Thursday, June 17, 2010

This should be interesting

So here goes for blog-off #3. I take full credit in this being my idea... PET PEEVES! Here goes... I will start with my biggest.

1. Habitual lateness! I don't mean you got stuck in traffic, we have all been there. Right after I got married it took me over 2 hours to get to work because there was a wreck on all three bridges leading into Louisville. I mean the people who are late each and every time they leave the house. To me it's a little disrespectful, especially to the person waiting on you. We are all adults and we know how long it takes us to get somewhere and if you see a pattern forming I have a simple solution- get up earlier! Organize... plan ahead!!!! I see the same people walk in to church every week late, church starts at the same time every week, you know how far away you live, leave a few minutes earlier. This was the same thing I saw when working as well. You can't tell me sometimes comes up every week. I am proud to say that in 2 1/2 years we have NEVER been late to church one time since Cooper has been born. And you know what, starting in about three months you better be darn sure that I will set my alarm, if I even need one at that time, about a half hour earlier than I do now to make sure I'm not late when there are two of them. Diaper bags will be packed the night before, clothes laid out, breakfast already planned... as a matter of fact I pretty much do this every night.

2. Cell phone usage in public. I will admit, I do answer my phone in public, you never know when it's an emergency. But I also make it short and sweet and tell the person I will call them back. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing someone walking through the grocery store, pushing the cart with one hand, talking on their cell phone using the other hand, a crying baby in the cart... you know who I'm talking about it, we have all seen it. If it is that important, pull your cart out of the way and get it taken care of and call them back in the car. Or how about those people how talk on their cell phone will in line trying to pay for something? Or driving through a parking lot, eating a Blizzard and smoking all at the same time. Yes, I saw that last week. I'm not going to lie, I talk on my cell while driving too, but NEVER in traffic. Don't get me started on texting either. I'm going to be real blunt here- If someone were to cause an accident to my car with me and my son in it while they were texting and my son was hurt in any way, or worse, you better believe that person will be made an example of in our state. It's avoidable...I don't care how good you are at remembering where those letters are, put it down. Shame on you if have kids in the back seat as well.

3. Parents who don't watch their kids in public. I really only have examples that I have witnessed. Once at the mall I was letting Cooper play in the playground area. There was a mom there with her two kids, she was talking on her cell, the kids where playing. The older of the two comes up to her mom to tell her that the youngest needed a diaper change. Mom kept talking. I let Cooper play for a little while longer, I went to get him and happened to walk past the boy, without a doubt he needed a diaper change. When I left guess what mom was doing, talking on her cell phone. Woman- you are in public, change your child's diaper before it leaks and gets on everyone else. Another time, we were at Tot Time at the library. Tot Time is VERY laid back, these kids are all under three so you can't expect them to sit still. At the same time, you should at least try and control them. I was sitting next to two moms who had two kids each. Moms were chatting it up while kids were running around, swinging bags, almost hitting my child. Cutting in front of other kids while doing our felt board picture. The librarian is usually pretty calm about things but I could tell she was even getting frustrated. At the end of the picture they moms didn't even realize their kids had a turn because they simply were not paying attention.

4. Extravagant birthday parties for kids. I don't mean the parties with friends and family and themes and games and all that jazz. If I had a bigger house and more money I would have thrown bigger parties for Cooper, I mean BIG ONES! This all came about after talking with Gretchen and Jaime Mac about Tori Spelling. Granted it was all for her show but seriously her kids birthday 1st bday parties were out of control. Not to mention it seemed as if they were in the middle of the day, or should I say middle of nap time and they wondered why the kid didn't enjoy themselves. Don't plan a party in the middle of nap time just because it works out better for everyone else, it is your child's bday party. My mother asked me on Cooper's first bday why it wasn't until 5:00- simply put- he was still taking two naps a day and I wanted him to enjoy himself. Same reason why his 2nd bday was planned for the same time, after nap time. Same reason why this year will be the same. It's about them, not you!

