Saturday, June 19, 2010

Charlestown Balloon Glow

Last night we took Cooper to the Charlestown State Park for their Founder's Day Balloon Glow. Truth be told we never made it to the actual glow part but it was still a fun free night out. Most kids love to stay up past their bedtime, not this one, he knows when it's bedtime and wants to be there. All he knew was we were going to see big balloons and that is what we did so he was satisfied. There was also a live band, he loved that. He kept asking for "more music please" each time they ended a song. Maybe next year we will last long enough for the glow.

My mom also met us there, she took Cooper walking around and of course they came back with some ice cream.
At one point he was paying more attention to the balloons so I had no choice, eat some of it or let it melt.

Cooper sticky!
He was in awe over the tulip balloon.

To compare how large this one was, take a look at it beside the Sunnyside of Louisville balloon.

No good night is complete without a picture of me and my guy.


Susie said...

I seen you at the glow. We were sitting on the side and seen you leave. Glad Cooper enjoyed himself. It was a very hot night.

The McAfee's said...

we were going to go but we were all so tired. we were in bed by 8:45. glad you had fun!