first game started out rough. I didn't think we would make it the whole season. My goal was half. He was totally not into it and crying at each game. Well, we still had tears at the final game but it was mostly due to heat and hunger. By the last game he was asking Steve when it was his turn to bat. He would go for a ball even if he another kid was going for it too. He wouldn't back off. Now, Steve did stay with him in the field and on the fence before batting, but that's also to be expected at his age when had hadn't been exposed as well. I'm still proud of how far he came. We might even play next year!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I love this picture of Cameron. Sometimes when he is tired he just lays down and takes a rest. It can anywhere as you can tell. It was turned the right way on my computer, can't figure out why it isn't on here, sorry!

Blessings For Brody

I wanted to share a link with you guys about a family from Charlestown. I went to school with Heather, the mother. If you didn't catch it, they ran this on the local news this week. You can click here for the story.

Heather and Chuck just had an infant son born with a rare and serious skin disorder. The link will explain more. They are having a community wide yard sale in Charlestown to help raise money for the family and the mounting medical bills. There is also a site on Facebook, Blessings for Brody, where you can go to find out more info on Brody and info on the yard sale. The yard sale will be held Saturday, July 2.

Comidas favoritas

If you are fluent in Spanish then you know the above reads "favorite foods". Favorite foods happens to be the topic of the newly revived blog off. I'm not picky eater, I will try just about anything. There was a time when the thought of guacamole made me sick. Then I tried it, and my oh my what I was missing. I must admit I have somewhat of a sweet tooth. It's terrible really. Nothing better than warm straight from the oven brownies. Oh, and my mom's no bake cookies. I am so spoiled on those I can't eat another. I'm not a huge fan of ice cream though, odd I know. I like it if it has chunks in I can chew, like chocolate chips or nuts. But my favorite food of all is Mexican. I could eat this everyday. And although Tumbleweed and Don Pablos are okay, I prefer the authentic Mexican. I am digging Chuy's right now even though it's Tex Mex. What makes this blog off topic special is that I had dinner last night at none other than El Nopal! I met Jaime Mac for dinner, she had a jewelry open house today and I couldn't make it due to Cooper's game so she agreed to meet me to show me her discounted jewelry. She even picked the place! My kind of gal. I doesn't get any better than this giant quesadilla. The best part is I got to eat half last night and half today. I haven't had anything there that I did not like. And how I love me some rice with white cheese melted on it.

One quick funny story from last. I pulled into the parking lot and was looking around for her car. I couldn't remember the color, I just knew she has a SUV with a sticker. I spotted this and thought maybe it was her...

Then I realized there is NO WAY she would be driving around with a soccer sticker on her car. I don't see Jaime turning into a soccer mom anytime soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Some of you have asked for picture of the house.... here goes. I went a little overboard. Sorry!

Front of the house. I think I posted this once before when we saw the sale pending sign. Several people have asked if this custom. No, the house was complete and listed as an unfinished basement. The only thing we did was offer a higher purchase price and have the builder finished the basement for us. It probably cost half of what it would have if we did it ourselves. This is the view of the roundabout from our front porch. You will see later how small our yard is. It's nice to have this to play in.

This is the view of the clubhouse and pool from our driveway. We haven't used the pool yet, but it's nice. Once tee ball is over and we have a free Saturday afternoon we are going to check it out. It's not totally free, it does come with a steep annual home owners fee.

View of our backyard. You can tell by the weeds where our property ends. I hate to think what kind of creatures are hiding there. They will be building back there at some point, I sure will miss that view. Right now we just have two houses next to us and one of them has an empty lot between us. It's so quiet.
View of the back of the house. Thanks to Jaime Mac for pointing out the manly grill next to the kiddie water table.

View from the front door. To the left are the stairs to the basement, to the right is our bedroom, laundry room, and door from garage.View of front door from living room.

Sorry some of these are so dark, I couldn't get the lighting right. These next few are from the living room.

In the back right on this picture are the boys bedrooms and their bathroom.

Next are some of the kitchen. And Cooper enjoying popsicle. It's an extra large kitchen by no means, but coming from what we did have it's amazing. I have half empty cabinets, before they were all stuffed full.

A close up of our kitchen table. We bought a new one, our old one was tiny but we didn't have room for a larger one. This one is perfect, now we can have guests over for dinner.

Next up is our bedroom and bathroom. We bought new bedding too but I need to get a darker bed skirt. See what happens when you don't have a mortgage payment for 2 months? You go crazy and re-decorate your whole house.

Finally, the boys rooms. We did get to pick out paint colors for their rooms. Cooper wanted orange so of course he got new bedding. Cameron's is a total work in progress. I'm going to wait to get bedding until he gets closer to a toddler bed.

There you have it. God Bless you if you sat through all of it.