Friday, August 31, 2012

My little helper

 We always have a pitch in dinner when we met for small group and tonight I made cupcakes.  Honestly I was just wanted to make something I could do early in the day and not worry about cooking for small group and cook the the kids their dinner and gives baths all before 6.  I made strawberry with strawberry icing and chocolate chips.   I took advantage of Cameron's nap to have a littler helper.  I gave him a couple of his own to work with, plus him and Cameron could have them later with Steve's parents.

 I'm not really sure how much icing or chocolate chips he ate, but he did say it was more fun that doing worksheets.  We have been doing worksheets a few days a week while Cameron naps.  He actually likes it a lot, but I guess sugar trumps all.
 He told me he made faces, see the eyes and nose?
I warned Steve's parents that Cooper may have licked the knife a time or two but they must not have minded because the cupcakes were gone when we got home.  After we cleaned up I turned on Sesame Street and took a short little snooze.  It was a win-win for me.... sugar and naps!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More randomness

With one more week till school starts I went to orientation last night.  Since Cooper is a returning student I really didn't need to go, I just wanted to get the calendar.  He has three parties and two field trips this year, and I can't wait.  I love those things.  I don't want to be that obnoxious mom that has to do everything but I don't want to miss it either.  Last year I helped plan the Valentine's party, I got lucky this year and was able to get Christmas.  So much easier.   With a visit from Santa and a gift exchange, there isn't much time to work with. 
We have been enjoying another low key week.  Turns out this is a huge blessing.  I got a call from the speech therapist and we weren't about to get a time worked out to go the same day as preschool.  We now have a set appointment and time we have to be somewhere everyday!  I'm trying not to be down about this, I stay home so I am blessed I can provide that transportation for him without having to worry about someone else doing it for me.  Our speech appointment isn't until after lunch so we will still have time for a morning play date if we want.  Not entirely bad.
We played outside for a bit this morning.   A strange quirk about my husband, he hates sidewalk chalk.  Despises it!  I figured with all the rain coming this weekend it would be alright to bring it out. 

You know those poses that are going around that makes it look like your kid is flying?  I tired it out, turns out not so great.  Especially when my child looks so stiff and scared.  Oh, and a fire pit in the background.  HA!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Date with my boys

Just a little warning for you- if your husband is ever asked to be on a search committee to help find a new youth minister... say no!!!  Before you know it the new minister will live in your neighborhood and ask you to do all kinds of things; lead small groups on Sunday mornings, let strange band members stay at your house, you get the picture.  I hope you guys are catching my sarcasm, I really don't mind at all.  Steve went to church tonight to help Matt out, the youth is leading service on Sunday so Matt will be preaching.  They needed to move things from our youth sanctuary to our main sanctuary.  This meant a date night with my two little guys.  Since we hadn't left the house all day I took them to Sweet Frog.
Cooper loves coming up with new concotions.  Tonight was jelly beans. 
They were all business about their ice cream, or as Cameron says ice ceam.  It's the cutest thing ever!  Of course most things he says these days are the cutest thing ever.  He's starting to put more phrases together.

 Once Cameron was finished he grabbed mine and starting eating it and feeding some to Cooper.
After our treat we stopped by the church to say hello before coming home.  Steve is still out helping at church, which is okay cause with the youth leading on Sunday and only having one service it means no small groups and we get to ride together and come home together.  Yippee!!!!

