Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Game

We had our final games of tee ball this week. Thursday was a make up of a make up game and Saturday was our last scheduled game. I forgot my camera on Saturday but had it handy on Thursday.

Cooper was excited that he had time to play on the playground before the game started.Of course I had to get some brotherly love pictures and mommy and son pictures.

Thursday's game was a little different. Only 4 kids from our team and 1 kid from the other team showed up. And neither coach was there as well. Didn't surprise me on our coach. He hasn't been the most reliable. We had a game earlier in the season that was rescheduled earlier in the day due to heat, we didn't find out until after the game was to have already started. It was no biggie this week though, Steve stepped up and helped out.

I got some cute action shot of Cooper.

Coach Steve with half his team, Grace and Cooper. Grace is the daughter of Denise, a fellow blogger. Alicia if you are reading this, the first week at the ballpark I recognized like 4 or 5 families on your blog roll.

I tried to capture Cameron as he was cheering for Cooper, this was the best I could get.

I have to brag on Cooper a bit. The first game started out rough. I didn't think we would make it the whole season. My goal was half. He was totally not into it and crying at each game. Well, we still had tears at the final game but it was mostly due to heat and hunger. By the last game he was asking Steve when it was his turn to bat. He would go for a ball even if he another kid was going for it too. He wouldn't back off. Now, Steve did stay with him in the field and on the fence before batting, but that's also to be expected at his age when had hadn't been exposed as well. I'm still proud of how far he came. We might even play next year!


ginmommy said...

Way to go Cooper!! And way to go coach Steve for stepping up!! :-)

Amy said...

Next year have him play wee ball at C-town. Most of the time we coach a league b/c one of our kids is playing in it. Lilly will play this coming month. We didn't have a good experience either with the Y's soccer team. Our coach never called and on the day of pictures I found out by calling to see if the game was canceled and I was told yes, but I need to be at the Y in 20 minutes for team pictures.

Tracey said...

Really cute pics! I like Cameron cheering Cooper on!! :) And good job Steve!