Friday, July 8, 2011

When you gotta go, you gotta go

The boys and I met Sharon, Allie, and Wyatt at Outside In this morning for some playtime. I had a giant Diet Coke while there and as we were leaving I needed to run to the restroom but didn't feel like taking both kids so I decided to wait till we got home. I have never had to pee so bad in my whole life, it was almost painful. I couldn't get home fast enough. We finally pull in the garage and I'm trying to get the kids out, Cooper keeps talking, I'm trying to get him out of the car and he is asking why I'm using my mommy voice. I look over and Cameron is sleeping, of course, I didn't want him stay asleep since it was still a while from when I like for him to take a nap. I take him out of the carrier thinking he will wake up, he doesn't so I find the closest thing in the house for me to put him down. Once again I think, no way is this comfortable he will wake right up. I run to the bathroom and come out to find this.

I guess when you are tired you will sleep anywhere.

Keep in mind these are the same clothes I tripped on getting out of bed this morning. Steve said he kept them there just in case Cameron need a place to sleep :)


ginmommy said...

FUnny, funny! Funny that Cooper asked why you were using your "mommy voice" and I love that Cameron can sleep like that :-)

The McAfee's said...

mommy voice!! ha ha!!!

Tracey said...

the mommy voice! LOL Kids are so unpredictable. When you want them to do one thing, they do the opposite! Grrrr.