Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Grilling Experience

The story of our grill!

The one thing we knew we had to have when we moved was a grill. We never bothered to buy one before mainly due to lack of space and didn't want to spend the money on one if it wasn't nice. As soon as we closed on the sale of our house we went to HH Gregg for our fridge and Steve picked out a grill. A week or so later we had to change our delivery date so went back to the store to see if they could do that when Steve saw the grill he really wanted to have but didn't think I would go for it. I thought the first was outrageous, the second was even more. After hearing about it for a couple of days I finally agreed. But, it was going to be his Father's Day gift. So what better day to try out the new grill than Father's Day. Would you believe Steve played along?

First up, the man in action. He started out easy, some smokes sausage links. I love it! A giant grill with 6 hot dogs. Next up, a little manly pose.

A senior photo shot on the fire pit.

Gotta do the bird feeder too.

And of course, the grill in all its glory.

Dinner was yummy! Cooper enjoyed it, even though he pretty much just ate his baked beans.

Speaking off, Steve did the grocery shopping this week and baked beans were on the list. Cooper and I are the only ones who will eat them. I love how he buys the biggest can he can find for two people.

I've been giving Cameron table food lately. He's eating me out of house and home in baby food. As you can tell he loved some leftover cake from Mamaw's house. See it on his nose?
Happy Father's Day Steve, we love you!!!! Thanks for going along with my blog pictures!


ginmommy said...

Okay, those pics of Steve are...laugh out loud, pee in my pants funny. And what's even funnier is what he cooked on that massive manly grill, crack me up. I LOVE IT!

Jill said...

LOL! Great pics of Steve posing! Glad you guys got moved in! ;)

The McAfee's said...


Jaime Mac said...

Haha! Love all the poses! (also loved the big, manly grill w/ the kiddie water table right beside it!). Good stuff! :)