Friday, December 31, 2010


We had nothing to do this morning so we enjoyed some extra playtime. I know it's silly, I stay at home you would think we could play at the time. Once you add in errands, doctor's appointments, workouts, etc.... our mornings so by way too fast.

This was my living room by 9:30. I love it!! I wanted to get a picture of Cooper at his new table that Mamaw & Papaw got for him, he decided to show everyone his banana instead.

My mom got him so Trio blocks, by Fisher Price. They are so fun, I like it because it comes with a booklet that shows you how to make things. I am not creative!!!! Like my robot and boat?

Cooper wasn't interested. He was playing with our dvd's. I tried to get a candid shot but he saw the camera and wanted to pose instead.
Couldn't pass up a self portrait. I have no idea what he is doing. I think he wanted to give a thumbs up.

Home Videos

Cooper wanted to watch a home video this morning. It was tapped between July 09- Nov 09. I am reminded of a few things:

I went from being called momma to mommy in that time span.

Cooper's hair was so blond it was almost white.

My personal favorite- the way Cooper would grab our finger and say "pease" when we wanted something.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

The video is about a minute long but well worth it.

A side note, gee = see. Still working on those s's.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Question of the day

My mom asked me the best question yesterday, "do you guys have stocking holders"? Really? Do you not remember me calling you in a frantic while blood was pouring down my child's face? Do you not see the scar on your grandson's forehead?

Yes, we do have stocking holders.

The Big Decision

Sorry Jaime Mac but I had to get Christmas out of the way first.

As many of you know Cooper still sleeps with his pacifier, or should I say slept. It stayed in his room and he only got it in bed. But it had went on long enough. Every time we thought it might be a good time we gave our self an excuse; we wanted to switch him to a toddler bed, he was having surgery, we didn't want him to associate losing his pacifier with Cameron. So we decided that Santa would take it to give to another baby and Santa would bring Cooper what he wanted for Christmas. That gift was a white robot... Alphie!!! So on the 23rd we loaded up headed to mall when Steve got off work. We put the pacifier in a gift bag and he went right up to Santa, sat on his lap, and gave him the bag. By the way, the Greentree Mall Santa is awesome!!! So far the nights gave been great. He has asked for it each night but has went to sleep without a problem. Naps are another story. He didn't really nap Christmas Eve or Day, could be a mixture of not having it and the excitement. I'm pretty sure he napped some yesterday and he seems to be asleep now, or just really quiet. Either way, it's done and it's gone. I'm just thankful it's all over.

Christmas Day 2010

What a day!!! As luck would have it both my boys slept in on Christmas. Well sorta, Cameron ate at 5:30 and took almost an hour to get back to sleep, I almost stayed up but decided to lay back down. I'm glad I did because it bought me an additional hour of sleep, which I really appreciated by the time the day was over. By 8:15 everyone was up and the first thing Cooper did when he woke up was to ask if Santa came. Of course he did buddy, weren't you a good boy? Oh, and he finished one of Santa's cookies as well.

Santa wrapped his presents in Mickey Mouse wrapping paper. Before we could get to presents we did the stockings. I love watching him dig into his.
He loaded up on candy, a water color paint book, a toy car and a magnifying glass. Allie and Sharon have one and he always plays with it when we go over there. He was super excited to have one of his own. I didn't get any pics of me and Steve but somehow we both got gloves and an iTunes gift card in our stocking. Great minds think alike. Oh yea, Cameron got some shaker toys.

I'm not for sure what he thought about all this mess.

