Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to Normal

Everything is back to normal in the Lee household. Cooper has been fever free since Friday night. His appetite isn't 100% back, what can I expect from a 32 lb 4 year old, but his energy level is. Steve worked on Saturday so the boys and I just hung out at home. I didn't want to get him around anyone since it hadn't been 24 hours yet, it never fails, when Steve works a weekend someone is sick and we are under quarantine. The highlight of my day was when the FedEx truck pulled up at 9:30. I had a jewelry show for Jaime Mac 2 weeks ago and my jewelry arrived. Let me tell ya about this show, it rocked!!! I ended up getting almost $500 free and 8 half piece items. I let my cousins pick out the half price items, I let my mom get a bracelet, necklace, and 2 earrings for free. Then I got....5 pair of earrings, 4 necklaces, and 2 bracelets.... ALL FREE!!!!

Another highlight was a trip to Sweet n Swirly after dinner. This momma needed to get out of the house. Seize the Deal had some vouchers a month ago and I bought two. It was time to cash one in. Cooper got Mike N Ikes and sour gummy worms in his yogurt. I like to think I'm being somewhat good since it's fat free yogurt. Gives me more wiggle room to add in things like Kit Kat's and Butterfingers.

Cam's usual smile here. We brought our stroller in cause last time they didn't have high chairs. I am happy to report they do now. Who doesn't have high chairs, it's a yogurt place not a bar.Today was our usual Sunday of church and naps, except for me. I guess my body has finally adjusted to no more naps cause I couldn't sleep. The rest of the fam did though. That's almost as nice, quiet alone time.

I am determined to find something fun to do this week. I have been okay with winter up until now. I am ready for Spring and outdoors. We were teased with good weather this week and I want it back.


ginmommy said...

BA HA!! Funny comment about, what is this a yogurt place, or a bar?!

Jaime Mac said...

Haha about the yogurt place comment for me too! Funny stuff!

I'm SOOOOO glad you love all your jewelry! You did an awesome, awesome job! Woot!