Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Week in the Life- Tuesday

Today started out like any other day. We had plans to go to Story hour at the library so we got breakfast and I got the kids ready and diaper bag packed before some playtime. I thought it was funny I was able to do all that and start some laundry and even grab a bit to eat myself before 8:30 but somehow Steve can't manage to feed himself when he is home. Anyway, Cooper loves to play, loves to play. It is so hard to get him back upstairs sometimes. I was able to convince him this morning because we had story hour and he loves story hour. I was double checking the diaper bag when it dawned on me I never took Cameron's car seat carrier out of Steve's car. It was already 9:30 and even if Steve could leave work we wouldn't have made it one time. Luckily, Cooper took it well. I promised him a game of Candyland when Cameron laid down.
Cooper is starting to take his Candyland serious. This was towards the end of our game, he is the king and I'm Mickey Mouse (don't ask, I don't know why). See, is is about a card away from winning and he gets..... The gingerbread man. For those that aren't familiar, this took him back to the beginning. He wanted me to trade him... no way! I think I talked about this before, we are gracious losers in this house. We play by the rules.

I uploaded my pictures wrong so this is a little out of order. I had Cooper help me with his sandwich today. He had a little trouble with the peanut butter. He made a slight hole in the bread.

The jelly went on with no problem.

While Cameron was still napping Cooper helped me with laundry and had a science lesson with boiled eggs. I made tuna fish for myself for lunch and I like boiled eggs with mine so I showed him the difference between a cooked egg and un-cooked egg. Although I didn't boil it long enough and it was hard to peel. So it doesn't look all that great.

We all ate and Cooper helped with clean up.

He started asking for the puppy show this past week. I had no idea what he was talking about, then he said it came on after Word World. It is some show called Raggs, it's about puppies in a band, it's like Barney meets the Wiggles. Little weird, but whatever. They were talking about growth charts so we improvised a made one in his closet.

Then we did some cuddling. Please disregard my son picking his nose and my smeared eye shadow. Don't know what was going on there.

Cameron took his second nap when Cooper took his nap. I love when I can do that and both of them took good ones. I watched in disbelief as the Casey Anthony verdict came back. I won't even start on this one. Steve got home just before 5 so we took the kids downstairs to play while I made dinner. We had beef ravoli, it was some frozen kit that Steve got at the store, it was delicious. After dinner we had some friends from church, who live in our neighborhood, come over for Smores. They stayed till about 8 and the boys went to bed after.

Turned out to be a good day despite being stuck in all day. I believe the car seat is still in Steve's car now so I better go remind him so we don't get stuck again.

I have a confession, don't know if I can do this again tomorrow. I'll try, I really need a break to relax after they go to bed, or a laptop so I don't have to come downstairs. I need to keep hinting to Steve on that one.

Have a great night/day!

I do realize I have no pictures of Cameron. He doesn't stop moving enough for me to take one. I tried numerous times today and I can't do it. He won't sit still.

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Jaime Mac said...

Again, I'm exhausted just reading this! :)
You to hint a little harder to Steve about that laptop!
Love Cooper's face with the hard boiled egg!
Cute posts! I've enjoyed them!