Cooper loaded up with some good stuff. From Santa he got Alphie the robot, Mack from Cars and him and Cameron both got some Baby Einstein DVD's. Cooper still loves those. He calls them his puppet videos. Cameron got a Vtech Move and Crawl Ball. From us Cooper got a sticker book, color wonder book, puzzles, a play dough kit, puppets, and this awesome Chicago Bears hat. Sorry it's so blurry. This was a surprise to Steve as well since I ordered it the same time I ordered something for Steve. I know I'm forgetting something I just can't remember. Cameron got another ball from us as well. Steve & I got each other Bears and Colts stuff, I got pajamas, he got an XBox game, and we both got clothes. Steve also got George Bush's new book, I'm sure I will read that as well.After we finished opening gifts we left the house a mess and headed to Steve's parents. It's a tradition they always have cinnamon chocolate rolls. Doesn't he look so big and cute with his TV tray?
Check this out! This isn't even all of it. There were some presents off to the side and some that weren't even in the house. I can't even begin to describe how blessed we are.

This was by far one of Cooper's favorite gifts. It's a drum and music set. It has to be put up in the closet or he will play all hours of the day.
He also made out with dress up clothes, pretend play food... which he loves, more cars, table & chairs, a few clothes... he needed pants bad. His size 2 still fit but are way too short, I am going to need to find a belt for him cause I know the 3 will be too big in the waist. Cameron got a lot of clothes from Uncle Scott, he keeps my boys stylish. He also got a few toys, a case of wipes, and money for diapers. Steve & I got some gift cards, a new storage ottoman, cookware, a digital picture frame, I got some Bath & Body stuff and Steve got a new hedge trimmer. We had so much stuff it wouldn't fit in our car. We had to have his parents bring another car load over that night.

Cooper also got some foam stickers. This came in handy when it was time to calm down from the gifts. The boy was out.of.control.

Check out my little reindeer.

Finally before lunch the kid calmed down. We took over his new puppet videos and him and Scott laid down on the floor to watch.

Like I said, what I day! I don't know what I did to be so blessed. I can't even begin to imagine next Christmas with a 4 yr old and 15 month old. If I thought this year chaos, oh boy!!!

The Picture

So here is the picture from Christmas Eve. Let's analyze this. Cooper has the biggest grin ever yet he also has his finger up his nose. I guess I got my husband confused with someone else. And... Gretchen, Tracey, and myself are all cuddled up to Eric like he is Kody Brown from Sister Wives. Love.this.picture!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

We have had a whirlwind of two days around here and it all began Christmas Eve morning. The boys both woke up early and I was fortunate enough to walk past our front door and grab this shot. The sunrise was simply beautiful. (That also happens to be Karen's house, she is beautiful too.) We started a tradition last year by going to McDonald's for breakfast on Christmas Eve. We invited the Reid's and Bushes to join us this year. What a fun way to start off the holidays, good time with good friends. My son asked me to take his picture so of course the camera was out and ready. I love Hope's expression.
These two almost got us kicked out, wild and crazy kids :)

I thought I would steal Gretchen's boyfriend.
Had to get a picture of the bff's.

I am waiting on one more picture. Gretchen has one on her camera that is Hi-larious! There is just so much going on.
After breakfast we came back home and did the usual. Playtime, lunch time, naps.... well sorta. More on that in a different post. Cooper didn't nap well so we got him up and headed to my mom's house for an early dinner and presents. Cooper got some toys, pj's, and a Colt's sweatshirt. Cameron got an outfit and money for diapers, Steve got money and I got some Ugg boots. LOVE THEM!!
Then it was off to our Christmas Eve service. I missed most of it walking the lobby with Cameron. I'm sure it was beautiful as always. It is always a simple reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.
Next up was dessert at Uncle Scott's and presents with Steve's cousins and aunt. This picture is awesome. Steve's mom got the last piece of pie, so she just used the pan as a plate.
Check out this cutie!!!! He has taken a liking to his hands.

We are so blessed!!!! My kids racked up! We are so thankful for our family and everything they do for us and our children.
Insert meltdown here prior to heading home. Like I said, no nap makes for one tired boy. Once we got to the car all was good. We had just enough time to set out some reindeer food once we got home.

And how could we forget Santa's milk and cookies. Don't ask me why he has his finger in the milk in the second picture.

Then it was finally off to bed. We were all exhausted, as I am now as well. More to come on Christmas Day and Cooper' big boy decision.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was cleaning off pictures from the memory card, in preparation of this weeks festivities, when I found a few random shots.

