Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Snow Days

Before we go into all the snow day fun we've been having, let's back up to Monday.  We were out of school for almost a week but we supposed to be out Monday.  I scheduled all of our check-ups for this day and first up was dentist appointments for both boys.  What a cutie!  Thankful for kids that do well at the dentist.

Later in the afternoon it was off to the ENT for Cooper.  He hasn't had any problems, just a regular check up, but we did find out his left ear tube is out.  Praying for no problems, it's his left ear that has always caused us problems in the past, really...really...really don't want tubes again.

Monday was glorious, I even got an outdoor run in and the boys got some marshmallow wars in with their marshmallow shooters.  

 When it got cold we headed in for some Nerf wars.  

Moving on to Tuesday... Steve was off work with a scheduled vacation day.  He decided since it was a snow day we would have school at home.  He was all business about it.  Spiked the kids hair up and even dressed himself up as a teacher.

No words for this man, check out that pocket.

I told Cooper to do an independent writing and this is what he came up with.  
"I like Luke.  He is nice.  He loves to play with me.  I love to play with him".

 I can't for the life of me remember what we did Wednesday.  I think it involved a lot of Wipeout on Kinect and puzzles.  I forgot to take a picture but Cooper put together a 100 piece puzzle all on his own.  So proud of that guy.

And this brings us to Thursday.  Time to go back to school, a delay, but school was in session.  I love a 2 hour delay, I can go to a class at the Y at 9 before school.  I don't have to get up early for a 6 am class and I don't have to go after school.  It's a win win!
I was checking something on the computer and Cameron pointed out Gretchen, Paul, Pierce, and Hope to me.  I love it that he can recognize them and call them by name even though they moved when he was just 2 weeks old. 

I'm gonna bore with a whole lotta pictures.  The boys climbed up on me tonight and Steve took some pictures with various expressions.

 My favorite... the sleeping one :)

 Love these kids!

Seriously, these snow days have me all messed up.  I don't know what date it is, what day it is, I'm lucky to remember the month.  I have enjoyed having Cooper home with us, but I'll probably enjoy it more in the summer.  Another delay tomorrow and hopefully next week we will be back into a permanent routine.  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow Days and Basketball

I downloaded Google Chrome and now I can blog!  Boom goes the dynamite!  Okay, my boys are playing Wipeout on Kinect and I've heard that like 10 times in the past 11 minutes.  Back to the blog..

I am doing my best at making it to the Y at least 4 days a week right now.  I try to go on Friday mornings but planned on skipping this past Friday since I didn't know what the roads would be like.  Getting up at 5:15 doesn't give ya much time to watch the news before leaving.  Turns out I would have been okay getting there but coming home would have been slick.  I gotta say I was surprised when they cancelled school all together that morning.  I understand though, one bus run off and a parent would have gotten lawsuit happy.  We made the best of it by meeting Luke and his family for lunch at Chick-Fil-A and I had coupons for Krispy Kreme so we went there as well.  I did not eat a single donut!

 I had to get a few things at Target so I treated us all to hot chocolates from Starbucks.  They are yummy!  I know our summer is slowing shrinking away but I miss days like this.  On the way home Cameron told me what a fun day we had.

I hope all these snow days doesn't change the plans for a balanced calendar in the future.  I know it's set in place next year but I really want it at least one more year.  I have a Disney trip to go on and I'm not doing it in the summer.
Oh, and I did make it to the Y that evening for a 20 minute run and body pump.  I have always preferred cardio before strength, how about you?   Cardio then strength?  Or Strength then cardio? 

Cooper had his first YMCA basketball game on Saturday.  Cameron came dressed to cheer him and IU. 

Cooper in on the blue team and we decided if we have to wear blue then it needs to be #5 like Victor Oladipo, since he had to wear blue now too.

I had never been to a youth game at the Y but it was crowded, loud, and hot.  Cameron sat on my lap and even did a little cuddling, I don't think he liked how loud it was.  I seriously cannot get over his cuteness in that hat.

It just so happened that Steve scheduled his PRN weekend this weekend and had to miss the game.  His dad and brother also left early for the IU game, so it was just me and my mother in law in attendance.  Although I'm pretty sure they would have rather watched Cooper than IU's poor performance.

Warming up with some practice shooting with his best friend Luke who is also on the team.

Cooper has good form when he shoots, it looks weird cause he's left handed, but good form. Poor kid just can't get it up there though. His upper body is weak like mine.  He'll get there though, I would rather him miss every shot with good form, than make shot with bad form.

He had a great time playing.  He's not a bad dribbler, probably his strength.  I can't wait to see how he progresses. It's his first year ever playing and I'm sure some kids have been playing for 2 years now.  I didn't even realize I could have signed Cameron up too.  That would have been a trip.

After the game we ran up to Charlestown to sign Cooper up for tee-ball.  He loves playing baseball so I can't wait for that to start, hard to believe it's almost time again.  Cameron has one more year left so he will be on the side line again.  
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, we are booked tomorrow with doctors and dentist appointments.  Yippee!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember me?

Remember me?  That girl Jami that used to blog?  Well she is still here but having an issue with blogger.  It's telling me that I need to update my browser but was still letting me blog.  Then I couldn't post pictures and what's a blog without pictures?  So I'm in the process of cleaning things up on our computer before I download the new browser and hopefully I can blog again, with pictures.  Plus Steve did something to it the other night for the Xbox that is making things real funky.

I had a pretty good post too.  Back on New Years Eve day we went to Kalightoscope of Lights at the Galt House.  A friend had given us a free child and adult ticket.  My mom came with us, Steve was working, so all we had to buy was 1 adult ticket since one child gets in free with each adult ticket.  It was fun!  Don't know if I will pay full price for it and if I do it will probably be after Christmas cause I think it was a lot less crowded.  All pictures were from my phone so they aren't that great.

So, what are we up to?  Well Cooper is back into the routine of school after our extra long break. He starts basketball at the Y this weekend and signs up for spring baseball are this weekend as well.  Cameron is just being Cameron and tagging along with me wherever I go, mainly our two days of Bible study each week.  Steve is still working lots.  He has one more full weekend at Southern Indiana Rehab then he doesn't have to go back there until April.  He is seeing home health patients two nights a week after work and on Saturdays when he can.  So he's super busy and tired but he did get a day away to go to an IU game last weekend, it's always good to get a break.  They lost though, boo!  I joined the Y, that's my big news.  They offered their no joining fee starting the day after Christmas.  I went in to join and was there at 6 am the next morning for body pump.  I love all the variety of classes they offer.  My favorites are body pump and spin.  I've done a HIIT class, it's good, I like it, but I need to build up to a bit more before I can really like it.  I can be tough.

That's about it for us.  Hopefully I can get my computer cleaned up, I need to delete lots of pictures, then I can get blogger working again.  Someone has their first basketball game this weekend, I have to blog!