Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cooper & I made some cupcakes yesterday for Steve to take to work. Okay, so I made them and Cooper supervised while eating some icing. I didn't think people would want to eat anything that my two year old had his hands on. We cheated and kept a couple at home for after dinner, they were kid tested and kid approved.

Goofing Around

After our cupcake sugar high we had some fun goofing around with "scary" glasses last night.

Pumpkin Sandwich

After the cupcakes last night and all the candy coming this week, instead of pumpkin shaped cookies, we made some pumpkin shaped grilled cheeses for lunch. I don't think Cooper cared about the shape as much as he cared about the cheese. To him it doesn't matter what shape cheese is in, it's one of his favorite foods. It was fun for me and good memories too.


While at Jazzercise on Sunday Steve & Cooper played outside and Cooper picked me some flowers. Steve put them in some water for me to enjoy when I got home. Aren't they beautiful?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mark You Calendars!

I know most of my readers have their own home church but I wanted to pass along a fun even coming up at Eastside. For the month of November we are having our second annual "God in your iPod" sermon series. Each week a popular secular song will be performed and our minister will deliver the sermon based on biblical messages inside song. He did this last year and had some great responses so they brought it back for Season Two. We have some fun performances coming up, "Cat in the Cradle" and "Material Girl" to name a couple. My personal favorite performance will take place November 15th when Patrick Henry Hughes, from UofL's Marching Band and former Extreme Makeover-Home Edition recipient, will be on hand to perform "Believe".

Our services time are 9:30 and 11:00, if you would like additional information just send me a message.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

As Promised

I took some pictures of my project this week. The blanket didn't turn our perfect but not bad either. Some of my ties are a little uneven, you are supposed to cut four inches into the fabric and on one side I cut almost six. It's for a two year old, I don't think he will notice. If you want step by step instructions you can click here. I will give a condensed version below.

I started out with about a yard & a half piece of fleece in the George pattern and solid red. I cut some off both pieces in order to make them the same size, although I can't cut a straight line so it wasn't exact. Next I cut out the corners, 4 x 4 inches on each corner of the blanket.

Then I started cutting into the blanket for my ties, 4 inches up and 1 inch wide.
Then I made double tie on every other fringe.
Flipped the blanket over and tied the remaining fringes.

About an hour and 15 minutes later it was all finished, just in time to take a picture and get Cooper up from his nap.

I rushed myself a little because I didn't want to stop until I finished and I only had a limited amount of time to work on it, if I ever do another one I will try and take my time and be more precise. I'm pleased with the outcome and can't wait to give it to Cooper.

Family Movie Night

Friday night we had a couple of different options on what we were going to do. One ended up getting cancelled and the other was outdoors and we thought it would be too rainy. In the end we had a family movie night and had some cookies. We watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Cooper lasted about a total of 7 minutes before he got bored it. It was still fun and he did enjoy the cookies, that's all that matters.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Finished!

Cooper's blanket is finished. I will post pictures once I upload them, probably not till the end of the weekend. It's not perfect, but not too bad either.

Tot Time

After forgetting to sign up for the summer session I finally remembered and enrolled Cooper in the fall Tot Time at the Sellersburg Library. Thursdays have always been our "boring" day but now we have something to look forward to. I knew the first class Cooper would be reserved and not let go of me, but after three sessions he is starting to break out of his shell a little. This week when it was time to hand back in their supplies after craft time he walked up by himself and handed everything back to the Liberian. It was so sweet, he turned around and gave me the biggest smile like he was so proud of himself. I know most mothers wouldn't think this isn't a big deal but for my child it is. I wish people could see the "at home in his own element" Cooper. He is such a fun loving, energetic, playful kiddo. You get him around strangers he clams up. Hmmm, wonder where he gets it from? And I've actually come a long way in recent years. So I had a proud mommy moment on Thursday. I'm excited to see what next week brings.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Time

We got out the carving knife and worked on our pumpkin tonight. We only got one pumpkin, in the past we did two, one for Steve and one for myself, it's probably a good thing because Cooper wasn't too interested. I had to go pick up our Market Day order at church so once Steve got started on the carving we headed out. He did a good job and Cooper likes it when it is lit up, he calls it "boo".
Here is our before shot.
Cooper could care less, he just wanted to ride his car.
He did manage to stick his hand in there once, not a big fan of it.

And here is the finished product.
And all my little & big pumpkins.

Party Supplies

Cooper's birthday supplies arrived today. Don't get me started on the fact that Factory Card Outlet didn't have George at the store so not only did I miss out on my 20% off coupon but I also had to pay shipping. Anyway, Cooper was so excited to see these after nap today. I could just give him these for his birthday and he would be just as happy. He also acted the same way yesterday when I bought the fabric for his blanket I am making him. Yes you are reading this correctly, I am making a blanket. Don't worry, no sewing is involved. Or knitting for that matter, I know what you are thinking Melanie & Tracey. I will post pics of the process and finished product once I get a day where nap time isn't consumed with dishes, laundry or bathing myself. I guess I could have done it today but I napped too! This is the only picture you get today.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthdays and more birthdays!

Today was a birthday party day for us. First up was Carter's birthday party (Jess's, one of the Jazzercise instructors, youngest son) followed by by niece Hailey's birthday party. Fun times!

