Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Tonight I made a fun treat for us that I found on Grass Stains blog. If you haven't read her blog, you need to do so. She puts the Hi in Hi-larious!

You take a cupcake pan and turn in over. Put thick slices of cookie dough on top. Bake as package says. Mine was 12 minutes on 350. Let them cool and carefully remove from pan.

Viola... you have a chocolate chip cookie cup.

Add some ice cream, and Mickey Mouse sprinkles if you wish, and serve! Wish we would have had some chocolate syrup to go with, I'm sure it would have made them even yummier.

Cooper was all business about his. Could have also had to do with the fact he couldn't take his eyes off of Peter Pan which was playing on the television.

Cameron didn't really care for the ice cream much, he just wanted the cookie. Can't say I blame him, that was my favorite part too.

Typical Cameron smile.

These are a must try for anyone wanting to do something different with their ice cream.

Better Batter Baseball

One of Cooper's Christmas gifts was a Better Batter Baseball set. I had originally planned to keep up until Spring but we got bored today. When you push the red button on home plate it sends a lever up and gives you another ball. It's pretty fun! Sometimes I would have to remove the ball, it's works like velcro, and attach it again because it was stuck too hard and hard to hit off. Of course you also have to watch out for little brothers.

Cameron was serving as a little ball boy.

I love Steve in this one. Cooper whacked a few good ones across the room.

I think if we keep playing with this he will be ready for t-ball season.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Splash Adventure

Steve has been off all week and up until Thursday we haven't done much. Cooper still had school, speech, and peeps so Steve hasn't gotten a look at what we do during our week. However we knew we needed to throw one family fun adventure in there so off to French Lick we went. Cooper has been excited all week about going to the water park. He came home from school on Thursday and after lunch we put his shoes back on and was ready to go. We held him off as close to 2 as we could and we finally packed up and headed out. I had to laugh at our car. I mean really, we were only going to be gone one night. Between snacks, pack n play,pillow pets, and blankets we barely had enough room for our suitcase.

The water park didn't open until 4 on Thursday, we got there just before 3 and luckily our room was ready so we were able to get settled in. The kids were all over the place. They loved it! The plan was to swim and play for as long as we could before everyone was starving for dinner. I thought I would load the kids up on snacks.

Like his big shiner on his forehead? I have no idea what happened, I wasn't in the room. All I know is that it involved running into Cameron. Cooper by far got the worst of it.

Just because!

and just because he is cute.

We got to the park about 3:55 only to hear an employee yell at someone for opening the doors too early. I was almost too scared to go in. Once inside we went straight to the toddler pool. I didn't get any pictures this day, but there was a slide that Cameron loved! We went down it over and over and over. I made Steve take him once just so I could see his expression, awesome!

Cooper was all dressed and ready; life vest and goggles. This was about the extent of what Cooper did. He was not into it at all. He's always been afraid of getting water in his eyes but he did so well last year in our pool and he really was super excited about it. He wouldn't do a thing, not even the toddler slide. He wasn't being bad or upset about, he just wouldn't do anything. After about an hour we gave in and got some dinner.

We added a package to our stay that included pizza and game tokens for the arcade. With our pizza we also got some chocolate chip cookies. Man alive they were good! Cameron liked them too.

We thought about going back to the water park but really wanted Cooper to enjoy himself so we went to the arcade. I don't think I ever heard him laugh so hard during his game of air hockey. He was cracking up! Also during the race car game. It totally made up for him not enjoying himself earlier.

I took Cameron back to the room while Steve and Cooper played some more. His nap was short and he was tired so I took him back to get his pj's on and relax some. You know how excited I was to turn in the tv and see they had the 7:00 wave 3 news on? I love our local channels! So due to one short nap and another with no nap both boys were ready for bed by their normal time. I got Cameron down and in the pack n play by 8:30. He was so exhausted! Cooper was down just before 9 and we didn't hear a peep from either one until 7:30. Awesome!!

With every stay they have a free breakfast buffet, well I'm sure it's built into your price somehow. Cooper wanted his picture by the pirates that was outide the restaurant. I don't think we got a single one with both of them looking.

I even tried but it still didn't work.

We decided to give the water park one more try. Before doing so we needed to pack up our room cause check out was at 11. I think Cameron could find just about anything to climb on.

Once again it just a no-go for Cooper. He was seriously happy and content just walking in the water.

Cameron however was having a blast!

Steve even took him on a bigger slide. He is going to be our adventurous one.

Cooper was having fun making footprints with the water. I honestly felt bad for him. He reminds me s0 much of myself when I was younger. He was trying to do anything to have fun. I told Steve the big different between me and him is that when I was younger no one would have stayed behind with me to make sure I had fun too. I could tell he was curious about the slides but I wasn't going to push anything on him either.

Steve and Cameron took one more trip down the slide and we called it a day.

Our plans were to swim and play until lunch, eat and come home. We made it back home in time for lunch. We did make the best of it despite not really using the water park. Cooper had a blast and said his favorite thing was sleeping in the same room as us. Man, I love that kid! We go to a hotel exclusivley for a water park, he doesn't like the water, and he still manages to have fun. I will make for a great memory one day!

When Mom's Away

My peeps group had plans to go to Chuck E Cheese this past Wednesday. Do you know how excited I was to find out this was scheduled for the day that Steve was off? Anyway, as I went to take a shower that morning I told Steve to get out some stickers and fill in a reward chart so we could get some free tokens. It wasn't totally a lie, Cooper filled out a "great teeth" reward chart and he had just went to the dentist. I find these later on my phone. Poor Cameron's facial expressions always looks so pitiful.