These first two are of Cameron and his first taste of cereal. He did pretty good for the first time and is starting to enjoy it. I hesitated to give it to him so young but after what we went through when Cooper was on an antibiotic at a young age I wasn't taking any chances. We have one more day of medicine so I think I'm going to stop giving cereal for a month or so. Good news is we haven't had any bad stomach problems and ears seem to be doing much better and we are getting some sleep again.
I snapped a quick shot of him grabbing a toy again. Cooper always favored his left hand. We were about 95% sure he was going to be a lefty around 6 months of age. Jury is still out on Cameron. Occasionally he will only use his left and we start to think what are the chances? I'm still hoping for a major league pitcher in Cooper, can you imagine two of them? Momma could have a really nice house one day. Then again the ease of teaching my child how to write and tie their shoe is going to be nice.

On Saturday night we took a quick trip up to Charlestown to see the lights. We only did the square, it was a bit cold. I don't know why they didn't do this stuff when I lived there. It's so awesome! I'm waiting for the day they get some national recognition for a small town light display.
I love this picture, something about the building in the back makes it look so historic.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


My son is a bit OCD. He gets it honestly, I don't have room to talk. Yesterday we were doing a puzzle. It's a picture of Curious George riding a bike with this phrase at the bottom: Let's Ride!
We have done this puzzle before but for some reason Cooper got a little concerned this time. He kept telling me that it was upside down. I was trying to convince him that it wasn't until I realized he thought the ! was an upside down i. So here I am trying to explain to a three year old what an exclamation point was. Then I heard the garage door open and a light bulb went off. I explained to him how he gets excited when daddy gets home and he runs around screaming "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" I tell him that is a symbol we use when we are excited, George is excited to be riding his bicycle so he is saying Let's Ride! Once again Steve walked through the door and Cooper forgot all about me and puzzle. Saved by daddy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Party at Adrienne's

Our church playgroup had a Christmas party this morning, we went back to Adrienne's to do a little decorating. You may remember we went back in the Spring for Easter. Steve's mom was nice enough to watch Cameron while Cooper had a little mommy time, plus he has been sick. First up a cupcake... okay I had to snap a picture first.
And another one. Love my little reindeer!

There's the cupcake. I love this smile! They also got to decorate a Christmas Tree sugar cookie. Wait a minute, I forgot about the garland... here is the finished product. Hopefully he will share with me later. I can't believe we got out of there without eating in the first place. Although, there were much more M&M's than that, they just never made it on the tree :) Santa also made a special appearance. I had already put away my camera so I only got a picture on my phone. Good times today, I love spending special one on one time.


Look at those curious little hands starting to grab objects.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mother's Intuition

One should never second guess themselves as a mother, or as a father. We learned that this week. I took Cameron to the doctor last week for some congestion that he had. Everything checked out, nothing major just something viral. He seemed to be doing better and last night we thought we were on the mend. He had been sleeping through the night, we even thought this might be the night we go back to that. WRONG!!!! He was up all night crying. The only time we could get him to calm down and sleep for any length of time was to give him Tylenol. Also, while asleep in our arms he wanted to be on the opposite side as usual. We've been here before, it's called ear infection. I was on the phone at 8:00 am sharp trying to get into the doctor. So was everyone else because I couldn't get through until 8:30. Momma was right and just like his brother it's that darn left ear. I walked out with three prescriptions; an antibiotic, diaper rash (just in case he has the same reaction as Cooper), and ear numbing drops. I also got the go ahead to try some rice cereal once a day with his medicine. Like I said, I've been here before. Cameron has his brother beat by about two weeks on his first ear infection. Cooper has an ENT follow-up next month, I'm giving the doctor a heads up he might be getting a new patient before winter is out.

