Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Day out with Thomas

Thanks to Steve's parents we had a family fun day in New Haven, KY for A Day out with Thomas! By family fun day, I mean us, his parents, and Scott. It was fun! The look on Cooper's face when he first saw Thomas was priceless. I love it when he gets excited. We did miss out on a lot of the activities though, after lunch we could just tell Cooper was ready to come home. He's too old to sleep anywhere now and still too young not to take a nap. Boy you can really tell when he needs his nap. Plus after 20 minutes outside his cheeks were bright red and that was with sunscreen. The best part though, he had no idea what he was missing and fun no matter what.

First stop was a quick picture with Thomas. I know I cut off Thomas, there were parents and crying kids behind us and I had to be quick. I didn't even realize this until I got home and loaded the pictures. Next stop was inside for Meet and Greet with Sir Topham Hatt. Notice he is wearing his t-shirt. While in line I snapped a cute one of my guys.
I was so proud of Cooper for walking up to Sir Topham Hatt by himself. He is usually scared so it was a little shocking. Sorry for the quality of the picture, Steve convinced me he could do a better job. The picture they took turned out good but also expensive.After Sir Topham Hatt we heading back outside for some playtime before our train ride. We only made it as far as the bubbles before it was time to get in line, but I don't think Cooper was disappointed. While we were playing bubbles we heard the familiar "peep peep" and guess who it was..... It was THOMAS!

Once Thomas pulled back into the loading dock it was time for our train ride. I was slightly disappointed with the train ride, or rather the train car itself. See that green & white one in the back, that was ours. It did look better inside but it also a dining car. There were tables with four chairs to each table, not for sure if that is what the others looked like or not, but I just didn't care for the set up. There were 6 of us so we wouldn't have been able to sit together anyway, but since we were one of the last ones on we had to be split up between three tables.

After our train ride we headed to some shade for lunch. These next three pictures are all pretty much the same but I couldn't help it. Cooper was being so sweet just leaning on me. He loves his momma!

I know it looks like we pretty much did nothing but we were there for a few hours. They had a magic show and story time we missed, which was okay with me. The magic show would probably have been good but I'm not so sure he would have "got" it and would have wanted to sit there. Especially after the train ride, he could have cared less about it. Overall it was a fun time and if he enjoyed himself that is all that matters. I don't know if I can convince Steve to go next year with a nine month old but in a couple of years it will be a blast with Cooper.
After being the car for approx 2 hours today and out in the sun we could barely wake him up from his nap this afternoon. I love sleeping kiddos.


Susie said...

Sorry you didn't like the train ride. At least Cooper liked it. That is what it is all about for the kids.

The McAfee's said...

there are other cars that are not dining cars. you need to be a little further away from thomas. the boys love it and that's all that matters!

ginmommy said...

Looks like it was a fun day :) SO glad you guys did it, even if it did make Steve miserable, haha.

Jaime Mac said...

I don't think it matters that you did do ALL the activities. You guys having fun is all that's important! :)