Friday, February 24, 2012

Embarassing Moments

We are having another blog off topic and this time it's most embarrassing moments. I'm pretty sure I have blogged this before, I think I did a question and answer thing. Just in case I have picked up new readers, here we go again.

Back in my "working" days I worked at Mercer, a HR consulting firm, in Louisville. I started there in January 2005 in a small accounting department for a larger group within the company. The whole group, about 150-200 people, had monthly staff meetings. At my first meeting I had to introduce myself and tell something interesting. I hate doing these things but I got through it, no biggie. I worked in that department for about 2 years before transferring to our larger accounting department for the whole company. Shortly later there were rumors of outsourcing and I was beginning to be afraid of losing my job. I talked to HR, it pays to have good relationships with important people, and I was able to transfer back out to my old department, despite being 7 months pregnant and and only in that job for 9 months. I couldn't go back to accounting, instead I went to their compensation department. It was exciting and something new. This meant it was back to those big monthly staff meetings. I had to introduce myself all over again. This time was going to be easy, I already knew everyone and had worked there for almost 3 years. I stand up and begin to say who I am and where I work and then I am supposed to say a hobby. I forget my exact words, it was meant to come out along the lines of I'm getting ready for my baby. Instead, it came out something like, "look at my, isn't it obvious what my hobbies are". Oh my word, the place erupted. My face was bright red, embarrassing!!!! It was the talk of the day. It's a good thing I worked with such laid back people.


Jaime Mac said...

Yes I have heard this before... But it's still funny every time!

ginmommy said...

That's awesomely hilarious. Esp knowing how shy you are :))

Tracey said...

Still funny!!! :)))))