Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bounce Time & Easter Eggs

Friday morning we were headed to Bounce Time to meet Tracey & Natalie when I got a text from Alicia asking if we wanted to met up there.  YES!!!!  Come join the party.  The funny part is that Cooper had just asked if Jake would be there.  The place was crazy.  I have never seen it that crowded before.  This was the only picture I got.  Cameron just being Cameron.
Cooper & Jake have thing that if we do Bounce Time, we must also do Chick-fil-A.  We are bouncing from only play area to the next.  Cooper rode with Alicia to lunch.  That was my chance, I should have just took off right then for home and a nap.
 Crazy, crazy kids!
 And with that, Spring Break came to an end.  Pre-school gets out mid-May, I am ready for what will be our longest summer.  Cooper starts school 4 months from Monday.
Wasn't today just glorious?  At least it was if you weren't out driving early this morning.  I went to 8:15 Jazzercise, the fog was terrible.  The worst I have ever seen.  Thankfully some of it had lifted by the time class was over.  It was scary out there.
Scott had us all over for lunch and an egg hunt.  I almost stole a few eggs for myself, some had money in them. 

 Cameron was a little slow at first, he had to open each one before going to the next.  I love it!

 After the egg hunt we practiced some baseball.  Cooper started t-ball practice last week and his games start soon.  We picked up a t-ball bat and ball last night so we could practice more at home.  Scott's yard is bigger and flatter than ours so it was perfect.

Cooper has 22 games and it's going to take a lot of effort to keep Cameron from running out there and wanting to play with him.  One more year buddy. 

 As we were leaving we found Cooper and Scott laying out in the front yard so of course Cameron had to join in.  My pictures somehow got out of order, keep scrolling to see the rest, I didn't feel like trying to fix it.
 After dinner we colored Easter Eggs.  I never did this a child so it's just as special for me as I hope it is for my kids.  Steve's parents still color eggs by themselves so we each have our own egg on Easter Sunday. 
This is what we call our goose eyes look.!  Wrap it up and never let it go.    
 Here they are!  I'm lazy, I can't help it.

Another goose eyes!
It's only natural to eat jelly beans and color eggs at the same time.  
We had a great family day today.  Just simple and fun.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who doesn't love a little Fro Yo?

We had another change of plans this week, within minutes of my mother in law calling Wednesday morning, Sharon texted me that Wyatt had been running a fever and she needed to cancel our play date for today.  Breaking the news of my in laws not coming over wasn't going to be so bad, breaking the news we couldn't go to Allie's was another story.  Between living almost an hour away and their pre-school schedules, we just can't get together often.  I had to think and act quick on a back up plan.
My friend Melissa, from church and small group, is involved in a play group on Thursday mornings.  She has invited me in the past and added me to their group on Facebook so I get all the notifications.  Thursday is usually Bible Study day so I've never made it, but we are out this week for spring break so it ended up working out great. 
We met at Orange Leaf for a tour, demonstration on frozen yogurt making, taste testing, and a $3 cup of yogurt.  It was fun and the boys had a blast!  It started an hour before opening so we had the place to ourselves.
 I thought Cooper looked a little scary here so he gave me a funny pose.

 He had the all important job of putting the Oreo's into the Cookie's N Cream yogurt.  If that was me I wouldn't be able to guarantee the Oreo's making into the bucket. 
 The deal was a cup of yogurt with two toppings for $3.  The owner ended up charging us only $2.  How awesome is that!!
 Somewhere in the midst of all the chaos my boys broke out their sunglasses again.  This picture totally looks like the kids are holding suckers, which would only be natural seeing as they just ate yogurt and candy, but they are really spoons.
Bible Study is over at the end of April so hopefully we can get together with Sharon and the kids after that.  We have plans for Bounce Time tomorrow, I've learned my lesson this week, I haven't even told the kids yet. 
This is unrelated, my mom texted me this picture from Key West yesterday.  Is it possible to disown our parents?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making the best of it

