Monday, February 20, 2012

Because you asked

A couple of you have asked or mentioned the crock pot steak we had Saturday night.

She used steak patties, they usually come two in a pack at the grocery. They look like a thin hamburger. Add a little flour to both sides and brown in skillet. Add to crock pot. Use a brown gravy packet to make the gravy first then pour on top of steaks. Cut up a green pepper and onion, place on top, and cook on low. It was delicious and steak was so tender. Cooper even ate it so this may work it's way into our rotation of meals.


Jaime Mac said...

sounds yummy... & simple! (I'm also glad you said what they look like in the store... I had no clue!)

The McAfee's said...

sounds good. i love trying new EASY things!