Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I have been looking forward to this day all week long. This was our first Saturday without any plans since the first week of November. I had to go back to look at the blog to confirm this. We spent the entire day relaxing, one reason I took all our decorations down earlier this week. I got Cameron a booster seat this week for the kitchen table, he likes to me up in the mix while we are playing games. We got the Angry Birds board game for Christmas. I think you should get extra bonus points for just being able to build what the card tells you to do. Oh, and to get it all back in the box correctly.

I love their facial expressions.

I have to admit I never got into the game on my phone. Steve has been playing it since we got our phones last year. I finally downloaded it this week and I'm addicted. I don't know what took me so long. Funny story, yesterday we had on the news and they were talking about the UK/UL game. Cooper points to the tv and says, "look mommy, Angry Birds". Ha ha!! He knows the one and only IU! Speaking of.... how about them Hoosiers? I think we are back!

Tonight we decided to break out another Christmas present and have a movie night with Cars 2. Once the popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels ran out the boys had about enough. I didn't really blame them, it did seem a little over a 4 yr olds head. I liked what I had seen so far.

About 45 minutes into the movie the boys were jumping and falling off the bean bags so the movie went off. It was time to play more games, another Christmas present, Don't Break the Ice

I'm not so sure I will actually make it till midnight tonight. I know I say it every year but I can't believe another year has gone by. It wasn't the worst of years, I mean we did buy a new home, but it wasn't the greatest either. I don't know if it was extended period of the "baby blues" but I just wasn't myself for about 9 months. It just wasn't the best of times and I can't really say when I snapped out of it but it feels good to be done with that. I do always look forward to the new year. It's like a new beginning, a time to make resolutions, although I never really do and if I do I never keep them. Like my "I'm gonna run a 5k this year".

I hope everyone has a blessed, and safe, New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Cooper got a box of science experiments from Steve's parents. Him and Steve wasted no time getting started. Cooper needed his goggles as well, it also appears he is taking a picture of either himself or the box. His new camera is fun, we played with it today for a while. All the experiments you can make are edible. They worked on fizzy drinks.

I was able to catch the fizz in action.

Cooper chose a grape drink. Oh my it was horrible! He kept drinking it like it was good, after a few drinks he said his belly hurt. Yeah, it was that bad. All week we kept saying we were going to do more but never got around to it. One thing we can do is make rock candy, I think that one sounds fun.

We went to Target yesterday for a few things. Cooper is always noticing things and asking me questions, he thinks I know everyone for for some reason. When we got home he asked me who that man was. The one sitting on the bench with a sucker that had smoke coming out of it. Yup, my kids are sheltered.

Steve's parents got me a super cool new IU pullover. I have been wanting to get some type of new IU cold weather apparel for a while. It's nice and comfy.

We are planning on going to French Lick next month to the water park and staying the night. This will be the first time we have any type of overnight stay since having kids. I know it sounds crazy but with one income vacations and trips were a priority. I know Cooper will have no trouble sleeping but I think Cameron has only slept in his pack and play one time and that was a short nap the day we moved, so we are a little worried how he will do. I'm pretty sure we will be okay. He fell asleep on the way home from the grocery today, we haven't had lunch yet so I wanted him to wake up. I laid him down on the floor and he stayed fast asleep even while Cooper was taking off his shoes, socks, and jacket. I guess if all else fails just take a drive before bed.

I usually never take down Christmas decorations before New Years but it is now all down and put away. I was quite proud of myself, I did all on my own, including the heavy boxes that needed to be carried back to the basement. I love not having to rely on Steve to get up in the attic anymore.

Cameron is about a week shy of having all 4 molars in. Yesterday he seemed to be in a great mood, but Wednesday I felt like I was reliving the first few months of his life. He cried and whined for about an hour straight before dinner. He woke up last night around 4:30, didn't cry at all, just said da-da a couple times and went back to sleep.

Now this is extremely random but I find it neat. The island of Samoa is moving from the east to the west side of the time zone line. The bulk of their trade is from Australia is which I guess is 23 hours ahead of them. They will go to bed on Thursday and wake up it will be Saturday. I guess if you are going to lose a day it's best to lose a work day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just Playing

Each year after Christmas I feel like I need a day to detox, Monday was not that day. After a crazy trip to Target and loads of laundry it was a crazy day. Today was not going to be a repeat. I declared it pajama day. Cooper loves pajama day, I love it when they can wear super cute matching ones. Scott got them Darth Vadar pj's for Christmas.

