Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Saturday morning was dedicated to fun time with friends. I was secretly happy when I woke up to rain, it meant Cooper's tee ball game would be cancelled and we could have fun. We started off with brunch at McDonald's with Gretchen, Tracey, and kids. Did I mention Gretchen stopped by my house on Friday? I got to see her two days in a row. After brunch we headed to Outside In.

I managed a quick self-portrait during play time. I need to get better at these. This is a spot between a slide and the wall that Cameron crawls to whenever we go. Someone placed this high chair there, most likely for kiddos just like him. He always gives me this sneaky grin when I catch him.

Love the face!

This one too. I wish it wasn't so dark.

We always have a great time at Outside In, but a little warning. If you have kids where one is over 4 and another is younger than 4, it may be difficult. I don't know if it was because of the weekend and crowded but the owner was being more strict than usual. She wouldn't let Gretchen and Tracey take Levi & Pierce to the toddler room and they couldn't leave them upstairs either. What do you do? Maggie would have had fun playing downstairs, instead she got to sit here and look cute.

We got one last group shot before leaving. Thanks to Tracey for taking all the pics with three different cameras.

Afterwards everyone came back here for a little play time before the kids started to get cranky and tired, by kids I mean my kids.

After nap time we stopped by my niece's bday party before heading to my in-laws to celebrate Father's Day and Scott's bday. It was a fun-filled day.


The McAfee's said...

that happened to denise and me at outside in. we had to split up for a bit. one stayed up and one stayed down. stinks!

Jaime Mac said...

Looks like fun! Glad you had a good visit w/ the gals!