Friday, February 29, 2008

Mother's Intuition

Well I think I had my my first mother's intuition today. Ever since I came back to work I've kept my cell phone out on my desk just in case something happens. That way if I miss a call on my work phone I will have my cell out too. It helps that Steve is in the same building as the daycare so I'm never too worried.
Today however I had training all day. I meant to bring my cell with me, but I forgot. After lunch I decided to go and check my missed calls. My exact words were "I'm going to check my phone just in case there is a daycare emergency". Sure enough, I had a total of 6 missed calls and at least three messages from Steve. Cooper had a rash, a slight fever, was very cranky, and a loss of appetite. Steve had already made our dr's appointment for 3:00 today.
By the time I got there Cooper had pretty much calmed down and luckily ate a little for me. We just got back from the dr's office and everything looks fine. He wasn't running a fever anymore, he really wasn't fussy, so she thinks it's a viral infection of some kind. His blood count looked good, so no worries as of yet.
I guess that is another milestone we met- Child's first sick visit!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day

That's right, it's back to work. I can't believe I have been off work for 12 weeks! I have never been off work for so long since I was 16 years old. Granted all of that was part time work. It's been wonderful, I am so thankful that I was able to take the full 12 weeks. I look back at where I was 6 weeks ago and could not imagine going back to work then. It's been great having that extra bonding time with Cooper and getting him used to a better sleeping routine. Steve has already volunteered to take tonight for me so I can get as much rest as possible. You know how it is when you are anxious about something and you can't sleep. That will be me tonight. I just pray for better weather than we had this morning. Driving in it is one thing, but having to park two block away and walking in it, is another.

Now that I am back to work Cooper has started daycare. He went yesterday and is there now. I had some things to take care of so we thought we would start him out for half days. He has done well. It's also going to make it better my first day knowing it's not his first day as well. Steve works at the same building as the day care so he can check on him during his breaks. We are praying that I can eventually go part time. It may take a few months to get it going but it does give me hope. I mean, who resist this cute face?