Thursday, February 9, 2012

A hodge podge

We have been up to a whole bunch of nothing these past two days. I decided to skip Peeps on Wednesday to just hang out at home. I just wasn't in the mood to chase Cameron down the hall of the mall as he runs out of the playground area. Cameron found Cooper's swim shoes that morning and decided to wear them around the house. He has a current fascination with wanting to wear shoes all the time.

I tried to get a picture of him trying to carry these two ramps around grunting the whole time. Notice the random thermal tote in the background, just another random item that he picked up carried around, and left in another random place.This is my poor pitiful child as he gets ready for a nap. He needs both pacifiers (one for his mouth and another to hold), blanket, and puppy dog.

Cooper worked on some puzzles. He is getting awesome! I think it's time to graduate to 48 piece ones.

We played cars. Our foyer is the perfect place for serious car action.

During Cameron's nap I broke out the paints. This is one of Cooper's favorite activities and we don't get near enough time to do this.

I found this activity on pinterest, making The Very Hungry Caterpillar by using hand prints. I mean, how stinkin' cute is this?

Cooper had school this morning and Cameron had a play date with a little girl from church. I had forgotten how easy play dates are when the kids are under 18 months. While he was napping today, Cooper and I worked on Valentine's. We have to bring Valentine's to school and Peeps next week. I am still working on the school ones so today we did the ones for Peeps. We are just doing your standard store bought ones with M&M's. Of course we didn't get far before the M&M's found their way to Cooper's mouth. Who am I kidding? They made their way to mine too :)

He was struggling writing his name today. Don't know if the pen or the small space to write it. Jill, can you come over and work with him? You're a leftie too, right? I'm only half kidding, I may really call you when it's time to tie his shoes. Now that I think about it maybe Tim Tebow will help us out, he's a leftie.

Did you know Chiller's opened today? We joked around when we moved here that we would need to build in a Chiller's budget since we are so much closer. Steve was generous enough to share his milkshake with Cameron, although I'm pretty sure Cameron drank more than Steve.

I sat down at the table and Cooper wanted mine and his his, just like last summer. He wanted to "share" mine. He uses the word share and knows just how to get me.

We have no plans tomorrow either, wonder what we will cook up.


The McAfee's said...

That caterpillar is super cute. I've been looking for a new idea for Jake and me. I may just steal it! :)

ginmommy said...

I miss Chillers!!! I love Cameron with his loot before his nap!! CUTE!

Jaime Mac said...

Fun post!

Jill said...

We were going to head to Chiller's and then had a friend visit and lost track of time. Definitely a must this weekend! Would love to give you tips on being a leftie. Although I'm not sure what to tell ya! My kindergarten teacher used to try to force me to write with my right hand. Kinda stunk! ;)