If you have never seen the Jake and the Neverland Pirates video, Roll up the Map, you need to youtube it. Cooper loves this song and it has a catchy little tune. We got him the CD as a stocking stuffer, he danced around the living room to the entire cd this morning. Cameron just did is own thing, until Roll up the Map came on then he was all over it too.

What did I do during all this? I relaxed on the bean bag.

Seriously, check out this awesome music room. We had a rock concert as well today.

I even rocked it a few times.

This little guy is adorable at pretty much whatever he does. We are officially down to one nap a day. Unless we happen to be out and he falls asleep in the car. He's a trooper and makes it till 2 at times, but that's only because I want them both to sleep at the same time.

Cooper has never been a big car fan, but he does love ramps. Mamaw and Papaw got them this one, it's huge!

Steve calls this basketball goal his buyer's remorse. It's not as big as we had thought. I told him we should just take it back, it's not like Cameron will know the difference. Of course he had already put it together and demolished the packaging. Oh well, I'm sure he will still play withIt's been nice to just sit back and play all day long. Cooper was exhausted when it was time to try and nap. He fell asleep pretty much as soon as he laid down. I know the days are coming to an end when he naps so I'm trying to milk it for all it's worth. I got all our Christmas boxes out and plan to have it all down and put away by Friday. I never do this before New Years but I don't want another jam packed weekend, I want a fun one!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day! We had church on Christmas morning at 10:00 am so I was expecting us to be rushed around but we weren't at all. It was a fabulous morning. With a little planning ahead it was perfect. Cameron woke up first and we brought him in our room to wait for Cooper. We still set his alarm and most days he wakes up before it goes off so right at 7:20 he comes bounding in our room talking a mile a minute. We have a split floor plan so he had to walk through the living room, he comes in talking about how Santa ate his cookies but left him one and there is on present already opened, it was a big kitchen. He was on cloud nine. We all walked into the living room to check it out. Santa had left the kitchen out along with some presents wrapped in blue. The boys had their stockings and new bean bags, Cooper had green Mickey Mouse wrapping paper and Cameron had blue and red Winnie the Pooh.

Steve and I had some things in the back.

Cameron wasted no time heading for the kitchen. Santa said it was for the both of them but I think he knew Cameron would love it.

Before we opened any gifts we had to open the small birthday bag. We started a new tradition by not putting Baby Jesus in the nativity's that are in Cooper and Cameron's room. We set out a birthday bag with Baby Jesus in it and Cooper got to place them in the nativity.

Once Baby Jesus was in place it was time to dig into our stockings. We had to slow Cooper down a bit, he was into every one's. Cameron could care less, I think he was still at the kitchen. I think I had to open his. He got a car and 2 lift a flap board books.

Cooper got a new Berenstain Bears book, a new Bible devotional, and sight word flash cards.

Steve got a Chicago Bears ornament and a cup that he was super excited about. I got some lottery tickets that I won $3, 3 diet cokes for me, and a Kohl's gift card.

Next up were gifts from Santa. Cameron got a plush rocking horse, well it's actually a bull. Nice view of Steve, huh? Funny story about the rocking horse. The one I had picked out was on sale Thanksgiving night at Toys R Us. Scott got confused and thought I wanted the riding spring rocking horse. That one was a door buster so when they were handing out tickets Scott got all excited that he had made it in time. Turns out it wasn't even the right one so that ticket was a waste, then he picked up the wrong plush one. After all that work I didn't even bother to take it back even thought it was more than I would have like to pay for it. Cameron loves it so that's all that matters.

My pictures are a little out of order. I got Steve a new watch so he was excited to show Cooper.

This should have come first, it's a little blurry but it's what Cooper has been asking Santa for, walkie talkies. He also got a remote control car and Berenstain Bears DVD's. Santa thought when he ordered the videos from Amazon that they were the same ones from Sprout, they are much older. Old school Berenstain Bears.