I was pumped for today, I had plans of having a day to myself.  My in-laws were coming over to watch the boys so I could mark off my mile long to-do list and I was going to have lunch with Tracey.  When I heard Steve pick up his phone at 7:00 this morning I knew it wasn't good news.  My mother in law hasn't been feeling well and just wasn't up for it today.  I'm not gonna lie, my first reaction was to stomp and pout.  I wanted a day to myself!  I had no choice to put my big girl britches on and deal with it.  I loaded the boys up and headed out to see what I could get done.
First stop:  Floyd Count Health Department!   Steve somehow lost Cameron's birth certificate when picking up his free first birthday smash cake.  Although Southwest Airlines told me I don't need it to get them on a plane, better safe than sorry.
Thanks to a play area they may ask to come to the Health Department more often. 
 Next up was Kohl's.  I had 30% off, $10 Kohls cash, $10 off children's apparel, and a $3 left on a gift card.  I got Cooper some pajamas, socks, and underwear, and myself a pair of tennis shoes all for $47!  It pays to shop.
Shouldn't pink shoes help anyone run a marathon?
 Then we headed over to Dick's to find some baseball cleats and pants for Cooper.  He has soccer cleats and at this age it doesn't really matter but Steve kept talking about ankle support, he used to work in a shoe department, so new cleats it was.  Miniature cleats are adorable.
 I had a stop at the mall to make and since they were getting a little restless at this point it was worthwhile to spend some time at the playground.
 I gave Cooper the choice of Texas Roadhouse or pretzels, he chose pretzels.  I went from getting to have lunch at Panera to eating Auntie Annie's pretzels.  I guess there could be worse things.

 I'm not trying to get anyone fired here, but the Easter bunny was totally napping on the job today.
 I picked up a few things at Children's Place before heading over to Target.  It was close to nap time  by now and we had one minor Cameron melt down but I managed to get everything on my list done except Easter basket goodies. 
Despite the change of plans, the day wasn't all that bad after all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The app that has changed my life

Okay, so it really hasn't changed my life but it is something I need to share with y'all.  There is a smart phone app out there called Viggle.  Basically it rewards you for watching tv, and the secret is, you don't even have to watch it the whole time, just make sure you check in.
So here's how it works.  Download the app and create your account then you can start checking in.  You get 1 point for each minute the show is on.  I like to check into the Today Show each morning, it's on for three hours so it's big points.  A lot of prime time shows also have 50 or 100 extra bonus points.  Last night there was one for 200 extra points.  If you check into all 5 episodes of The Bible on the History Channel you can get 1000 extra points.  Some shows also have what's called Viggle Live.  This is when you will actually have to either watch the show or at least keep your app open.  They give you a question every few minutes for an extra 10 points each question.  Sometimes it's 25 points!  The Bible has been 25 points.  One night Twilight was on for an extra 100 bonus plus Viggle Live for 25 points each questions, I got over 1300 points that night. 
If you have Directv you can link your accounts and get bonus points for certain shows.  SportsCenter will give you an extra 200 points. 
You may be asking why is it worth doing this?  Like I said you don't have to watch.  I check into the Today Show in the morning and my tv goes off as soon as the kids get up.  If I get a chance I'll check into SportsCenter during the day, then I check into a few things in the evening.  I'm not sitting around watching tv all day long.  What do you do with your points?  I'm glad you asked.  You redeem them for gift cards!!!  Gap and Old Navy are two featured ones usually available.  20,000 points will get you a $10 gift card.  Two weeks ago I had just over 40,000 points and Gap was having 30% off, I redeem my points and got the e-gift card right away.  Made my purchase and saved almost $50 all together. 
People, it's worth it!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The cat's out of the bag

We have been working on a big surprise for Cooper.  We  had planned on telling him the closer we got to the actual week but we felt so bad for him last week when we was sick.  He had to miss his school Easter Party and spending the night with his grandparents.  So we caved and told him the news... We're going to Disney World!!!!
Our original plans were to go next October.   After talking to a friend from Bible Study who is a travel agent and hearing about Star Wars Weekends, I talked Steve into taking a long weekend trip.  Cooper loves Star Wars, he will die!

