Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parades and Fire Trucks

Our community had lots of fun things to do this past weekend.   Saturday morning was the Sellersburg Celebrates Parade.  I'm going to be honest here, the parade didn't impress me much, but it really wasn't about me.  The boys had fun.

 They had their bags all ready to and ended up getting like 3 pieces of candy each.
I love seeing this guy cause it usually means coupons.   
 Never heard of this club but it sounds like my kind of club.
 Cooper was excited because of Yoda and R2-D2.  He told Cameron earlier that they were going to a parade of Star Wars characters, at least it didn't totally disappoint.
 After the parade we headed back home for a quick potty break before heading to Clarksville for Touch a Truck.  My mom called on our way so she met us there and took us out to lunch afterwards.
 I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of them in a fire truck, but I did get one of Cameron in a party bus.  These things are nice!  The guy was totally trying to sell us on how inexpensive it could be if you had 30 people, since that is how many it holds.
Somehow later my mom got the idea of going to the Pet Store next to Moe's in Clarksville.  We've taken the boys there before but not on a Saturday.  That place was packed, dogs every where.  We didn't last long.
  Steve had to work on Saturday so it felt like old times again hanging out with both my boys.  As quiet as my house is during the week I miss my little Cooper.  Looking forward to our holiday weekend.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Day in the Life

I've done several day in the life posts in the past, they are my favorite.  I love looking back to see how we spend our day.  I documented last Monday. 
Most days I get up around 6:15 and get myself ready before everyone else.  It's just easier that way.  Cameron usually wakes up around 7.  He's my snuggle buddy in the mornings.

 Cooper is up around 7:20.  For whatever reason he likes to bring all the things he sleeps with out with him.  This isn't even all of it.
 I try to make Cooper's lunch the day before but I save the sandwich till the morning.  Most days he takes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I'm so afraid he is going to get tired of it. He eats just 2 hours after school starts so even though I try to give him a big breakfast, he doesn't really need it.  He's not a morning eater so it's hard to get him to eat much.   I try to pack a big lunch but he always saves his chips or cracker.  He likes to share with Cameron in the afternoon when we pick him up.  Now Cameron expects it.
 We get to school around 8:30 and they start letting kids in around 8:40.  We like to rock out to some music, this week it was Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.  The morning car rider line is quick.  I try to get there early, the kindergarteners are dismissed before the rest of the school so I want to make sure he is in the gym early enough.

 When we get home Cameron almost always wants to play outside for a while.  Last week was nice, I'm not sure how much we can play outside this coming week.
 He's got the tricycle and Big Wheel down pat but he's still working on the bike.

 If you a friend of Steve on Facebook you may have noticed he put a nice little video of me trying to hula hoop.  Let's just say I'm not going to win any contest any time soon.  Either is Cameron.
 After some outdoor time I had to run an errand.  We were once again rocking it out.  Something Disney, I'm sure.
 When Cameron watches a movie he would prefer to act it out.  Which is fun to watch but not so fun when you are using a movie so you can have some rest.  This particular day it was Toy Story 3.  He kept pausing it and going downstairs to add to his outfit. 

 After lunch we went back outside for a wagon ride.  I'm already missing the fall like weather we had.
Once we took his pacifiers away he was struggling to take a nap.  He is back to napping and going down easily again but they are really short.  Under an hour sometimes.  I'll take what I can get though. 

 School gets out at 3:35.  I get there around 3:25 and it is backed up.  I'm in front of the library right here and I still have to wind around the parking lot.
 The boys have swim lessons on Wednesday, we have to be there at 4:30 in New Albany.  I try to get there a little earlier on Wednesday so I can get out of the line earlier and get to NA and change Cooper's clothes.  That first time I brought a movie to watch in the car, now Cameron wants it everyday.  It's an easy way to keep him occupied.  I forgot it one day and it was non-stop questions the whole time about why I wasn't moving.

