Friday, September 30, 2011


I know quite a few moms from Cooper's preschool, some I went to high school with and one from church and one from school. I also know one of his teacher's outside of school, she went to high school with my friend Sharon and we had a class or two together at IUS. I've been wanting to ask how is doing but didn't really know the boundaries, plus I'm sure they will send out progress reports. I noticed on Facebook that someone had asked this teacher about their kids so I decided to ask as well. Here is what she said:

"Cooper is doing great! NEVER a problem! He's making friends just fine too, which does not always come to the kids at this age because they are shy. He is shy with us but not the kids so I think that is great. He's probably one of the sweetest and gentle little boys I've ever had. He's doing wonderful! No worries at all! Truly enjoy him! And he's the only one in the class who knows the Pledge of Allegiance. Always feel free to ask."

Make a girl cry, why don't ya!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Nothing! Those were our plans today. No clock to watch, no where to be. How nice! I started off the day with a Jazzercise class. Cameron was still asleep when I left at 8:45. After class I came home and did nothing but play until lunch. I fed the boys and Steve picked us up some Qdoba. It was yummy. After lunch we took a walk, in the misting rain. Cooper is getting too big for this stroller. He usually walks with us but today he wanted to ride, now that is the life.
Check out the hat. Love it!!!!!! I got it at Little Growing Spurts on Veteran's Parkway. One could go broke in that store if they had a girl.

Since Cameron slept in today I decided not to give him a morning nap. These are just a few shots during the walk.

He crashed on me once inside, but thanks to a certain big brother he woke up and lasted another hour before both took a nap. Let me rephrase, all four of us took naps.

After dinner, which Steve cooked, we went out to get the boys their Halloween costumes. Here is a hint.

I love this time of year! It was fun to have a day of nothing!

It's what I get!

Do you guys have those things you normally would not let your child do but sometimes you are in the middle of something so you just let them do it so you can finish? For Cameron it's playing in our food cabinet. This is what I get for not stopping him Friday

Friday Playdate

Alicia, Shawna, and I have gotten into a groove of an every other Friday play date. We had plans this week to go to Huber's. I got a text from Alicia just past 6:00 am saying it was raining. I don't know what is more crazy, the fact she texted at 6 am or that I was up to get it. I said we could just move it to my house. I feel like we are a "cool" house, you know the ones with fun toys. Steve and I used to threaten Scott if he got the boys anything obnoxious because we had no room for it. Now we just let him be as obnoxious as he wants. As soon as everyone arrived Cooper felt the need to pass out giant marshmallows. Why not, it's a play date! Sometime before lunch I look over and Cooper had a bag of donuts in his hand. I'm not for sure where Hawk was but Cooper and Jake had a pre-lunch treat. He also passed out fruit snacks after lunch. He was so cute, all morning long he kept asking if he could give his friends fruit snacks. Sorry it's what you get when you come here. I know you Alicia, I read your blog, I see you passing out candy all.the.time.

The boys had a blast playing all morning. Cooper must have been low on blood sugar, after some food he perked up and had fun too. He was a little moody at first.

Total cuteness! I had to steal a few of these from Alicia's blog.

Hawk had on the Buzz costume and before lunch he had a diaper change and put it right back on.

It was a good fun morning! Thanks for coming girls and helping clean up, although I'm sure many things were thrown back out again. I have given up on cleaning up those balls.

Oh and for the record, Rome, Nora, and Cameron were there as well. Rome and Nora slept most of the time and Cameron climbed most of the time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

One Year Checkup

We had Cameron's one year check up this morning. After a rough first six months of life where I felt like we were in there every other week, we have only had one sick visit since his 6 month checkup and none since his 9 month. Can you say GO TUBES!!!!! He beat out Cooper in both weight and height. He is 20 lbs 5 oz (25th %) and 29 1/2 inches (48th %). Cooper was just under 20 lbs and was only 27 inches. I honestly don't think he is two inches taller. According to their charts he grew from being in the 10th to 48th % in height. Everything checkout out great! We were there for almost two hours, it took about two minutes to produce this in the car. The cutest thing happened. I had prepared Cooper he may get a shot if they had their flu shot in. They did have it and she was afraid once they have the first confirmed case people will be flooding their office and they may run out. We have been listening to a video from Sid the Science Kid about getting your flu shot, it's super cute if you want to you tube it. He sat on my lap and did great. Barely flinched. Then it was Cameron's turn. He got 4 shots all together. After the first he let out a huge scream, I look over at Cooper and he starts crying. He didn't even as much as whine with his yet starts bawling during Cameron's. How adorable is that?