Dance Party Central

I chickened out and never cancelled my Jazzercise membership, are you happy Alicia? I just don't think I can go through with it. Hopefully everyone can get to feeling better so I won't feel so bad for dragging my kids out in this arctic weather to into class soon. However, I have realized you don't need Jazzercise class when your living room turns into Dance Party Central. Turn on a little Pandora radio and dance it up to Mickey Mouse, Barney, and Yo Gabba Gabba. Steve even broke out the worm. I preferred the running man. It was a real workout.

After it was all said and done it was time for a snack. Cooper was just looking so big sitting in the chair eating his apples and caramel. I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed. For one thing he isn't using a booster any longer and another it just seemed like yesterday I was cutting his apples up in little pieces. I guess he must have noticed I was having a moment so he slid down from his seat, walked over to me and said "I love on mommy now".

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

One wouldn't think that a snow day would not effect us around here, however snow days mean no speech and no speech means no rushing around here to get an early lunch and nap. That was good for today because Cooper had a dentist appointment and 10:00 and we were able to come home and play before lunch. I was out doing some Christmas Shopping on Sunday and picked up some foam stickers and a foam Gingerbread House for us to make. I told him we could work on it if he was good at the dentist. He did GREAT!!! No tears at all this time. She even got to floss his teeth. I was so proud. As promised, this was the mess we got into when we got home.I tried to get a picture of him working on the Gingerbread house, but he wanted to smile instead.Here's oneThe finished product. We had to stop and work on it again after nap and as soon as Steve got home he forgot all about me and our craft and played with daddy instead. I finished it up on my own.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look Familiar???

Does this picture look familiar?Here is a similar one taken about 3 years ago.

Tot Time Christmas

We had our final Tot Time this week. Not only was it the final one for the season but Cooper will be moving up to Story time in the spring. He has has so much fun doing this. He loves going to the library getting books, I pray this continues. Maybe he will be like mommy! I have enjoyed watching him grow. Last year he would just stand and watch everyone else sing and dance. Now he really gets into it. This week was extra special because we had a special visitor- Santa!!!! Cooper walked right up to him and climbed on his lap. He did the same thing the day before while at the mall. I have no idea what happened to my shy little boy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Setting the record straight

I'm going to set the record straight... I am not having an affair with the UPS man. I know how people talk, especially when that nice brown truck is in front of my house almost every day. Here is the real story- Christmas shopping just really isn't in cards for us this year. I am not about to take both kids out shopping. Between all our doctor's appointments, a Christmas party, basketball game, etc... I even hate to ask someone to watch our kids again while we go out. It's the busiest time of year for everyone. So, I took to my computer on cyber Monday and so far I have had two deliveries and I think about 5 more coming. See... people talk when they see that truck stop too many times. This doesn't even count what Steve has ordered. I do have to get two more things that I can't get online then I will take the remainder of our budget and get the boys their gifts so I do need to make at least two physical appearances. I just thought I would go on the offensive before rumors start spreading.

I love this kid

Cooper is at the age right now that you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Like yesterday, he tells me that Darth Vadar is sitting at our table eating pretzels with him. Or his current fascination with vomit. Yes, you read that correctly. He loves talking about vomit. Sometimes it's funny. Like when you ask him what goes in the toilet and he answers toilet paper, pee pee, poo poo, and sometimes vomit. Or this morning when he made up a song that goes something like this- peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and jelly, vomit comes out of my belly. Then there are times when it gets inappropriate, like when Steve took him to the grocery. I'm going to sidetrack here, Steve loves taking Cooper to the grocery. Of course he has never taken him when the list was longer than 10 items or on an expedition inside Walmart the day social security and welfare checks are cut, I'm just sayin. Anyway, they are in the store and Steve tells him they just have milk and eggs left to pick up which in turn my adorable well behaved son replies "and vomit". You just never know! I told Steve he should have taken him back to the deli and picked up some chicken salad, that will give you vomit, it did for me.

Monday, December 6, 2010


We have a few changes going on around here, so far so good, so I thought I would share.