Most days we don't get home until almost 4 and Cooper is wound up.  He's going full speed until about 7. 
I didn't get any pictures that night, our nights are pretty much the same except I try to get him to bed just a tad earlier.  Since we start so late in the morning I don't have to wake him up he does on his own.  So it hasn't been too much of an adjustment.
This isn't from Monday, it's just pitiful.  Steve's parents called one day to say they were going to stop by when we got home from picking Cooper up.  Cameron took it like they were coming right then.  We went to Cooper's room to watch from the window and threw a fit when I said they weren't coming.  You can see the snot on his nose.  Poor little guy :(.

And this totally isn't normal for us, but I had to document it.  Cooper rode this bus to school on Wednesday.  He's been asking to ride it so we gave in.  Our stop is the second or third to last, it gets there at 8:25 and drops the kids off at school at 8:40.  So it's not bad at all.  He wants to ride it more but Steve doesn't want him to.  I think it's a good alternative to have.  I have to be in New Albany at 9:15 on Tuesdays, riding the bus would give me more time.  Steve's parents or my mom takes him to school on Thursdays since I have to be in New Albany by 8:45.  If something comes up and they can't take him, the bus would be great.  I would be pushing it to make it there on time but it's better to leave my house at 8:30 then leave Charlestown at 8:45 or later.
He's holding hands with Lydia.  Lydia's grandma lives 2 houses down from me, and I grew up with her mom and aunt.  She was his little helper that day.

So that's pretty much a typical day for us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Tuesday and Thursday are Bible Study days.  Hoping to do a post on those days soon.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The things we do for our kids

Cooper has bee wanting to have a movie night and "sleepover" in the living room.  Sleepover meaning Steve & I had to sleep in the living room with him.  We let him have his wish this past Friday night.
These two were ready for their movie.  I picked up Wreck it Ralph from a Redbox and we were set.
 I also picked up some snacks.  I may have went overboard. 

 Here's where I may have earned my mother of the year award.  I slept on the floor,  Yes, I slept all night on the floor. Cameron curled up next to me and fell asleep around 8:30 so I put him in his bed, Steve slept on the couch, and I slept on the floor with Cooper.  When I sleep next to Cooper he has to curl right up next to me and put his arms around my neck.  Cute, but he also moved me off all the blankets onto the bare floor. 
After sleeping on the floor all night I knew we had to get out of the house.  Our first stop was the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall that was set up in Clarksville.  It was more than just the wall, they had quite a few replicas of various DC attractions.

 I also learned something new.  Did you know John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy had two additional children?  A daughter that was stillborn and a son who only lived two days.  The son was born in August of the same year that JFK was shot.  Can you imagine that grief?

When the boys are in middle school I can't wait to take a trip to DC, so much history.  Since these things don't exactly excite a 2 and 5 yr old we headed over to Speed Park to get out more energy.  I was tired and I slept on the floor.  The park was easy.
Naps are few and far between these days for Cooper but since going to bed late and waking up around 6, I knew he would need one.  Steve thought it would be funny to put this picture on twitter and say something about me getting the kid who napped.  Cameron took a nap too, just not for long. And if it wasn't for me laying with him, Cooper wouldn't have napped at all.  Plus I think I deserved a nap, why?  Let's all say it together..I SLEPT ON THE FLOOR!!
He failed to mention on twitter that I took the boys to my mom's house and we were gone all night until almost bedtime.  Leaving him with an empty house. 
Sunday was spent going to church and having dinner with my mom at her house.  I missed my bed Friday night, but so worth it.  I'd do it again this week if he asked me to.  Love making memories.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kindergarten Update