After today's visit I do have a huge decision to make. We love our doctor, I can't say enough good things about her, however one of these days enough has to be enough. I try my best to schedule their visits around nap times but when you wait half an hour in the lobby and another half hour in the exam room before even seeing the doctor you can't schedule it around anything. Our appointment was at 9:30, I should have been the third appointment this morning and we still didn't leave until almost 11:30. Steve had a dentist appointment in Charlestown at 10:15 and still made it home before us. It happens every time we have an appointment. With Cooper now in preschool I can't make a doctor's appointment an all day adventure. I was ready to walk out the door and then Dr Howell came in and it was a great visit. I'm going to think about it and pray for a few days before I make my decision.

New Bike

We decided last week it was time for Cooper to get a real bike. He said he wanted green, so by golly he got green. I don't know why I can't get this picture right, it's turned right on the computer. Elbow and knee pads were a must. Mainly because it's so just darn cute.

Can't forget the gloves.

Taking it down the driveway for the first try.

Basically Steve just pushed. I took him back out Saturday and the poor kid just can't get the hang of pedaling. I didn't out much with him last summer when it was 150 degrees out and I was pregnant. This summer he was too big for his tricycle. I know with practice he will get it. He seems interested so I'm sure it won't be long.

School Update

School is going great! So far Cooper loves it. This was last Thursday on blue day. I love when he randomly starts talking about school friends. This week they are doing spotlighting; each student will take turns and tell the class something about themselves, using a microphone!!!!

Speech is going great too. Tuesdays fly by, we go from preschool straight to speech. I can already tell I am going to enjoy Jonathan Jennings. Not that there is was anything wrong with Utica, I just feel more comfortable at JJ. I feel the speech therapist treats him more like a preschooler and not a grade school student. I also like her techniques. Cooper backs his sounds, his d's come out as g's, his t's come out as k's. At Utica she would have him stick out his tongue which to me seemed like it was creating a whole other problem. At JJ she tried to get him stick his tongue at the roof of his mouth. She suggested we put peanut butter up there for him. One huge thing is the library next door. It gives Cameron and I something to do while he is with the therapist. I checked out three books last week, it may get me reading again.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Jobs

This week we are all blogging about our first jobs. My first real job was a bagger and cashier at Jay C Food Store in Charlestown. A grocery store may not be the most glamours job for a high school student, but I had some good times. Plus, who can beat time and half on Sundays, profit sharing, and a paid vacation every year. Not to mention it was about 30 seconds from my house. I started working there when I was 16, I worked there for just over 4 years. As good things come to an end and things just started to change. Management changes and friends leaving, etc. I have some funny stories from that place. One night someone put Exlax into my drink. Thankfully it was the pill form and I realized it before I swallowed it. My manager had to take it to Rite Aid next door to get it analyzed. Can you believe he did not get fired? I also have some deep friendships through Jay C. Kristen in Karen are one. Kristen, Karen's older sister, was a shift manager in the office. I worked with her for a good portion of my time there. The summer of 97, right after I graduated high school, Kristen had just graduated nursing school and wasn't working there at the time. Since Karen was home from IU for the summer she worked as a cashier. That was the foundation for the close relationship we formed a couple years later when she moved back home after graduation. If it wasn't for Jay C I also would never have became friends with Sharon. I worked with a classmate of Sharon's and we all started hanging out and something just clicked between the two of us. You just never know where your first job will take you. I had no idea at 16 that I would eventually meet two of my closest friends.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

What a year it has been! A few weeks ago we were in Steve's car and inside the pocket of the passenger side door I found our church bulletin from September 12, 2010. On the back was the sticker I used to pick Cooper up from his classroom. That was the last time we would ever have one child on our pick-up ticket. I still remember that day, thinking this is it, our life is about to change. The next morning, at 8:06 Cameron Scott was brought into this world.

Here he is today at 8:06.

