Monday, December 31, 2012

Finishing out 2012

Our last week of 2012 has been low key.  I went from Monday-Sunday without even driving my car.  I guess with no down time between the our regular schedule and Christmas I got lazy.  Plus I saved a weeks worth of gas.
Since Steve had to work Christmas Eve he got to take the day after Christmas off.  I actually like that better.  We spent most of the day cleaning and playing with new toys.  I was hoping for a snow storm but it was a major bust.  After naps we decided we needed to get out of the house.  The boys and I hadn't left in two days.  We stopped by Best Buy and Target then I remembered it was Wednesday and kids eat free at Moe's.  It was a no brainer after that.  Cooper can throw down some queso.
 I don't even know where to begin on what we did Thursday or Friday.  I guess we just played.  By the time I went to bed Friday night I got my wish of some snow.  We wasted no time Saturday morning after breakfast to get outside and play.  I didn't take my camera out, I was afraid of getting it wet.  We played, made snow angels, and built this fine piece of art.  Cameron loved it.  It hasn't snowed since he was an infant.  He could have stayed outside all day. 
My mom has been coming with us to church so she took the boys & I out to lunch on Sunday.  We went to Texas Roadhouse then let the kids play at the playground for a bit.  Cooper talked my mom into letting him jump on the trampoline and bungee they have down by the front entrance.  Of course Cameron wanted his turn.  He met the weight requirement but was really too small.  He couldn't get going at all.  But by golly he was adorable!

 I texted Tracey on Sunday to see if they had NYE plans, they were planning on a boring night like us so a plan was born.  They came over with kids in tow tonight so we could party on until 8:00! 
 Our menu consisted of wings, sausage balls, queso & chips, and cake balls.  I bought some carrots & celery to dip in the queso and had every intention of using them, but they never made it out of the fridge. At least I have healthy food for tomorrow.
 Maggie came up to me to kiss her finger so I thought I would steal a quick picture.  She is just too stinkin' adorable!
 We tried to wrangle the kids in for a group picture, this was my first attempt.
 Then Levi took control and put everyone in place.
The basement playtime was short lived once Cooper fell into Levi and bit his lip.  Once it stopped bleeding he has all good and ready to play Kinect.  Steve, Cooper, Eric & Levi all played Wipeout.  We got it for Cooper for Christmas.  This game is awesome.  The first time I played it I was sore the next day.  Cooper has beat me every single time but once. 
Does anyone have any resolutions they would like to share?  Steve got me a Once a Day Bible.  It has readings each day from the Old Testament, New Testament, and either Psalms or Proverbs.  It's spread out so you read the entire Bible in one year.  I plan to do this in 2013.   Our church has also challenged us to read one chapter from Proverbs each day in January.  31 chapters in 31 days, and to use social media to share a verse.  I plan to do that as well.  Other than that I don't have any set plans.  Maybe not to hold back as much, be more encouraging. 
Hope everyone has a safe & happy New Year.  Here's to many blessings in 2013.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

I am such a kid at heart, I was up all night long the night before Christmas.  I just kept tossing and turning, I couldn't wait for morning.  I finally got up at 6 and got myself for ready for the day.  I couldn't take it anymore.  By 7:30 Steve & I were patiently waiting for the kids to get up so we could get going.
 Santa's gifts.  He usually only does 1 each and 1 combined. 
 After seeing Janelle's tradition of leaving baby Jesus out of the nativity until Christmas morning, I thought it sounded awesome so we started doing it last year.  Cooper had to remind us to do our baby Jesus gift first.   Leave it to the 5 year old to put Jesus first.

 It was finally time to dig into our stockings and gifts.  When Steve & Scott went to Toys R Us on Thanksgiving night they handed out bags full of goodies that we put in their stockings. 

 We were at a loss this year on what to get the kids.  Steve's parents and brother did a lot of their shopping early so there wasn't much left to get.  Most of their gifts from us included games & dress up clothes. 

 We were just about done opening gifts when our doorbell started ringing.  Everyone came to us this year.  I loved it!!!!  They even brought all the food.  I can't begin to explain how much I appreciated not having to get the kids out and they got to play all day long. 
Once my in-laws and Scott arrived my house exploded with gifts.  It was out.of.control.

 They brought over some bakery donuts then we went right to work on opening gifts.  I didn't even attempt to take pictures.  It was just way to wild.  They boys got just about everything you can imagine, enough clothes to fill up an entire load of laundry. 
This isn't the greatest picture, Cameron got a McDonald's cash register and Cooper was walking around with the headset on taking our orders.  I love it!
 Cooper wore this thing on and off all day long.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing him in this mask.
 After lunch Steve had to go into work for about an hour to do an evaluation, Cameron took a nap, then Cooper & Scott settled down for some Star Wars.  Steve got home and the rest of us were all snoozing on the couch and chair.
 This on was plum wore out.  We finally had to wake up at 4:30.  I didn't blame him, Christmas is exhausting.
We got the boys an early bath after dinner and had plans on playing a new Kinect game when my dad called saying he was on his way over.   It was time for even more gifts.  My children are so incredibly blessed.  I can't even begin to describe it.
 As you can see they spent the whole day in one pair of pajamas, took a bath and put on a different pair.  That's my kind of day.