I've hit a new low

I have blogged, including this one, a total of 7 times this month.  Don't think I'm getting the blogger of the year anytime soon.  So what are my reasons for not blogging?  Glad you asked.  First up I started Community Bible Study two weeks ago.  It meets every Thursday morning for the entire school year.  We get out when schools are out so there are a few free days here and there.  I went to friends day back in the Spring and signed up so I could be sure to get the boys in.  They have their own classes and Cooper's class does their own Bible Study as well.  I think I'm going to really enjoy this.  Tracey is coming as well, although bummer we didn't get in the same core group.  It's an intense study and at least 5 nights as week I'm doing something in my workbook. 
I'm back up and running again.   Last week I made 2.5 miles.  I know it doesn't sound much to some people, but for me it's huge!  I could have gone longer that night, I was feeling great, but it was dark and Steve kept texting me.  I'm at the point now where I am rushing to get out the door as soon as the boys go to bed or I'm running around 7:00 when it's still 90 degrees outside.  Either way I just can't get much more than 2 miles in, I am itching for the weather to cool down so I can start bumping it back up again.  Sometimes it's disappointing to not increase my distance but I could be sitting at home on my rump.  I'll take anything I can get.  Most nights if I run, take my shower, do my Bible Study, it's 10:00 before I get a free moment.  The last thing I want to do is turn on the computer.
Cooper hasn't started school yet, he goes back next week, but once the rest of the world went back it seems we slowed down too.  With the exception of a play date at SIGS with Alicia & Janelle, we have done nothing the past three weeks.  The good thing about that is that I'm not spending money.  We've been meeting my neighbor and her grandson a few days a week, I was best friends with her daughter in high school, and we take the kids exploring.  This morning I had to hose off both kids because they jumped in mud puddles.  Cameron was covered, he had mud in his hair.  They love it!
Cooper had his second soccer practice this past Saturday.  We get this coming Saturday off then we have games the next 6 Saturdays.   4 out of the 6 are at 9:00 so it doesn't interfere with our day too much.  I'm totally grasping here at blog topics, can you tell?
One last story.  My mom is a nurse and she works third shift on Saturday and Sundays.  She also does consulting work on occasion since she has experience in medical records.  She did this in Columbus, OH this past Thursday & Friday.  She called on her way home Friday saying she was close to Louisville but stuck in traffic.  Well Saturday rolls around and I never hear from her.  She usually calls so that was unusual.  It was about 7:00 and I was getting worried, then I realized I hadn't talked to her since she was on her way home.  I think I watch too much CSI because I started thinking she was kidnapped and I needed to drive up 71 and check each exit for her car.  Finally I called her work and turns out she had worked day shift.  Too much CSI, too much CSI!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's the simple things

We have had a really great day around here.  We didn't do anything spectacular, but that I think that is what is great about us, it's the simple days that are the most fun and memorable.

Cooper had his first soccer practice this morning.  Anytime I try to take a picture of the boys, Cooper has to put his arms around Cameron's neck.   Sometimes a bit too hard.  He didn't seem to mind much today.  Notice those are Mr. Potato Head glasses also around his neck.

The jury is still out on how much he liked it   It's something new so I'm sure it will get better as each week goes on.  Steve & I know nothing about soccer so we can't help much.   We did hit the jackpot on coaches though.  Our coaches are brother-in-laws, their wives are sisters.  All four of them were out on the field conducting practice. 

After conducting a few drills we had a small scrimmage game.  Cooper was playing defender for a while.  I think he got bored.  He didn't have much to do but stand and wait. 

Cameron had a blast because there was a creek to throw rocks into, and he got a sucker.

Soccer practice was at 11 so by the time we got home and had lunch it was nap time.  Makes for a pretty quick day.  

After dinner we got out the paints.  This is something we don't do nearly enough.  Especially considering about much Cooper loves it.

Painting of course means the kids go straight to the bath.  We got them bathed and it was about 6:30, so still pretty early.  I have been trying really hard to limit our television.  We have done a great job this week.   Cooper has been watching a show during Cameron's nap time but Cameron has maybe watched an hour all week.  I thought this called for popcorn and a movie night.  They chose the Polar Express.  We are going to have to hide that movie.  It needs to be special come Christmas time.

Again, we've had a simple great day.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time needs to slow down

I have saved about 90% of Cooper's clothes that he has outgrown.  With each season when Cameron puts on one I get memories of when Cooper wore that same outfit.  Would you believe that Cameron is now wearing the same clothes that Cooper was wearing when he was born? 

Check out this one that Cameron wore today...

Cooper wore this the year we went to Touch a Truck, I was about 8 months pregnant. 

Then there are these pajamas. 

One more just because they are cute and holding an owl.  Doesn't get much better than that.  When I put them on Cameron I kept getting an image in my head, like Cooper may have worn them for something special.  They are pj's how special can they get, right?  I checked through some old photos....!  Are you serious? 

Someone needs to start on that time machine invention, stat!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I guess I should blog

Not much going on here lately.  Makes it hard to find good topics to blog about.  I realized today, after not doing anything all week, that 3 days is probably my max at not having plans.  We needed to get out of this house.  Luckily we have plans the next couple days.

