Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Months

Cameron Scott you are 10 months old today! What happened to this little guy? I'm not going to lie and say it's been all rosy, cause we all know the first 6 months were a bit rough at times, but my how this little one has turned into quite the happy camper. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he is easier at 10 months than Cooper was. Cooper was pretty darn easy too. Cameron just goes with the flow of things. Some mornings he naps, sometimes he doesn't just depending on what we are doing. Most of the time it's in the car, he just deals with it. He's so easy to entertain while at home. Just goes off and plays by himself. Of course he does want mommy close by. There are also those times he likes to do something he isn't supposed, like climb the stairs, he crawls over to it and stops to give you the biggest sly grin ever. Little stinker! He has climbed entire set of steps with one of us behind him, little dare devil he is. He does two of the cutest things. If he hurts himself on a toy he gets mad, starts crying and throws it. Hilarious! Then if you scold him and raise your voice, like when he is being a little rotten in the high chair, his lower lip curls in and his chin starts quivering. It's almost worth the scolding to see him do it it's so cute.

Some things to note:

He is starting to eat real food now. Last Saturday his entire dinner was table food. I am so ready to be done with baby food!

He still hasn't tried to take a step or stand by himself. He will cruise along the couch or a table but hasn't tried it on his own. I'm waiting though.

I had some coupons for organic baby food, I bought some and he started having regular bowel movements. This has always been issue. I think I'm going to start giving him organic milk around 11 months, maybe one bottle a day before I take him off formula. Steve calls me Kate Gosselin. Hey, anything to get my kids to poop.

Steve and I had overlapping appointment Monday evening. His parents came over to watch the boys, Cameron didn't cry at all! Big step for him.

His smile just lights up the whole room. Sometimes I look at him and smile and we have a giggle session. He loves Cooper! Wants to do everything he does. We have to watch Cooper, he can get a little rough. I'm waiting for the day for Cameron to haul off and beat the tar out of him. I'm just going to sit back and laugh, that's what you get when you torment your little brother.

I just can't imagine a more happy kid right now. I'm so thankful the reflux, spit-up, and ear problems are behind us.
Cameron, you are such a joy! But can you do me a favor and slow down a bit? You are growing up way too fast.


ginmommy said...

How sweet! I'm so happy that things are all better now :) He's a little doll baby.

The McAfee's said...

I am so glad things are better!!! Those tubes were such a blessing!! Love the updates!!

Tracey said...

This post makes me smile. When Mags got past her problems (which were not as bad as Cam) it seemed like life went a little smoother. :)