Monday, February 27, 2012

Call the CDC, we've been quarantined

After feeling great all weekend I decided to take the kids to the mall this morning to play and get some energy out. We weren't there 15 minutes when I got a message from Dr. Howell asking to giver her a call back as soon as possible. As she put it, it's the call you don't want to get, "Cooper has whooping cough". I was totally surprised. He's been great all weekend, but she said he does in fact have it in his system and is contagious. She called in prescriptions of Zithromax for the whole family and it was off to Target to stock our in-home pharmacy. Imagine this; I'm in Target and I have about 25 minutes to spare until our medicine is ready knowing I can't leave our house for 5 days. I somehow managed to get out of there only spending $40. I told Cooper he could pick out something and he got these butterfly nets from the dollar spot. We had already paid and were walking out when he says something about catching something. Just as I am about to walk out the door I look up to see a pair of bunny ears in the his net. Already trying to shop lift at the age of 4.

I'm trying to make the best out of all this, he isn't really sick and most likey wont get sick, we are just stuck all week. I just got gas so that should last me over two weeks now. I don't have to leave my pj's or do laundry all week. Target has a new pharmacy rewards program, once you fill 5 sciprts you get 5% off an in-store purchase. We filled 4 just today. What I do feel bad about is possibly infecting another child at church yesterday. Steve's parents also had to get the antibiotic. Steve'd dad was diagonised with possibly having multiple myeloma about a year and a half ago. Since then his numbers have gotten better, it's just very important he doesn't get sick. So as a precaution they were both put on it. This is the only the second time in more than probably 10 years I have been on an antibiotic and I'm not even sick!

A big thank you to Amy G. Amy's daughter goes to school with Cooper. Their fundraiser is due tomorrow, I was scheduled to bring in snacks tomorrow, and I needed to bring in some earrings to a girl who ordered from me. Amy stopped by today and is taking all that in for me. Thank you!!!!


ginmommy said...

I couldn't believe it when you sent me that text! Craziness. At least no one FEELS sick!

The McAfee's said...

Geez! That stinks! I hope you guys survive all that togetherness! ha! I know I'd be itching to get out! :)

Jill said...

No good! Praying that no one else gets it and you enjoy your time together! :)

Susie said...

Praying for Cooper!! Hope he feels better soon and no one else gets it!!

Tracey said...

$40 at Target? Weakling... ;)

This is just crazy to me!! I'm sure you will be glad when Thursday arrives! Thanks for my diet!

Jaime Mac said...

OH NO! I can't believe he has Whooping cough! UGH!
I also can't believe you bought supplies at Target for $40. That's craziness.

I'm glad they caught it fast & everyone is on meds.

(I'm safe, right? Oh, the humanity!)