Since Steve worked Christmas Eve and went in on Christmas Day for a bit he was rewarded with a vacation day today.  It's been great just hanging at home playing and cleaning up.  When he's home it's like a vacation for me too.  
I know I've already said it but I just can't get over how blessed I feel.    It was an overwhelming day of blessings all around.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Growing up Christmas Eve was always our day to celebrate.  We didn't do much on Christmas Day besides a few gifts from Santa so I've naturally come to cherish Christmas Eve.  We also seem to have more traditions on this day. 
First thing in the morning we noticed a good-bye note from Paolo our elf along with a few parting gifts. Paolo wasn't very creative this year and I do believe he was getting tired of finding new hiding places.  I think he may have been a tad happy to leave us for a while,  just in case he forgot to move himself one night.

I'm not so sure you can call McDonald's breakfast a tradition when the crowd keeps getting smaller each year.  We lost the Reid's last year due to a family thing and we lost them again this year along with Steve & Paul since they both had to work.  Gretchen & I are determined to keep it going.
 Since the kids seemed to be having fun we thought we would give the McD's crowd a  break and brought the party over to our house where they could run their little hearts out and be loud.  And be loud they did, especially my children.
 Seeing this gal for an extra hour or so was just added bonus.
 Cooper & I have been working on a craft all month long.  Each day this snowman right here got a new snowball to fill up his belly counting down to Christmas.  The 24th was our last day.  Cooper wouldn't let me take his picture so he took mine.  I just love these little crafts.
 Once Cameron woke up from a nap and Steve got off work we went to his parent's house for an early dinner before church service.  We have taken a variety of family pictures in front of their mantel over the years.  This was our very first.  Cooper was 5 days old. 
 Steve's parents are selling their house and should be closing this week.  This will be our very last family picture in front of the mantle.   Such good memories.
 I love Christmas Eve service.  It may be my favorite 45 minutes of the entire year.  It's a wonderful time to sit back and take in what Christmas is all about.  It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all.  Jesus gives us so much hope in a fallen and broken world.  When I try to explain heaven to Cooper I tell him that although we may be separated for a short while one day, thanks to Jesus, we will be together forever!!!!  I will spend forever with my family and friends and there is no present that can top that. 
My boys were so great in church, especially Cameron.  He sat on Steve's lap and didn't make a peep.  These isn't much that can be cuter than this kid. 
 After church we headed back to Steve's parents for dessert and to exchange gifts with his aunt & cousins.  After waiting patiently all night, Cooper had to be patient once again during the reading of the Christmas story. 
 Then it was gift time.  The theme of the night was Star Wars.  Pretty much everything Star Wars related. 

 It was a late night we got the boys to bed about an hour later than usual, however we didn't forget our reindeer food and cookies for Santa.

Cameron was so wore out by the time we put him to bed he just crashed on me so I rocked him for a while singing Silent Night and Away in a Manager.  No doubt one of the best memories I will ever have.
But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.
Luke 2: 10-11

Sunday, December 23, 2012

One down, two to go

We had Christmas Extravaganza number 1 last night at my mom's house.  As always we walked away with enough to supply a small country.  We still have two more celebrations to attend to.
 Cooper & Layne were hysterical opening gifts.  They were excited about everything!  Including a toothbrush & toothpaste set. 
 Out of all the toys they were most interested in the pirate ship that was meant for Cameron.  Which also happened to Cameron's favorite toy as well.  He grabbed first thing this morning when I got him out of bed.
 This is me with my two nieces Hailey & Emma.  Hailey is 13, I was 20 years old when she was born.  That cannot seem possible.  Emma is 9.  She was just a baby when I got married.  They had to take her to the cry room and you could still hear her crying.

With 6 grand kids living in 4 different households it can be difficult to get all of them together.  My sister Candiace and her family didn't make it so we had 5 out of the 6.
 My mom with her 5 of her babies.
 Cooper has been asking for a telescope for a long time now, it's the one thing he keeps asking Santa for. My mom found one at Toys R Us, Santa just happened to drop it off at her house last night for him.  We took out last night.  It's pretty powerful coming from Toys R Us.  We got some good looks at the moon.

 Because I have no shame, I thought I would share a picture of myself when we went outside.  Not to bad huh?
 Now get a glimpse of the full length version  Lookin' sexy!  I promise I haven't given up on myself.
 I wanted to also share a picture of our outdoor lights.  It's not a lot, but subtle and pretty, at least I think so.  Of course then I realize a wreath on the garage isn't working.  You get the picture though. 
Just two more days until Christmas and I am pumped and ready.  For us Christians this is it, this is our holiday.  I'm ready to celebrate!