We are almost two full weeks into kindergarten and so far things are going GREAT!!!  I couldn't be happier with how he is doing.
So far we haven't had any homework, that should come in a few weeks, but we do get papers and worksheets sent home everyday.  He said this was him and his teacher, and I guess a balloon?
I emailed his teacher last week just to check up on him and to inform her of his eye and ask about his handwriting.  I feel like he struggles with handwriting and it's hard on him because he knows when he doesn't do it right and he gets frustrated.  She said that she doesn't focus too much on it right away because she wants the kids to be confident in their work.  She offered to send some worksheets home so he could practice and tell him it's homework, although it's not really homework.
 He knows 13 of his 45 sight words they are to know by year end and since he also knows all his letters and sounds, him and handful of other students are working on sight words and reading while the rest of the class are doing worksheets.  When he does this he will miss out on writing practice so we will definitely need those worksheets. 
 His teacher, Ms. Harbin, has a color chart reward system.  It starts at green and so far he hasn't moved off green.  So far most days everyone stays on green.  I think she's giving them all time to get into the routine, although there have been a few move on yellow.  Yellow still gets a prize at week end, it's just more of a warning.  I do think the kids have to go up and move their name themselves so  I bet when he does move, which I'm sure he will at one point, he will be sad about it.
It takes him about an hour in the afternoon after school to wind down, which I expected.  He had one rough afternoon, he told Steve something along the lines of, "we did things that were hard today, Ms. Harbin doesn't get mad when I make my d's look like b's she just tells me to do my best".  Once again, I think it just boils down to him wanting to do things right and perfect. 
I hear that today is National Left Handed Day... so in honor I celebrate my sweet little lefty.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sick is bad, Cuddles are good

No one likes to see their child sick or feel bad, but let's all go ahead and confess.. extra cuddles can be nice.
Cameron has been feeling under the weather the past few days.  It started with a fever Saturday night and on and off again on Sunday.  He woke up from a nap Sunday, grabbed a blanket and made himself right at home on the couch. 
 I could tell he wasn't feeling well this morning, when I first called the doctor they were booked all day.  They called me back and worked me in at 2.  I almost cancelled it because he seemed to feel better but Steve rearranged his schedule so he could go get Cooper, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it back to Charlestown with such a late appointment.  Glad I stuck with my guy cause as soon as we got in the car this little guy fell right to sleep and didn't let go of me the whole visit.  One throat swab later it was confirmed strep.
 Strep always calls for popsicles.

 As soon as we hit the car he was out again.  I drove around for a while waiting on his medicine thinking I would let him sleep a little longer.  We got home around 4 and at 4:45 he was still out.   Laying on the living floor with noise all around him.  I gave him some antibiotic and Tylenol tonight and he already seems much better.  Like I said, I hate the sickness but I do love the extra cuddles.
 This was hanging in our pediatrician's office.  I love it!
Tomorrow is my first leadership council for Community Bible Study which begins on Thursday.  I'm getting nervous!  My mom is watching Cameron for me tomorrow.  They provide childcare but I can't exactly bring a kid with me who just tested positive for strep.  I'm gonna me a nervous wreck on Thursday. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have no way to describe life at my house right now, other than weird.  Oh, and quiet too.  We've been to lunch with Tracey & Maggie and once with Shawna from Jazzercise.  I found myself looking around for my other child thinking I was neglecting him somehow. 
The first Friday of school we met up with Tracey & Maggie do walk the Big 4 bridge.   It was our first time going.  It will be nice when the Jeffersonville side ramp is open.  Although after reading about someone robbed at gun point I may have to steer clear.
 This week we have done a lot of nothing.  I was making lunch one day when Cameron grabbed my phone and plopped himself down to some games.  Usually by lunch he is asking if we can go get bubby.
 We've had the play doh out a few times as well. 

Someone found Cooper's old soccer socks and shin guards this past week.  Now Cameron wants to wear them all day and tell me he is fighting the bad guys. 
There really is no other way to describe Cooper being in school other than weird.  I still have this feeling that it is temporary and in a week or two he will be back home with me all day.  I'm working on a kindergarten update post, I might give it another week to get more info from him.  I'm also gonna work on a day in the life post since life at home is so much different now.   Different, weird, but good weird.