Friday, July 1, 2011

A Week in the Life- Friday

Once again the day started at 6:00 am. I felt pretty good this morning despite waking up at 1:30 remembering we didn't shut the garage door and getting up to shut it and Cameron crying out at 5:00 waking us up. I even was able to lay down for another half hour after my shower before Cameron woke up. Cooper woke up shortly after he did. Cameron had his bottle then I made us some breakfast. Let me tell you about Cooper, he is the slowest eater. Granted I did have the tv on, but what are you going to do, I am trying to cook and clean up after three people. I made him his plate first, then I got mine and ate and fed Cameron his baby food, cleaned up after us, washed some dishes and bottles, and folded some laundry and Cooper was still eating. I just gave up and let him get down. It was French Toast sticks so I'm sure it was nasty.

We headed downstairs where Cooper wanted to work it out on the guitar.Someone should tell this poor kid it is a sit-n-spin not a stand-n-spin.

I finally got tired of all the demands, "mommy watch me, mommy pretend this, do this, do that" we went for walk instead. Cooper likes to see all the caterpillar powers in the neighborhood. There was a lot of activity today with dump trucks and other construction vehicles.

We came in and played some more before Cameron's morning nap. I then let Cooper have some computer time playing Sid the Science Kids games while I priced some stuff for the benefit yard sale for the Curtis family I posted about. I loaded up the car and then Cameron woke up. I made a quick lunch of leftovers then we took the stuff to Charlestown High School. I hadn't been in there since they built the new additions, it is really nice. They have a ton of stuff for tomorrow. I pray lots of it gets sold to help the family out. We came home and played some more before books and naps. I laid down on the couch while they napped, it was nice!!!

We tried to play outside after naps but Cooper was in a mood. Some days are a never ending battle with that kid. I hope it's just an age thing and a phase that quickly passes. Steve came home and we had some yummy fish for dinner. I was cleaning up and couldn't find Cameron, oh he was in a corner being good and reading books.

Afterwards we headed out for some ice cream. There is a new place in Charlestown called 62 Twist. There was some confusion on if it was today or tomorrow they were going to donate a portion of their sales to the Curtis family, turns out it was tomorrow. But it was a good treat and they did have a jar out where you could make donations yourself. Cameron threw a fit because I gave him a bit of my ice cream and he wanted more.

Despite having his own root beer float, Cooper wanted a bite of mine too. He was halfway done with his before we realized it was the kind of root beer with caffeine in it. What great parents we are.

We got home and found this. Love me some sleeping babies!!!Now both kids are asleep and I'm hoping to get to bed a little early tonight. I'm going to help out at the yard sale tomorrow and it starts at 7, YIKES!!!! I'm off to go upstairs and get ready for bed and double check our garage door.

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