Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 7

This may have been one of my favorite weeks all summer, it ranks right up there with the week of our staycation when Steve was off.

On Monday, Tracey and I headed down south to Bowling Green. Brittany let us come to her place for swim time.  At one time there were 10 kids, age 9 and under.  It was chaos, but we loved every minute of it.

It's always a great time when I can spend it with these two together.  Pardon my hair, I had air dried pool hair.  Only because I was pressured into jumping off the diving board.

The boys had their back to school hair cuts on Tuesday.  Their hair grows so far, especially Cooper, we will be back there in about a month.

We didn't do much on Wednesday besides playing at home.  Cooper got Guess Who Star Wars for Christmas, they have found a new love for it this week.

Thursday was spent at Sharon's house playing with Allie and Wyatt.  We had a wonderful visit.  Cooper had a belly ache for the fist hour or so, once he recovered the kids played so well together.  It was one of longest and best visits.

Friday took up back to the zoo, but this time with Tracey, Gretchen, Brittany, and kids.

You may notice Cameron wasn't up for many pictures.  He was afraid Cooper would steal his stroller, the things kids fight about amaze me.

Love these 3 girls. Can't imagine what life would be like if we all 4 lived in the same town.

Our whole gang.  A super fun, crazy day.

If you need me this week you will find me in a fetal position.  I just need some time to get used to a routine again. 3 more days of summer.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 6

Week 6, really? I want to rewind time and go back to week 1. 

After dinner on Monday we went out for ice cream. We ordered a small for them, seriously look at those.  It was like an extra large.

We went school supply shopping on Tuesday and as compromise on not getting a new lunch box, Cameron got new Lego movie pajamas.  

My mom got a new car this week, she stopped by on Wednesday and they were eager to explore it.  Yes, Cooper got new pajamas too.  

We went to the zoo on Thursday with my mom. They love going with my mom because it means they get spoiled, like with new stuffed polar bears and tigers.

And snow cones as well.

More zoo fun.
We were gone a lot this week so we stayed home and relaxed on Friday, minus a trip to the grocery in our pj's. Them, not me.

I am not ready for summer to end!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 5

Monday morning we made a trip to Toys R Us to spend some allowance money.  Cooper has been wanting this Iron Man mask for for quite some time.  It was on sale this week so he finally had enough money and of course he had to watch tv with it on.

Tuesday was our day in the life day and we of course went bowling as already documented.

 I had a PTO meeting on Wednesday, we had it at the Charlestown Splash Park since we all had our kids with us.  It was a win/win for all of us.  We got ring pops on the way home.

Thursday was my mother in law's birthday.  We went over to their house to celebrate and somehow by kids walked away with gifts.  They each got a new backpack for school this year.

Friday was cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-A and who doesn't love free food?  I did not dress up but for whatever reason I got free food too.  We met Luke and his family there then they came over for a play date.  

Such a fun week and another one coming up.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I try to do a day in the life post at least once a year.  I was inspired this year by someone I follow on Instagram and her blog.  She does it every year on the same day.  This year she added to it and did it on IG in real time, and of course I copied.  It was fun and helpful to go back and do this post.  I documented our day on Tuesday. 

7:50- the boys had breakfast of donut holes, a banana, yogurt, and orange juice.  You will see Cameron's many faces throughout our day.

 8:15- the kitchen was cleaned up, the boys were getting a morning treat to a video game and I sat down to some peanut butter Cheerios and my kindle.

 10:15 Since I skipped the Y I needed to make my day productive.  We were all cleaned up and headed to the mall to get my mother in law a birthday present.

11:00- after two quick stops they got some play time.

12:00- my mom is off most Tuesdays so we met her and my nephew Layne for lunch. 

 1:00- after lunch we headed to the bowling alley on State Street.  You can sign your kids up for free bowling all summer.  

2:00- Cooper smoked us all!

2:15- Ice cream at Chiller's.  Our days aren't usually near this interesting, but we were with grandma and you know what that means.  Grandma pays :)

 My treat.  Girl math- strawberry shortcakes has strawberries, strawberries are a fruit, so it's healthy!  I did not eat the ice cream in the middle, I did show restraint.

 3:15- The boys watched part of a movie while I tried to read and would have loved a nap.  Got less than a chapter read and no nap.

5:00- Playtime!

 And surprise!!  Steve worked in Corydon and had a home health patient after so I wasn't expecting him until at least 6. 

6:30- Dinner done and cleaned up, go downstairs to find Steve and the kids have built forts and are throwing ball pit balls at one another.  Yes, the basement stays that messy most days.  We clean up for company.

The other view.

7:45 baths and snacks are given and we are settling in for devotion time and memory work. And yes, I do put my kids to bed at the same time even in the summer, most days.  If we are out and doing thins I'm not quite as strict, but they will wake up at 7, no matter what.  If they want to get out bed that early, they go to bed early.

8:40- I finally got my exercise for the day, a quick 30 minute run around the neighborhood.  For me, lights were out by 10:45.

I love doing this and I love the addition of doing it through Instagram.  Until next year!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 4

The fun just won't stop in our #leesummeroffun.  

Monday's have been laid back, usually it's my day to catch up on all things I let go for the weekend.  On Monday night Stefanie came over with Aiden and Maverick.  Have I mentioned how much the boys love Aiden?

Tuesday was super fun day, so fun I didn't get the phone out until the evening.  We went to the movies to see The Lego Movie in the morning then hung out at my mom's the rest of the day swimming with cousins.  Later that night while eating a popsicle, Cameron decided his hands were cold and grabbed some gloves.

Wednesday afternoon was spent at the pool, again.  It was a day full of jumping.

Cooper had allergy testing on Thursday.  Since his allergies drain through his ears I wanted to see what we are dealing with when it comes to ear infections.  We found out he is allergic grass, mold, ragweed, and cats.  Considering he breaks out in hives like clockwork in Spring and Fall, I wasn't too surprised with the grass.  He did so good during the testing they got treated to Sweet Frog afterwards.

Of course Friday was the 4th.  I love the 4th of July, especially years that it is sunny and 80 degrees outside.  We started our morning off with the Jeffersonville Freedom Parade.  Mamaw, Papaw, and Uncle Scott came too. Steve had to work, boo!

Who knew a parade would be so tiring?

We had family over for dinner and fireworks that night.  Steve is still a kid when it comes to fireworks.

Can you believe we were bundled up in blankets on the 4th of July?  Cameron made it until about 9:15 before we announced he was tired and going to bed and walked into the house.  When that kid is ready, he is ready.  Cooper was determined to stay up until midnight, him and Scott even put on a movie after we were done, luckily about 10:30 he decided he was tired and went to bed too.  

It blows my mind we are halfway through summer, no time to dwell though, we still have plenty more fun left.