Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I helped out with our neighborhood Backyard VBS last night and when I came home I noticed the Play-Doh and the shapes from our shape sorter on the table. Steve can get so much more creative than I can. It made for the perfect activity while making lunch today. It seems like yesterday he had no interest in Play-Doh, now he loves it.

Look at him smiling! He was practicing his cutting skills. We got him some scissors last week. They are ages four and up so they are pretty sharp, I feel safer with the Play-Doh ones instead.
Of course I had to get a self portrait. I don't know what he is doing but it looks like he has his arm around me... how sweet. Even though he is a little short for his age I think we need to start taking bets now on when he will pass me up in height. Insert tear here.
This is why it should be called Candy-Doh. Look at that blue tongue. The kid was eating it like it was candy.

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Jill said...

Too cute. Lovin' the blue mouth! Who is doing the backyard VBS? That sounds awesome. Is it just this week or all summer? Let me know if it's longer. I'd love to help out if you all need it.