Monday, July 4, 2011

A Week in the Life- Sunday

I know I'm a day behind on this. Our office is in the basement and I just didn't feel like coming down here last night. I laptop is on my wish list right now.

This Sunday was a little different. We attend the 9:30 church service, however attendance on holiday weekends tend to be low so our church decided to have one service only, and that would be at 10:00. I know a half hour doesn't seem like a whole lot of time, but it sure did seem like it then. I normally get up before anyone else to get my shower and start getting ready. Since we had extra time I slept in till I heard Cameron start to babble, Cooper shortly followed. I got them breakfast while Steve got ready and got his breakfast then he took them downstairs to play while I showered and got ready. Then I got to do the most amazing thing, I sat down to eat breakfast at the table by myself. I can't remember the last time I did such a thing. We got the boys ready last and headed out. I asked Steve to take our picture before we left, I rarely get a good one of the three of us. Steve serves on even number months and I work early childhood the last Sunday of every month, so this week was a rare Sunday we could all ride together. It seems more special that way. By the time service was letting out it was nearing lunch we picked up something to bring home. We ate and played and got the boys settled down for a nap. Cameron napped great, Cooper not so much. I guess after 45 minutes he got tired of babbling and singing so he came on out of his room. I had him lay on the couch for a while and watch a show, I knew it was going to be a later night than usual so it was important for him to get some rest.
We had our family over for our first ever 4th (or in this case 3rd) of July cook-out. We had Steve's parents and brother, his aunt and 2 cousins, and my mom. We grilled out hamburgers, mac and cheese, green beans, baked beans, my awesome cheese dip which I will post recipe later, brownies and chips. It was all yummy!
Once we ate and clean up we headed outside for some more fun. Well my mom left, she had just gotten back from Florida and was a little tired.
I don't know whose idea it was to give the three old the squirter. I guess it is better than the water hose he had last year. I overheard Steve's dad tell Cameron this time last year he had a nice and cozy home. I'm glad someone was cozy and comfortable last year.

The men got right to work setting up the fire pit. The builders warned us even though it looks big, don't use more than 2 or 3 logs. It should have been built smaller and sometime people go overboard and end up with bonfires.

Cooper got the first smore.

Life is grand when you are three!

Steve's mom brought over a bag of giant marshmallows. Here is a comparison of one next to a regular size marshmallow.

I wasn't for sure how Cameron would do with fireworks, Cooper just now started liking them last year. He could care less. Steve let one off, it was loud and went on for at least 30 seconds. This was Cameron's expression. HI-LARIOUS!!! Didn't shed a single tear, until it got close to bedtime of course.

I took him just before 8 and fed him and changed him and got him down for bed. This was really why we wanted to have it at our house so I could put him down and still enjoy the evening. However, I came back out and everyone was packing up. Steve's parents were already gone. It did seem like a storm was coming in but I honestly don't even think it ended up raining. By the time we went to bed there were still tons of fireworks being let off. We still let Cooper stay up later than usual. The field behind our house lights up at night with lightening bugs. We kept him up long enough to see them then it was off to bed. I was in bed by 10:30 myself and the fireworks didn't bother me a bit, I went right to sleep.

I'll try and catch up with both posts by tomorrow night. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


the lewis gang said...

aren't those marshmallows ginormous? we take those camping a lot! also, i LOVE your firepit! we so wish we could have one of those, but can't inside sellersburg city limits.

The McAfee's said...

Those marshmallows are fun but they just don't melt all the way through. They are fun though!

ginmommy said...

Well, what a bunch of party poopers!! Sorry they bailed on you early! Funny, that Cameron was totally unaffected. I could now use a smore.....;-)