We will only be down there for 3 full days, which is probably plenty for us.  This is going to be our test trip to see if we can go back next year or wait another year to do a full week with the whole extended family.  I am beyond excited!   It's been 6 years since we've been on vacation.  To makes things even more exciting, I only have about 2 months to plan.  I can't wait!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Take that Influenza B

Cooper has been great all week after his low grade fever on Sunday.  We resumed normal activities on Tuesday, gave him some Claritin for allergies and went about our week.  I picked him up after Bible Study on Thursday and his teacher remarked about how quiet he was.  Once we got home I realized his fever was back and he laid on the couch all afternoon.  He fell asleep on Steve at 4:30 in the afternoon. 
 I called the doctor earlier on and they didn't have any openings, I left a message for our pediatrician and they called me back asking if I could come in at 5:15.  Dr. Howell took one look at him and said it was the flu.  The test took all of about 30 seconds to turn positive.  We discussed getting some Tamiflu, she suggested if it was a reasonable price to get some for both Cooper and Cameron.  If it was something crazy like $200, she said she wouldn't even get it for her kids.  I spent the next hour on the phone back and forth with the pharmacy trying to figure this out, had to drop by a new insurance card, they had to call insurance, blah blah blah.   Told me it was going be $38/each, but wouldn't have it until the morning, made it home just after 7:30, Cooper was a trooper considering he could barley stand up.  By this time his fever had come back, gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed.  Tried to give him Advil when I went to bed but he couldn't keep his head up long enough to drink it.  I set my alarm for 2:30 to check on him, he has warm but not hot so I let it go.  He woke up with just a slight fever, gave him more medicine, and I kid you not he has been great all day.  Playing and running around like it was nothing.  He was showing the flu who was boss.  We got the Tamiflu for Cameron but skipped out on Cooper.  There was another problem and it was going to be $76/each.  I am mind blown that he fought this off so quick and so well.  That take Influenza!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend in iPhone pics

If I'm gonna talk about the weekend I need to start with Bon Jovi.  Back in JBJ's glory days of the 80's, my mom took my sisters and I along with some friends of hers to see him concert.  It was only fitting that my mom and I went back with her friend and her friend's daughter.  Probably not the most ideal situation to go with my mom, but it meant a free ticket.
 I did stay on high alert before the concert, I couldn't let a night go by without a photo op with Gretchen.
 It was a good concert.  I wish we could have heard less new and more old stuff, but I understand, he's proud of his work and wants to showcase his new material.
Friday was an ordinary day, not much going on.  I let the boys eat lunch while watching IU.  Too bad Saturday didn't go as well as Friday did.  Boo!!  They blew a chance at playing in Lexington and Indianapolis.  However, if they can make it the Sweet 16, they will be playing in Victor Oladipo's hometown. 
 I started Saturday morning off with some tasty cholesterol medicine, let's see if what the box says is really true.
 Steve had to work the morning so I took the boys to the mall to play for a bit.  I had to make a return and get a new watch battery.  It made our morning fly by.
 After lunch I met up with Gretchen and Tracey for a huge highlight of the weekend, to see Borden play in the semi-state!!!  Gretchen had her kids and Tracey had Levi, my kids aren't into watching sports yet so I left them at home, I'm not gonna lie it felt nice not to worry about snacks and potty time.
We were like a walking Toms advertisement.
 By the looks of it one would think we more consumed with taking pictures of each other instead of the game, really we had about an hour wait before the game started.  We were just excited and nervous.

 These two were especially nervous!  Can you imagine watching your son for a chance to play in the state title game?  The game started off great, Borden came out on fire.  By the second half they were cold and nerves got the best of them.  They couldn't hit anything, kept missing free throws.  We were getting nervous!!
 However, they played great defense.  They were up by 3 with just a few seconds left and the other team had the ball, before they could get a shot off Borden stole the ball and won the game.  Seriously, Borden is going to state!!!  I would love to be able to go up there to cheer on Cody and support Gretchen again, I just can't get away again.  We plan to go to my in-laws, since we don't have Insight, to watch the game. 
Sunday we woke up to a sick little boy.  It was just a low grade fever and he has been fine most of the day, but we just couldn't risk going to church.  Steve had a class to teach and a small group to lead so the rest of us just relaxed at home.
 Well some of us relaxed, others ransacked the kitchen.

One more week till Spring Break, we can do this!!!