Friday, June 25, 2010


Wow things have been quite busy around here lately. The biggest have been doctor's appointments. I had my 24 week earlier this month, my glucose this week and because my doctor goes on vacation soon I go back in two more weeks. Cooper has had a dentist appointment, a follow up with an audiologist to check his tubes and next week he has one with his ENT because it appears a tube is either blocked or about to fall out. Tot Time also started this week, of course we have Speech once a week and I am starting a Bible Study at church on Fri mornings. I know I do most of this to myself but it's becoming hard to do the other things, like run the errands, go to the grocery, work out. I refuse to work out in the afternoons when it the heat index is 105.

Good news- I haven't quite reached the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy yet, I'm hoping to make it at least the first or second week of August. I also have been avoiding the heat pretty well. I feel bad cause I can't take Cooper out to play as much as I would like but we have been making it up in other ways. We loved it that we started Tot Time back up this week.

Sometimes I can't wait for Cameron to get here so I can have an excuse not to do anything. Steve will do the grocery shopping, I have a good excuse for not working out; my doctor won't let me. Steve is taking an extra day off for the 4th next weekend and I am so looking forward to it.

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Jaime Mac said...

HAHA! I like the good excuses not to do anything! But I know you'll be PLENTY busy when Cameron Uncle Scott gets here!
I will be sure to tell you Thursday how big you look & how miserable you must be... ;)
I have been really busy too & haven't been able to jazzercise. I really miss it PLUS getting out of the habit of going is bad... :(