First up, Carter. Jess chose Gymboree Play & Music, which was awesome! What I like about this better than Chuck E Cheese or The Fun House is that it is closed to the pubic during the party. The party was an hour and a half, the first half taking place in the play room and the second half in the party room for cake & ice cream and gifts. It's a good place to kids to get out some energy, especially when every child there was a boy except for one. I was proud of my timid little guy who actually got out there and played. Once I got home I realized I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy but I did manage to grab a quick one of the two big brothers. Here's my little guy (and Aaron, I think) doing some fancy climbing.
Come on Coop, you can do it.

Look at that sweet face.

Who doesn't like chocolate cake for dinner?

Next it was off to Hailey's birthday party. I didn't get my camera out, there wasn't much going on but a bunch of 10 year old girls dancing. I do want to reflect a moment though, Hailey was the first grandchild in our family and the first time I ever waited at the hospital all night for a birth. My poor sister had been having contractions, but not active labor, for almost two days before the hospital finally decided to keep her with plans on inducing the next morning. Around 11:30 pm that evening we got a knock on the door from my aunt letting us know that Carmen's water had broke and she was on the way to the hospital. You may ask why she just didn't call? Well she did, but you have to remember this was 1999 back when we had dial-up internet and what else does a 20 year old do besides stay on the internet IM'ing friend's all night? Anyway, she tried to call but kept getting a busy signal. I woke my mom up and off we went to the hospital. Hailey Michelle arrived sometime after 4:00 am and I still remember her father's face when he came to the waiting room to tell us all about it. She was such a sweet pretty little baby. It's so amazing it's been 10 years! Happy Birthday Hailey!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess Who....

peed on the potty today? Yes of course I did, but Cooper did too!

He is still several months away from "training" but I realized in the past couple of weeks that peeing is no long involuntary for him. There are times when I change his diaper that he gets this look on his face, smiles at me and starts peeing. We got out the potty seat and have been sitting him on it after diaper changes to see if he would go. We haven't had any luck until today. He did it for Steve's mom this morning and they saved it for me when I got home. I was so proud! I tried again after lunch but he wanted to play with the broom so he ran into the kitchen and peed on the floor instead. You win some you lose some!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Gifts

I have bought three books in the past two days all for Cooper's birthday. I spent maybe $15 tops. I can say with about 95% certainty that these will be the things he plays with the most and gets the most excited about. Maybe I should just stop here and be done with it. A $4 Curious George book is so easy.


Steve's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend and as a gift we (Steve, his brother & myself) took them to Huber's for dinner and some pumpkins. Let me start by saying this year was 110% better than last year. Don't get me wrong I loved the company last year, but it was the weather. If your remember my post from last year, it was in the 80's and we were all wearing flip flops. Not good fall weather! I had heard from a few people that pumpkins are not very good this year, something to do with the rainy spring, so we opted out of the hayride. We are going to get ours from a roadside stand in the next week or two so we can carve some and hopefully they will last till Halloween. We did get a small one for Cooper. I also didn't get many pictures, I feel like I miss out on the action by taking too many pictures. I did get one of Steve & Cooper and one of myself & Cooper, but none of all three of us.

Notice Cooper's shirt, it says I love my Mummy. You might be seeing this a lot in the next couple of weeks. I have to get some use out of it. I think it might be a little strange wearing this around Christmas.
Cooper loved the fried biscuits. He kept sliding my plate over to him and trying to grab mine. We ate at the buffet so when Scott got his second plate he brought Cooper back another biscuit. Oh my, his face lit up like a child's on Christmas morning.

I can't remember what he was looking at here, but he liked it whatever it was.

Scott also bought him this George doll, once again face lit up. Although I don't know how it ended up on the ground.
This was him on the way home. The sun was starting to set so it was in his eyes. We did have a busy day, Harvest Homecoming in the morning and Huber's in the evening.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Nap Day

Thought I would share a post to prepare myself for the next few hours. It's going to be a no nap day! We had our first Tot Time this morning, which was fun then we headed home for a short while before heading out to meet Steve for lunch. Cooper fell asleep on the way home so I put him to bed. It's been about a half hour now and the whole time I heard him rolling around struggling to sleep. Now he is in there making noises and laughing and just having a good time. Usually I would freak out about things like this, but not today. I will remain calm. So he only sleeps for 10 minutes, big deal. Besides I have to work the door at Jazzercise tonight, I won't even be home :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He's Cured

A few months back Cooper started refusing to sit down in the bathtub. We would freak out every time we even tried to sit him down. It got to be frustrating because he doesn't like water in his face either so it was hard to wash his hair and rinse while standing up. A few weeks ago Steve decided to start getting in the tub with him and it worked great. He would start out by sitting in Steve's lap and them Steve would move him and he was sitting down on his own. A few times we tried without Steve and it didn't work. The other night we tried again and after some coaxing Cooper sat down. Tonight we sat down on his own without being asked. It is a small victory but one I hope lasts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These boots were NOT made for walking

Uncle Scott got Cooper these boots for Christmas last year. We wasn't able to wear them back them because he was just learning to walk and now they are getting to be too tight. They are still kind of heavy so it's hard for him to try and walk with them on. But it is too cute watching him try.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I almost cried!

I took Cooper to get his seasonal flu shot this morning (we are still debating the swine flu shot). We have been practicing giving shots at home with our doctor's kit. He did so good. Didn't shed a single tear. I was so proud, I wanted to cry more than I do when he does cry and get upset.