About a year ago I found this cute Kate Spade iPhone case, it cost about $45 so there was no way I would buy it. Steve found a knock off, at least I think it is because it cost a lot less, but I don't care... it's super cute.

Cooper was excited about his new microphone stand. We got lots of new stuff to add to our music room. That is what we call our office now.

I have no idea what he is doing here, I think looking at his lift the flap book.

It took no time at all to go through all the presents. Two more big highlights were the Vtech digital camera we got Cooper and the trolley set of pretend cleaning supplies we got Cameron. Hopefully we will leave the real kitchen broom alone and stop banging people in the head with it.

Breakfast needed to be quick and easy so we had some Christmas Tree shaped donuts from Jay C.

I didn't think we would have enough time to open the gifts and play with them but we ended up with plenty of time. The microphone stand was a huge hit with both boys.

Once it was time to start getting ready we settled them down by watching old school Berenstain Bears videos. Cooper loves his new bean bag, Cameron could really care less.

After an awesome church service we headed to my in-laws for lunch and gifts. Believe it or not there were less gifts this year than years past. All this includes his parents gifts to us, Scott, and the boys. Our gifts to his parents and Scott. And Scott's gifts to us, the boys, and his parents.

We brought clothes to change into after church, I don't want you to think we went to church in our pj's.

Steve's parents were cleaning up so I got a little camera happy while waiting to start the gifts.

Cooper was doing this best to be patient so I said we would play a game. Whoever could sit on the couch and be the quietest would get the "first gift of Christmas". You know like the first gift of Christmas on the Polar Express. He laid down on Scott's legs and was so good and calm so he got the first gift.

I didn't get one single picture of us opening gifts. Between keeping up with both kids and trying to keep all the gifts organized I just couldn't do it. The boys got tons of clothes, a pillow pet each, fun new toys. Cameron got a xylophone table and Cooper got a miniature piano for the music room.

Steve and I racked up too. We got new camping chair for the fire pit, we got red and the boys got IU ones. Scott got us new dishes. We got 4 place settings, I picked out Fiesta Ware in chocolate so I can easily add or replace dishes. Now I just need to get more plates and bowls. Steve got a gift card to Lowe's and I got one to Hobby Lobby. My next project is getting a table for our foyer. Steve's parents always give in abundance to us each year and we are so very thankful. We have learned our lesson in past years and took two cars this year. We needed it.

Cameron didn't get a morning nap, this was a sure fire sign he had a good time.Steve got home shortly after I did and we all took a nap. I was napping when my phone rang, it was my mom telling me my dad was in my driveway. I don't hear from him for 6 months and he shows on Christmas Day without calling. It's not that I don't appreciate it, cause I do and he did get some nice gifts for the boys, it would have just been nice to get a phone call first. He wanted me to wake up the kids when he got there. Sorry, no can do, they had been going non-stop for 24 hours and they needed their rest. He stuck around until they woke up. It's a bit of a personal conflict for me. Cameron has no clue who he is. He wasn't around the first year of Cooper's life until him and my mom tried to get back together when Cooper was 1. Then a year and a half later my mom came home from work and he was gone without an explanation. Cooper knows who he is and seemed excited to see him but at the same time I don't really want him to have a relationship with him when I know he is going to disappear again for months at a time. I'm used to it, I just don't want my kids to have to go through it. But, it is Christmas and he is family.

We spent the remainder of the evening opening boxes and organizing. We are going to have one massive yard sale in the Spring. We had no choice but to go through and eliminate stuff. A few gifts we put back cause they are more outdoor items. It will seem like toys all over again. We are still only about 90% back to normal. Steve went back to work today and I met my mom at Target this morning. I got some good deals on stuff to decorate the outside of our house next year. I am excited! It will the be first time we have ever really done anything. I can't wait!

I try not to rank how good a Christmas is, but I do believe this has been one of the best so far. Maybe it's the age of our kids and how Cooper is really getting into it. I can't imagine next year. I can remember Cooper having fun with it when he was two but at the same time not really understanding. Next year Cameron will learn from Cooper. I'm giddy just thinking about it. It's way better being a parent on Christmas. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

"For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given,

and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called Wonderful Counselore,

Mighty God, Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6