Cameron, you are one feisty little boy. At just a year old, you have a mind all your own. I love watching your face as daddy walks in the door after work. Once 7:30 hits it is all about mommy. I love watching the interaction between you and Cooper. You are the first he greets when picking him up from school. You light up when you see him in the morning. You are getting better with Mamaw and Papaw, although once again it is all on your own time. Anyone else is pretty much off limits. We are trying to work through the separation anxiety issues, I believe you will always be a momma's boy and this fine with me. You are also a funny little guy and a teaser. You like to crawl over to something you know you are not supposed to do and wait for us to look at you and then you get the biggest smile. If someone is eating they better watch out. I can throw away my broom and dust pan because you are more than happy to eat our crumbs off the floor. I do try to stop this, most of the time! You are standing on your own and even took about 4 steps tonight but you crawl so fast that it suits you just fine. One your own time, I've already learned that. Cameron Scott, you are just too precious for words!

Cooper had school and speech today so we didn't do anything special. Once I dropped off Cooper we stopped by Jay C and got a donut to share.

I think Cameron is really going to like his one on one time a couple times a week.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Bubbles

For the month of September we are to bring in book bubbles each week at school. We are supposed to let our kids help us trace and cut out a circle and write their name, date, and a book we read together on it. These are the bubbles Cooper is bringing in tomorrow. This doesn't account for the books we read multiple times. Cooper may very well have the whole walled filled up for himself.

Who Needs Bounce Time?

Who needs bounce time when you have new and totally awesome birthday gifts. Miniature ball pit from Uncle Scott. Tunnels and tents from Aunt Marilyn, Tina, and Ricky.

This one even comes with a basketball goal.

Now do me some quick math. One of these came with 20 balls, one came with 50, we got two extra bags; one with 100 balls and one with 150 balls. We have 320 in our basement!

With 320 balls, Cameron played with this one yellow ball for like 5 minutes.

Turns out he did like it as much as Cooper. Thanks again everyone!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st Birthday Party!!!!

We had Cameron's 1st birthday party Sunday evening- it was a huge success!!!! It our first time throwing a birthday party outside of just family members. We had a house full. The party goers were: Steve's mom and dad and brother Scott; Steve's Aunt Marilyn and cousins Tina and Ricky; my mom and niece Hailey; my brother in law Jason, niece Emma, and nephew Layne; Gretchen, Pierce, and Hope; Tracey, Levi, and Maggie; Steve's co-worker Jerome, his wife Divine and their kids Jeremy and Bryce; and Steve's high school friend Josh. He had lots of of yummy food, hot dogs and hamburgers, baked beans, green beans, mac and cheese, queso and chips. I have a ton of leftovers. I may not have to cook for week.

Remember me talking about a theme? I didn't really know what to do at first, he doesn't really have a favorite type of toy. Since we were having his party on the first Sunday of the NFL season we HAD to have a football themed party. Those are football shaped Reese's cups in the back. I had wanted the cake to have the Colt's symbol for me and the Bears symbol of Steve on it. However, they can't hand draw that stuff because of copyright infringement so I went with Colts and Bears colors. It came out looking like a Bears cake... it was still cute though.

The birthday boy's cake!

I didn't have any cake but did have about 4 of these yummy goodness I call cookies. After sending cookies home with about 4 different people I still have some left.

Like my plates and napkins?

It was beautiful when everyone first arrived so the kids headed outside to play. Just because he is cute and showing off a new shirt from Uncle Scott.

The kids enjoyed some football.

Aren't they pretty? Gretchen came in town this weekend and was able to make the party! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

As soon as it was eating time and we set up some chairs outside the Heaven's opened up and it started to pour! We sent the big kids downstairs to eat, the adults just ate wherever, and I sat Cooper on the kitchen floor, he tends to be a bit messy.

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday boy!

We cut the cake for the adults and let Cameron start ripping at his gifts. Scott wrapped his in Christmas wrapping paper, he claims Cooper picked it out. It also happened to be our wrapping paper.

In true Cameron fashion he has to eat wrapping paper and climb in boxes.

Since he disappeared on me I posed with a gift.

He liked the toy truck from Gretchen and kids.

I had a few helpers.Just cause she's cute! Wish I had a picture of Hope in her hot pink shirt and zebra print pants. That girl was style.

Next it was time for Camerons' cake. I love this, it's like he is saying, "Is this for me?"

Cooper decided to help out a bit.

He got a little excited eating straight icing.

Dive in buddy, dive in!

He was starting to look a little full.

Our attempt at a family picture.

I love this, we weren't bathing him, he was just playing in the sink.
Thank you to all our family and friends who came out to help us celebrate. We are blessed beyond words that our boys have such caring people in their lives. Thank you for all you do! We love you guys!