5. I've taken the bait here on this one and might as well do it now, because you will find out about this sooner or later. Jaime Mac mentioned something about breastfeeding, mine is not the same but it did get me thinking. I HUGE pet peeve of mine is when those of us who have chosen not to breastfeed are judged in any way. I decided in my 8 month of pregnancy with Cooper that I would try to nurse. My mom didn't, my sister's didn't, it wasn't until I got older and had friends that I was even around people who nursed. I know it's best for the baby, I will NEVER argue that, it just wasn't something I was ever around or comfortable doing myself. But I gave it shot in the hospital and for three days it worked pretty well. I can remember bringing him home and Steve had to run to Walgreens and I freaked out b/c I was afraid he would need to eat. I was still sore from my c-section and had a hard time getting him in a comfortable position without any help. It still went well that evening until about 1 am when he cried non-stop till 6 am b/c he wasn't getting anything. Finally I broke down and made a bottle b/c we had some samples, he went right to sleep for a few hours. Later in the morning, it had been a good 3-4 hours since I tried nursing, I tried to pump and got nothing. I had every intention of trying again but I was so stressed and wanted to cry each time that I never did. He was taking his bottle and I never looked back. Do I regret this? Sometimes but I did what I thought was the best for my sanity. Do I think it caused Cooper to be prone to ear infections, RSV, speech delay? NO!!!! Does this make me less of a mother? NO!!!! So, what am I doing this time around? I'm still unsure, time will tell and I need to make the decision soon. I would love to be able to do 100% this time around, but I want that decision to me made my me and not guilt because people are judging me. It's almost like I can hear the snide remarks in the hospital when it says bottle on the bassinet.

Okay, so there you have it, some of my big ones. Hope you enjoy and hope I didn't upset anyone too much. I have a hard time being brutally honest, but boy it did feel good.


Jaime Mac said...

Jami Leigh Lee - WOW! I did LOVE it! You have very good points & some of those irritate me as well!
The cell phone in public? You're right on about that one - & I'm trying to think if I do that sometimes?!
Parents not watching their kids is another good one. Sometimes I just sit back & watch in amazement bc NO ONE is paying attention.
Breastfeeding? I agree women are 'judged' when they don't do it. And of course, I completely disagree with that. I've know women who don't because it grosses them out! Hey -your kid, your rules! And ya know - if you weren't able to give him what he needed - better to know that & fix it than keep trying to do what everyone said you SHOULD do & have him be ill or upset or whatever!
GREAT POST! I very much enjoyed it! I'm proud of you! Muwah! ;)

Jaime Mac said...

OH! I forgot about the 'late' thing! I HATE that too! When I met B-rad, he was ALWAYS late. Made me nuts! I have high anxiety when I'm waiting around on him. Then he says, "Don't rush me!" & the fight is on! :) I would tease before our wedding that on the invitations for the McAfee's I would put at least 1 hr earlier than the real start time. McAfee's are always late... :)

ginmommy said...

This was probably cathartic for you!! I know how you keep things to yourself ;) I have to laugh about the cell phone one. I am one to be on it at the drive thru at McDonalds, ordering and talking, yep, I am guilty!! HAHA. Yeah, I could have said a few things about the way I feel sometimes about people's parenting skills, but I decided not too. I'm not perfect, so I'll leave it at that!!

Tracey said...

Good post! It does feel good to just type some of these things out, doesn't it??! I'm with you on a lot of this :) I think I have been one of those people on their cell phones in public, tho. Oops! But, I don't ignore my child like that while on the phone...shew!! I just call someone back! And, you are one needs to judge anyone else about nursing. :) BTW, I can't wait to meet little Cameron!!! Good post!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

good points... I promise not to nurse while driving and texting :-)

Isn't it funny how we momma's put so much pressure on ourselves? Can't wait to meet the new little one! :-)

Rachel said...

Ahh! I'm guilty of being late - I was born for African and Latino culture where time really is relative! :) I'm with you on all the other ones, though, chickie!