Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Food with Super Friends for a Super Bowl

Tracey and I were texting late last week and put together a last minute Super Bowl get together. We partied it up, let me tell ya! Nothing like getting together for a football game and leaving in the first quarter! Just kidding, Tra! Levi had school the next day so it was bed time for him. I've read that I made some good "homemade"brownies too. I only managed to get two pictures and they were both the chaos of trying to get the kids their dinner. Cameron was looking at his lasagna like it was the craziest thing ever. He has been fasting for a few days. He used to be my eat everything in front of me child, something is into him lately.So 4 out of the last 6 Super Bowls I have had a genuine interest in watching, this was one of them. I was on pins and needles the second half, it was just as if my bf Peyton was playing. One of these days I may be up for a real party again, until then I will be spending the rest of the game in pj's on my bed.
Thanks for coming over guys, we had a SUPER time!!


ginmommy said...

Fun! Miss you guys!

Tracey said...

It was fun (even if our kids act like wild children!!) Thanks for having us! G, we miss you too!!