Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cameron is turning into quite the momma's boy. He loves his daddy and big brother too, but there is something about momma. He has been crashing in my arms every night lately. It is just too cute watching him try to keep his head up but have his eyes closed at the same time. I really need to bring my camera in his room one morning. I am greeted by the biggest smile ever. Of course we are also dealing with some severe separation issues. We had this with Cooper too, but Cooper always did great with his grandparents. Cameron, not so much. My mom watched them so we could go to our closing. Cameron screamed entire two hours we were gone. I called to see how things were, he really sounded in distress. He won't even eat for anyone else. We dealt with it once and one day I'll miss being the one and only.

He does the cutest thing in the morning. Once I can tell Cooper is waking up I turn on the hall light and he comes on out. He will stay in his room until that light comes on. One morning I turned it on and he didn't come out right away, Cameron started booking it down the hallway and crying because Cooper wasn't out yet. So so sweet!

He is pulling up on anything and everything. He pulls up on things that don't even have handles. I have to keep my eye on this one. I'm chasing him all over the place. He is still unsteady and when he stands his toes are curled under a bit so I do think it's going to be a while before he tries to take off.

Around the time Steve took a vacation we let him cry it out at night again. It worked like a charm. Cried for about 10 minutes on two different nights and sleeps great now. He sleeps about 10 hours at night and takes a total of about 3 1/2 hours worth of naps a day. He is an early riser, we are lucky to make it until 6:30. I did get a 7:00 one in there last week. Cooper always woke up early too until he was about a year and a half. I am anxious to see how he does in the new house.

Outside of the separation issues he is turning into quite the sweet happy little fella. I love to watch him explore and take things in. His smile is contagious. It's such a blessing watching this miracle of life grow before my eyes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Let the packing begin!!!!!

These past couple of weeks have been filled with house related stuff. We've had home inspections, met with our builder about the basement, we got access to our new house so we don't have to call the realtor when we want to go over there, our buyer had his final walk through, and last and most important.... we closed on the sale of our home. We are officially living in someone else's house right now. This is what I have been holding my breath on. Closing was at 5 yesterday and at 5:00 everyone was there but the buyer. Of course!!!! He had texted the mortgage loan officer saying he was on the bridge in traffic, whew!!! All went as smooth as possible. Our basement should be finished by the end of next week, it would be sooner but the cabinets for the bathroom take a while to come in. After that the appraiser has to make a final walk through to check that the basement is indeed finished and we can close. We are hoping to be in there in 3 weeks, we only have 4 to get out of here so it better be on time.
Now we can pack!!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reading with Daddy

Doesn't this just melt your heart?

Thanks Tracey!

Cooper got some funky teeth in his goody bag from Levi & Maggie's birthday party. For some reason these things freak me out. They make my skin crawl.

Starting Him Early

Cooper got a lesson is some coupon cutting this week. Doesn't hurt to start em early.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I had probably the sweetest moment ever since becoming a mom.

This afternoon, while Cooper was napping, I was sitting on the floor while Cameron was playing. I began to innocently rub his back and he ended up laying on my leg while I continued to rub. All of a sudden, he lifts his head up and begins to crawl into may arms and get into his sleep position. I walk back to his room and he is out within seconds. Priceless!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yard Sales and Tee Ball

Saturday was a fun filled of yard sales and tee ball. It just so happened our neighborhood yard sale and Cooper's first tee ball game fell on the same day. Thanks so Steve's parents who came over and manned the yard sale Steve & I were both able to go to the game. The fun all started Friday night. Steve took Cooper to get his glove and they did some fielding practice.
The yard sale started at eight and we were able to work it a couple of hours before heading to the ball field. My oh my, doesn't he look handsome? My baby is growing upI wasn't for sure what to expect. Cooper had no clue what he was doing, it was good to see others didn't as well. I gotta hand it to our coach, it's takes some patience working with a bunch of three year olds. He would have to physically pick kids up and move them to their correct spot. It was almost as fun watching him than it was watching the kids.

First up was a little practice before the game. They ran the bases... see my boy? He is number 6.

Then they did some fielding.

I wish I would have had this on video. He had them do a "spiderman" pose. When ever he yelled Spiderman they got in position. The first time they did it, Cooper was all business. It was Hi-larious!

Then they had a little batting practice before the game.

Once the game started this was pretty much Cooper the entire time.

