Sunday, July 31, 2016

First day of Kindergarten and 3rd Grade!!!

I plugged my camera into my computer today so I could blog about the first day of school and found pictures from the last day of school.  The pictures are only two months late, it could be worse.

Cameron and his sweet friend Layla on graduation night.  Layla's mom was pregnant and scheduled to be induced the very next day when her water broke the night before.  There were lots of us there to make sure she had plenty of pictures.

Two days later was the official last day and we had picnic.  

A few weeks later the big guy had his last day of school.

Insert lots of summer fun here and it was meet the teacher night.  Cameron got Ms. Harbin just like Cooper did in kindergarten.

I didn't get a picture of Cooper with his teacher.  We were assigned one teacher and she got moved back to 1st grade and our teacher was hired 6 days before school started.  I've heard wonderful things about her and I'm confident it's going to be a great year.

The boys had choc chip muffins and bacon, as usual :)  Steve and I had Wild Eggs after drop off.

I still can't believe it.  He came into our room every morning leading up to Thursday with a big smile counting down the days.

Cooper doesn't like to smile for pictures these days, he was however excited.

This one makes my heart smile.

He found some friends and the nerves disappeared.

So far this had been the easiest transition back to school since Cooper was in Kindergarten.  He seems so relaxed, granted it's only been two days, strangely enough I think having Cameron helps Cooper more than Cooper helping Cameron.

Here's to a great year!