Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Week in the Life- Wednesday

This probably wasn't the best day to end with, I woke up with a terrible headache. I laid back down after my shower and Steve was getting ready for work and here comes Cooper waltzing into our room at 10 till 7. I mean really? Thankfully the kids played great today and were easy to entertain. I did have pictures scheduled for today but changed them until next week, Cooper still has a bruise on his head from falling last week. I tried to get Cooper to watch something while Cameron took his morning nap but he kept asking me questions about the show, all I wanted was to rest for a while. I think I got about 15 minutes. The rest of the afternoon was about the same as usual. Lunch, playtime, and naps. I was able to lay down for about half an hour before Cooper woke up. We did some more of our workbook while Cameron still slept. He slept till after 4 so by the time I gave him his bottle Steve was home. My mom stopped by with my niece and nephew and once they left we had dinner. Steve grilled some chicken, it was awesome!! His best yet. Afterwards we took Cooper to the library to make up for missed storyhour yesterday. Then my mom met us at Chiller's on her way to take my niece and nephew home. I have a new love; Whopper Cyclone. Cooper got his usual Root Beer float, even though he kept eating mine. He even told me next time I needed to get the thing with nuts (hot fudge sundae). I don't even know why I bother ordering him anything. We then came home, got them baths, and read our library books before bed. I didn't take one single picture today. I was pretty useless until after lunch.

Hope you enjoyed our week. It's been fun trying to remember everything we did all day long. I might have to do this again in the winter. Make it something I do twice a year.

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ginmommy said...

I enjoyed it! :-)