He's not aggressive so if he saw other kids going for a balls, he would back off.

I cant' forget about the one, he enjoyed watching big brother play some ball.

Something happened at the end of the game, we looked out and Cooper was in tears. I have no idea why. Tired, hungry? We still can't figure it out. He missed the "good game" handshake. The whole way home he was saying he didn't want to play again. After a good 2 hour nap, had by all 4 of us I might add, he was better and was excited again. I told Steve I wasn't going to force him to do something he didn't want to do, but we are giving it at least half the season. I think after a little more practice he may like it some more.

On a positive note, we made almost $200 at our yard sale. I didn't have a whole lot, the clothes I had were all baby clothes up to 6 months. I thought we did pretty good.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bedtime Reading

There was a time when I was the only one allowed to read books before bed. Slowly that has changed, it's all daddy now. Although, I am the only one allowed to put Cooper to bed at night. Occasionally I will get book or two in. I love these times with my boys. I love it that Cooper loves books. I hope that continues on.

It's that time again

For Popsicles!!!

Cooper was all smiles after lunch when we went outside to enjoy a nice treat. Cameron wasn't so sure at first.

He soon got the hang of it.

He was finally all smiles too.

If they are smiling, I'm smiling too!

Mom Update

Well, after a day of test it finally came back it was her gallbladder. They didn't find out until late Monday, she had it taken out late Tuesday, and came home Wednesday. That was a 3 night hospital stay for a gallbladder. She's home now and starting to feel better, just a little sore. Thanks for the prayers.

Monday, May 9, 2011

For my memories

Cameron learned how to go from his belly back to sitting position this weekend.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"That Kid"

Steve and I used to joke when Cooper was little that we had "that kid" at church. The one who would always cry and never want me to leave him. I can't tell you how many times our number would come up on the screen. There were mornings he would be clinging on to me not wanting me to leave. Finally, the consistency paid off. He is a complete angel now. Walks right on in his room, doesn't cry, has a great time, loves going to church. I was talking to one of his teacher's this week and she was telling me he is one of the better ones. This makes me smile inside.

Now it's Cameron's turn. I have yet to have my number called but he does seem to give them fits. His separation issues have hit much earlier than Cooper's. Could be because I went back to work a few months with Cooper. Most mornings he takes a short nap and then cries on and off until we come get him. Except this morning! I took him back before service started and we kept Cooper with us so he could sing a few songs. As I was taking Cooper back I stopped by Cameron's room and they told me he was asleep in the swing. This is what I found after service when I went to get him. I finally have "that other kid". The easy one! The one who sleeps and you forget who is even there. Maybe they won't cringe when they see us coming now on.

A Compromise and Fun Factory

Cooper is into asking what is healthy and what is not healthy. Earlier this week he was asking for a "not healthy" snack. I thought we would compromise. I found some dark chocolate fruit dip I bought at Huber's back in the fall, it went perfect with a banana. Gotta love the chocolate covered chin and the "I'm tired, I have no make-up on" look.

That particular morning Cameron took a good morning nap. We are usually out and about so his morning naps are in the car. I love when he takes them at home in his own bed, it allows me and Cooper some play time. I got out the Play Dough that morning. I love his face of concentration on the Fun Factory.

Mother's Day 2011

I had the perfect mother's day; an awesome church service and a nice relaxing day home with all my boys. I don't really need a special day or anything special to remind me how blessed I am. My favorite part of the day was watching videos Steve & Cooper taped and sent to my phone. Cooper said his favorite things about me was when I fix him breakfast and give him hugs. I will give him hugs all day long!

Steve did do something awesome for me today. After church I took Cooper out to play then took both boys on a wagon ride while he cooked lunch. He cooked what he does best; breakfast! Plus a little fact about me, I.LOVE.BACON! I don't buy it often so it's a real treat around here. The rest are just random pictures from our day.

This one is totally staged. Cute though!

Steve & Cooper playing doctor. Steve was crying because he got a shot, Cooper was wiping his eyes with a wipie.

I hope everyone had a blessed day!

I would like to say a prayer for mom. Just like Steve's dad ended up in the ER on Father's Day last year, my mom ended up in the ER on Mother's Day. She thought it might be her gallbladder, tests show it's not. They did other tests and they can't figure it out. They are keeping her overnight and going to run more tests in the morning. Hopefully we can get an answer soon.