Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Last Hurrah

I got a text from Gretchen yesterday requesting one last hurrah before she heads back down south.  We met up with her, Tracey, Melanie all the kiddos at community park this morning for lunch and play time.

Check it out, I brough carrots for lunch :)

 It felt like it was 106 degrees out today so there was plenty of sweat and dirt to go around.
 Sweat and dirt can't stop kids from having fun though.

It's been a great week and a half.  So thankful for all the fun we've had. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

500 Minutes

I signed Cooper up for the summer library reading program this year.  He had an opportunity to earn prizes for every 100 minutes he read or is read to and at 500 minutes he could earn a free book.  To be honest I stopped keeping track around the 250 mark, that was about a month and a half ago.  We read every night so I know he did so we went to the library today to cash in.  When I saw the Berenstein Bears on top I knew he would go for it.

 He also got to put his name on the wall, he's the star at the bottom.
 And look who I found on the wall, wonder who these two could be?
 When we got back home I turned around to find this.  They sure do love their books.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Color Run 2012

Remember my post about not getting to do the color run?  Well plans changed and I got to go and Gretchen came with me.  Karen had signed up but was going to be out of town so Gretchen took her number.  We all woke up before the chickens, dressed in our tutus and posed for some pictures all clean and neat.

 I gave poor Daniel a hard time.  We all know him and Alicia are probably the most laid back fun people you will ever meet, however at 6:30 in the morning he can be a wee bit grumpy.  He eventually came around.
 Alicia's niece came along as well.  Gretchen and I were introducing ourselves to her, of course we already know her, we've watched her grow up on the blog the past 4 years.
 We finally decided it was time make our way across the bridge and found our way to the start line.  Alicia was in charge so of course we were in the first wave.  It's a good thing too, I think I heard someone say there was around 7,500 runners there this morning.

 I wasn't for sure what to expect as far as the actual running, it was by far more fun than trying to beat a particular time.  I think we may have ran at least half of it then ran/walked the rest.  They had 4 color stations along the course.  In between I did a few action shots.

 In really no time at all we were done with the race.  I think they could have put at least one more color station along the course but the fun wasn't quite over yet.

 See, in the race packet we were all given our own color packet.  If you followed the rules, unlike Alicia, you were to save your color packet for the color throw.  It's creates a huge color cloud.  That is where the real mess gets on you.  The above pictures is me after the race, the below is us after the color throw. 

 We stuck around for a while to get a view of what the color cloud looks like from a distance.  It's pretty spectacular. 

 As we were leaving I ran into some girls, Jamie and Majella, from high school.  Funny story here, I saw my cousin Lisa on Friday when I went to pick up our race packets.  She was picking up hers, Jamie's and Majella's.  Well Lisa overslept and didn't even make it.  She missed out on some fun.

 By the time the race was over we were starving.  Gretchen and I weren't too proud to march our rear ends into McDonald's, tutu and all.  It make us feel better to see some other color runners in there.  They didn't have tutus though.  (Alicia- I did the best I could with an Egg McMuffin).

My thoughts for the day- AWESOME!!!   I will most definitely do this if it comes back next year.  It's one big giant party.  Running with a group is so much fun, especially if you get into it and dress up.  I do believe it's going to give me more motivation to get out there and try some other races. 
Oh and the tutu- totally keeping it.  It's impossible to be in a bad mood when wearing a tutu.  When the kids give me a hard day, the tutu is coming on.

Ready to roll

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Fun Night

Steve & I have had a lot going on this week, so much so that one of us was pretty much gone every night this week.  We decided that tonight should be a family fun night.  Once Cameron woke from his nap we gave the kids a quick snack and headed to Bob Hedge Park.   With such low humidity tonight it felt great out. 

 This little one was a wild man running all over the place.

 What a good daddy!

 Someone thinks he is much bigger than he really is.
 After the park we went to Sweet Frog, yup he had frozen yogurt for dinner.  Why not?

We also let the kids take a bath in the big bathtub tonight.  Fun times!