Thursday, February 16, 2012

From one holiday to another

We had one more Valentine celebration on Wednesday at church. Jennifer decided to make the Peeps party a day late instead of a week early. Worked out great for us because Steve was off work and got to tag along. This party was pretty much perfect for Cooper. We began by decorating bag for more cards and candy. Two peas in a pod.

We had lunch and then it was off to dance party central. They had the choice of dancing in the preschool worship area or playing play doh in one of the classrooms. Cooper dances the entire time. At one point a song from our Jake and the Neverland Pirates cd came on, I got so excited that Jennifer compared it to being out with the girls in our early 20's at the club and getting excited when our favorite song would come on. Now I'm 32 and get excited when a pirate song comes on.

Today when Cameron was napping we scouted out our loot. I had to go through our candy stash and throw away the candy left over from Christmas. It's like a revolving door around here.

Cooper chose the marshmallow sucker Mamaw and Papaw got him for a treat.

Since Cooper doesn't nap much anymore I try to do a few fun activities with him while Cameron is napping, then he gets to watch a show while I relax. Today we took down our Valentine gel clings and put up some Easter ones.
If I had a never-ending supply of money I think I would decorate for Easter even more than I do for Christmas. I just love all the pretty colors.

Can you believe we are halfway through February?


ginmommy said...

No, I can't believe it! This means we are close to Hope turning 5 :( Funny, about dancing to a pirate song. Things sure change when we become moms! :)

Jill said...

Hated to miss this. You have been so sweet about inviting me to PEEPS events and I so appreciate it! Last week I didn't get out due to sickness. We will get there soon. Looks like it was fun!