I cleaned off the camera tonight and found this.  Don't remember taking it but it sure is cute.

My mom stopped by today just before Cameron's nap time.  Somehow she convinced Cooper to nap with her on the couch.  Cause you know my mom, she comes over to sleep.  She can do it all she wants if it gets Cooper to nap.  He slept for almost 2 hours! 

Cooper starts soccer practice at Graceland on Saturday, we went out tonight to get him some shin guards and cleats.  My oh my, does he look adorable.  I'll have to get some pictures this weekend at practice.   Steve knows one of our coaches and a friend from church is on our team.  I love it when we know other people.  He seems super excited.  I am too!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Holiday World 2012

I think we saved the best and biggest adventure of the summer for last.  Steve & I took Cooper to Holiday World yesterday.  Steve's parents kept Cameron for us, he isn't exactly our "sit in a stroller all day" kiddo.  We like to call him our spirited child :) 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited Cooper was all week.  He remembered going last year, and he got to spend the day with us alone.  He would tell anyone that would listen this week about it.  I had a dentist appointment at 8 that morning, he would tell people about dropping mommy off at the dentist and him and daddy getting breakfast at McDonald's then picking mommy back up.   It was cute.  Right before we left he thanked Steve's parents for babysitting Cameron so he could go to Holiday World. 

I just love my boys!

The night before we left I thought about how I should have made a bracelet for Cooper that I saw on pinterest.  Most of you have probably seen it, you made a beaded bracelet with your phone number on it.  Turns out I didn't need it after all, they have them there. 
We arrived before the park opened so once they dropped the ropes we were able to get right on just about anything.  The crowds were very low, I think between schools starting and the chance of rain yesterday most people stayed away.

Of all the things we did and seen, Cooper was most afraid of this grandma lady that was the Gobbler's Getaway. 

He loved the Turkey Whirl.  We rode this and the scrambler multiple times.

He was looking forward to two ride; the spider and the doggie ride.  They took out the spider but still had the doggie ride.  In Cooper talk, the doggie ride is the kids roller coaster.

I think he rode this 4 different times.  

Love, love, love this picture!!!

It was much hotter than I had expected.  I was thinking clouds and maybe some rain.  It didn't rain a drop and was sunny almost all day.  The train ride was the perfect opportunity to cool us down.

Steve took Cooper on the Screamin' Eagles.  I love catching their father/son moments from afar.

After a few more rides, lunch, and another couple of rides, it looked like Cooper was done.  He was hot, tired, and just dragging.  We stopped to get  a drink of water and to see what we would do next.  I was really worried he was done for the day, it wasn't even two yet.

After checking out the map (I found this adorable) he said he wanted to do the doggie ride again and get in the water.  We had no intention of doing the water park, slides just aren't his thing but thought if he wanted to get the splash area that would be fine.  He doesn't like stuff in his eyes so how wet can he possible get, right?

Well, think again!  I guess after walking around in the hot sun for 4 hours all fear goes out the window.  He was soaked and could care less.  It was just what he needed.  He perked up after that.  It bought us another couple hours.  We hadn't planned on staying too late anyway since we had a sitter, but there were a few more things to see and do.   I really thought we had him talked into riding the log ride.  He's not afraid of the ride itself, just the water.  We tried to explain he got more wet in the splash park but he wasn't having any of it.

It was off to the carousel instead.  As you can see, it took all of about 5 minutes for him to dry off.

And guess who we ran into?  Santa Claus himself. 

Our last stop was in the Christmas section for the kiddie rides.  This place was empty!  I remember going last year and hitting this up first and being jam packed.  There was one or two other kids in the whole section.  It was perfect! 

While Cooper was on a ride we thought we would take a picture of how we felt at the moment and another of our game face we put on for Cooper. 

We didn't see anyone close by to take a family picture on our way out, so we took two instead.   Besides, it's not really a family picture.  Those will come probably next year.

It was such a fantastic day to spend with our "big one" as we call him.  It was also great to get home and cuddle with our little one.   I am positive he had more fun with Mamaw & Papaw than he would have had with us.  I hope this can be a summer tradition we carry on for years.