Friday, February 24, 2012

Does a doctor visit count as one on one time?

While Cooper had school yesterday, Cameron and I met some girls from church for breakfast. We met at Panera, when I worked we had free breakfast every Friday. I used to get a Panera bagel, man I miss those. Cameron was all smiles during breakfast. After a trip to Sam's he was all snoozes. Someone made the comment that I probably enjoy this one on one time with him. I do, I think it's so important each child gets that one on one interaction with their parents. I rarely get it with Cooper. If we have a lot going on and we need to divide and conquer, Steve usually gets Cooper and I get Cameron. I don't mind either way, Cooper just chooses Steve. He doesn't spend nearly as much time with him as he does me, you can't blame him.

I might have spoke too soon as I got some alone time with Cooper today, it just so happened to be at the doctor. He came home from school complaining of a belly ache. He didn't eat lunch and by dinner he was running a slight fever. He didn't eat dinner either and we had baked potatoes which are a favorite. By bedtime he was feeling better, of course he also had Advil and Tylenol on board. This morning the fever was back and he turned down chocolate chip muffins. Normally I would give it a few days but he was just laying around on the coach and he turned down chocolate. Plus, this is a biggie, a kid from preschool has been diagnosed with whopping cough. Whopping cough can present itself in the form of a common cold before the cough gets severe, he isn't coughing at all now, but you can never be too sure. Steve's mom came over to watch Cameron while we went to the doctor. I got my alone time! He wanted to wear his pj's to the doctor, we compromised. He could wear the shirt but not the pants.

He was feeling great by his appointment time, still not fully himself, but better. She tested for strep and that was negative. She has had about 15 cases of whopping cough this year and since he had been exposed she tested for that as well. We won't know until Monday. It's one of those no news is good news. They call her directly if positive but sometimes can lag on negatives. I have to call by noon to double check if I haven't heard anything. I asked about Cameron just in case and if one person is positive, they treat the whole family and the health department is contacted. Serious business. I honestly think he is okay, just trying to be proactive. I have been joking that I like feverish Cooper, he is quite! I had to cancel a couple of play dates today and tomorrow and Steve is working tomorrow as well, kind of stinks we have to be housebound. I am expecting a special package from the Fed Ex man tomorrow, that will lift my spirits some.


Jaime Mac said...

Whooping cough? Haven't heard about that in forever! Hope he doesn't get it! :(

Susie said...

Hope it isn't the whooping cough!! Hope he feels better soon!!

ginmommy said...

Praying that it doesn't turn into anything big like whopping cough!