Friday, May 30, 2014

Kindergarten Celebration

JJ had their kindergarten celebration/program this afternoon.  It wasn't really a "graduation" just a small program honoring their class of 2026.  That sounds a bit crazy.

Someone mentioned it was one of their largest turnouts therefore it started a little late in order to get everyone a seat.  We killed time by taking pictures of course.

The program itself was pretty simple.  A couple songs, a slideshow, and an introduction of all the kids. Somehow Cooper and Luke got to stand next to each other.   During the slide show they had an individual picture of all the kiddos and it had written what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Cooper said police officer.  I'm pretty sure this is due to our school resource officer Tim Wolff.  I graduated with Tim and his daughter is in Cooper's class.  The kids love him.  It's such a great feeling knowing there is an officer at the school everyday and they have a genuine interest in the student's well being. 
I only got a couple pictures. My bad camera and stage lighting were not a good combo.
Cooper with JJ's principal Mrs. Bach.  Love her!

Now here is where I brag a bit on my kid.  I don't like to do it too often but I am so just so darn proud of this boy.

First his Math- I'm pretty sure I could sit down and teach him double digit math, you know where you add the ones, carry your one and add the tens.  He just gets Math, like mother like son :)

He knows all the kindergarten and first grade sight words and I've been told the second grade words will be sent home to practice this summer.  His reading amazes me.  He read a book to me last night and it's been a while since we have read it at home so I know it's not all memorization, and he did the whole thing!  Simply amazing!
They need to be a level 6 and he is a level 14.  

He brought home his journal last week that he has kept since the beginning of the school year. I just love looking back and seeing the progress.  I especially love reading the entries about what we did the weekend before.  He wrote about The Polar Express, basketball, going to Pierce and Hopes, and playing tee ball.  

I've tried not to push him this year, I figure he will get enough of that in future years, but he has surpassed anything I could imagine.  It's hard to believe it's almost over.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's a Doughnut Party!

I went to Cooper's school today to help with a doughnut party in his classroom.  Their spring fundraiser was selling Krispy Kreme doughnut certificates and Cooper's class as a whole sold the most so they got a party.  I got to go in and help because Cooper was top seller in the whole school!!!  How cool is that.  It was actually Scott that sold all of them for him, but that is another story.  He won $100!  I've known about this since last week and kept it a secret until Tuesday, that was hard.  

So I went in today and helped serve the donuts and Cameron tagged along.  This kid was in heaven!

His teacher played a freeze dance song and Cameron was up running around with all the big kids.  I wished I had video of it.  He thought he was one of them, super cute!

It blows my mind we have 6 days of school left.  I'm excited for the new chapter in our lives but I sure am going to miss kindergarten.

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Cooper does this and Cooper does that"

I'm getting way behind on blogging and with a few good blog worthy events coming up in the next couple weeks I better get a move on it.  This may be all over the place.

We have this thing we do at home, when Cameron gets in trouble for any reason the first thing out of his mouth is, "But Cooper....".  So in a sing song voice we like to say, "Cooper does this and Cooper does this".  This post, and the next couple posts, may have a lot to do with Cooper but it's just because he has a lot going on right now.

A couple weeks ago he attended basketball camp at the high school with the high school players and coach.  The bus picked the kids up and took them to the high school where they had camp till 5:45 each evening of the week.  He was exhausted, but had a blast.  He won a pass to get in free to one home game next season and to be the ball boy or water boy.  That's gonna be fun!  He also won a 2nd place ribbon for shooting and slides.  Go Cooper!  

Last Saturday we had Booster Day for tee ball.  Our coach was out of town so everything was on us.  Steve and I decorated the truck, sat with the kids on the truck, I gathered our basket donations and turned it in, I worked concession, and Steve coached.  Steve also had a home health patient that day, all before 3.  

(Sorry my iphone 4 pictures are so blurry, really trying to hold out for that iphone 6)

Our driver didn't show up with the truck until about 10 minutes before the parade.  It didn't turn out half bad all things considering.

 Speaking of tee-ball, Cooper is doing great! I can see a huge difference, especially in his fielding.

That's him diving for the ball. He hustles for pretty much every ball, he likes to play third cause most balls are hit that way.

The only negative I can say about tee ball this year is that they reorganized it and now they use the tee all the time.  Last year the coaches gave them few tries to hit a ball that was pitched.  There is a huge jump from this league to the next age group, I just wish they could practice hitting a pitched ball.

There have been and will be some events coming up at school that I'm involved in.  Friday I worked their incentive reward day and earlier that week Cooper asked me to have lunch with him.  Of course!

I can't believe there are only 9 days of school left.

