Friday, July 8, 2011

Hoppy and Friends

Meet Hoppy and friend. See their little white tails?

This one is blurry, they were quite active this morning.We've been noticing a cute little rabbit hopping around in the mornings, he named it Hoppy. This past week we've also noticed his friends. They are cute little things

On a bit of a scary note, I think we also have some coyotes. Crazy thing is we do not live in the country. I got woke up one morning around 2 am thinking it was one of my children. I listened for a few minutes, heard it couple more times, but it was not in my house. After speaking to neighbors and Steve talking to a girl at work that lives in the neighborhood ours backs up to, yes there are some coyotes around here. Hope they don't come near Hoppy!


ginmommy said...

You can hear coyotes at my parent's house too, kinda skeery!

Jaime Mac said...

I do NOT like when I hear coyotes! Scary stuff!!!