The small one- Cooper moved classes at church. He is now in with the three and four year olds. He looks so tiny in there. His first week was this past Sunday. He did awesome! They go to their classroom for a short lesson, then head to the children's auditorium for singing and worship, then back to the classroom for a craft. His teacher told me he was just singing and dancing away. So wish I could have seen it. I just happened to be working in the nursery when a helper took him to the restroom, he just walked right past me said hi and went right on back to his room. Such a big boy!!!!!

The bigger one- Cooper has aged out of first steps and is now receiving therapy through the school system. I was a nervous ninny at first. In first steps the therapist came to our home once a week for an hour and he had one on one attention. Now we go to Utica twice a week for 30 minutes and there are two other kids in the room. Also, during his first steps they played, a lot!!! Now there is no play time, it is all work. Which it has to be, there isn't much time. I went back in the room with him for both sessions last week and he went by himself today. The teacher remarked that she has never seen a three year old handle it so well in the beginning like he has. I think the structure of it is going to help him out next year when he goes to pre-school. Of course these were not my biggest concerns. My concern was the time, it starts at 3. I don't even get him down for a nap until almost 2. We have to adjust our schedule on these days. I get him lunch around 11 just so Mr. Slowpoke can eat and wind back down for an early nap. This pretty much means we stay home those mornings, no play dates. But it also means no fighting bedtime either, he was rubbing his eyes tonight during books.

Now the biggest one, at least for me. I have decided to cancel my Jazzercise membership and join the Y. I know, I can hear the gasps now. I am struggling to get there for the class times and when you factor in the cost I pay for childcare it's almost $60/month. I want to get a good workout on the weekends so I don't have to take the kids, but Saturdays are our only morning to hang out as a family. I would love to be able to work out during nap time. Plus there is that 5k I was going to run last year. I am sad!!! I love Jazzercise but it's time for something new. I need some more motivation. I need a challenge and it just wasn't doing the job anymore. I'll miss all the people and instructors. But, I have to do what I have to do.

Clean Bill of Health

Cameron had his cardiologist appointment today. Just as I expected he has a perfect little heart. My mom took off work to go with me since Steve had to take off work to take Cooper to speech. The nurse started off with an EKG and my little guy was quite the ham. Smiling and laughing at her. Afterwards we met with the doctor. He was great, you could totally tell he likes kids. I researched his profile before the appointment, he is in his 40's and has 5 kids of his own. Makes me feel better knowing he can relate to us in way. He started off by listening to his heart then tried to get his heartbeat through his leg. Boy that made Cameron mad!!!! He is not near as fussy as he once was but if you upset him there is no calming down. He screamed throughout the entire ultrasound. The doctor was so calm and patient. After that was all done we got him dressed and went to talk to the doctor in his office. He has what is called a a patent foramen ovale (PFO). The best I can explain this- there is a small opening in a baby's heart between the left and right atria while in the womb. In normal cases this will close within a few days after birth. In about 1 out of 3 or 4 people it never closes. In a healthy infant there are no risks in it not closing. Most of the time it will close between 1 and 3 years. He has never seen a case where the hole was as small as Cameron's that didn't close by the age of one. We will go back in a year to check it out, IF it doesn't close we will keep going back until it does, or the extremely rare case it never does, a procedure will be done at 18 to correct it. The only reason why they even bother then is there is a slight risk for a certain strokes later in life so it's corrected. There are no restrictions with this, he can play all sport, except scuba dive more than 60 feet. I have a perfectly healthy baby!!!!


I was shocked to see the snow on the ground when I woke up Saturday morning. I heard the forecast but you know how they always get that wrong. When I went to get Cooper out of bed I told him I had a surprise for him. He has his usual response, "what that be". We came out to the kitchen to look out the sliding glass doors and he was EXCITED! He wanted to go out right away. He started telling us everything we did last year when it snowed. Some if it is on video that we recently watched and some of it he just remembered. I didn't get many pictures because I was inside with Cameron. I love the jacket he has one, Scott bought it for him. I call it his Brett Favre shirt.

Remember This?

Remember this picture? Now look at them. I love the second picture, Cameron is looking at Cooper with an expression like what in the world is he doing.