I can't make a post all about Cooper, so this is just a snapshot of what my little guy is up to...

He is a mess!  There are no other words to describe him. He's my mess though!  This child is the complete opposite of me in so many ways, I think God knew just what I needed.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend in Review

Last Friday was field trip day.  The kindergarten class took a field trip to the Louisville Science Center and we had a blast!

Cameron and I are together all day every day so I love it when I get to spend some one on one time with my big guy.

I can remember in school going on field trips and still having to do something educational.  Not this time.  School is so different these days, all they do is work, work, work.  Therefore our field trip days are a free for all.   Our only schedule was to meet at a certain for lunch since they had the cafeteria reserved and we had a reserved time for Kids Zone.  These little kids got to play their heart out all day long.

They didn't put a limit on how many parents could do, so many signed up that most people only had their own child to watch.  I had Cooper and one other little boy, who ended up being the easiest kid on the planet.  Of course we also hung out with Luke most of the time.

 Ms. Harbin asked me a couple times if Ernesto was being good and this picture says it all.  I'm sure you can guess who was being the handful.

I am so blessed I was able to go and do this.  Sometimes I long for that day when I venture out and get me a paying job but I know for now this is where I belong and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday morning we headed up to Charlestown's Arts and Enrichment Center for Star Wars Days.  I think this was the first year Charlestown has put this on, it was our first time going, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Turned out to be good, and it was all free.

They had a few characters dressed up, a few games and books, they made light sabers with glow sticks, got tattoos, free snacks, and we even won a door prize.  Did I mention it was all free?

We celebrated my birthday with Steve's parents on Saturday night, they were busy the week before so that is why we did later.  Steve wanted his parents to see my Mother's Day gift so they gave it to me a day early.  He made a slideshow on DVD of pictures of the boys and I.  I told him not even get me anything since my birthday is close, so this was the perfect free gift.  Cooper also wanted to give me the things he made at school.  He had it in his backpack one day and got so secretive about it, would not let me open it up.

We had dinner out on Sunday with my in laws and my mom and everyone came back for brownies. I made homemade icing for them and this may be my favorite picture ever!  16 school days left and he will be a first grader.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthdays and Bee Hives

It's been a long couple weeks here in the Lee household.   First there was my car.  It's been almost a month now but one day I realized the air wasn't working.  I ended up taking it to three different places before someone (the dealer) could tell me what it was.  Luckily I did not go with the first place who told me $1200 for a new compressor cause it ended up being a valve for a quarter of the price.   

Then there has been Steve's schedule.  He has two home health patients he sees both twice a week after work.  He has to work this around Cooper's practices and games since he is helping to coach and also his basketball league schedule.  Luckily basketball ended last week cause it happened to be on the same night as tee ball practice.  Several nights a week he gets home after dinner. I can't complain though cause this is helping to pay for Disney.

Two weeks ago Cameron had strep and last week Cooper had an ear infection and pink eye.  Between both kids being sick and my car I ended up missing most of Community Bible Study since we got back from Spring Break.  It ended last week and I missed sharing day cause Cooper was home sick.  Luckily I did make it the day Cameron and his class did their performance on stage.  Oh it was just too adorable for words.  And of course Cameron proudly wore his tie.  Which he has been known to wear with basketball shorts. 

Things have been a little hectic lately, especially for Steve, but we've managed some fun too.  Cooper lost another tooth.  This one already has the adult tooth coming in.

I let the kids talk me into camping out in the living room this past Friday night.  Even on special occasions Cameron will pass out by 8:30.

Cooper wasn't far behind and was asleep by 9:15.  At one point in the night I looked down, from the couch, and they appeared to be cuddling.

They woke me up at 6:30.  This was the morning of my birthday and Cooper was the first to wish me Happy Birthday, it was sweet.  I survived the camp out.

This one was plum worn out.  That afternoon we told him to go lay in his bed for some rest time and he fell asleep, I couldn't even wake him up at 5.

I had a great birthday. Steve and the boys got donuts that morning, my mom took me out shopping and for lunch, then Steve's parents and brothers came by for pizza and to watch the Derby that evening.  Steve got me a Kindle and a case for it, it's party of Mother's Day too, and my mom got me some new skin care products.  I'm 35 now, I can't be messing around with no Coach purses anymore.  

This is random but cute.

So today I was minding my own business when my neighbor knocked on my back door to alert me that I have a BEE HIVE IN MY FRONT YARD!

This is steps from my front yard and that is not part of the honey comb, those are all honey bees.  We had someone come out earlier today and he said it looked like it could be up to 300 bees.  He is supposed to come after dark to get it sprayed.  I HAVE A BEE HIVE IN MY FRONT YARD!!!

It's always something.