Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trip to Huber's

This past Friday my friend Angie from church and the boys and I took a fun fall trip up to Huber's. It was such a beautiful day. So much fun too, I think we did everything but pick out pumpkins. Crazy, I know! We are going as a family this weekend to Montgomery Farms and Angie and her family are somewhere too as a family. He daughter is in middle school and goes to West Clark so she wasn't out on fall break. Cooper had a great time. He told me when we got home that it was a good so he was going to take a nap. He wanted to see the animals but wouldn't feed them, he made me do that.

As we were feeding the fish an employee came up to empty out the money, he kept giving us free fish food.

This little guy was a CHAMP!!! He is growing out of his morning naps and didn't take on on the drive up there. We didn't leave until almost 2 and he manged to stay awake the whole time. After a rough start he has taken the role of the "2nd child I'm just along for the ride" perfectly.

Cooper somehow convinced Angie to run and chase him.

I love this! Cameron is petting the cow. Cooper is chowing down on some gummy bears. He was determined he was going to eat the whole bag. I can't remember how I managed to get it away from him, but those gummy bears came in handy later.

Insert a quick drive from the winery to the restaurant and a LONG lunch, we made our over the second play area of the day. Cooper loved this slide! As you may know it cost $4 to get into this play area, with that $4 you get 4 tickets, this slide costs 1 ticket. He used all his tickets on this slide. Thankfully the barn slide is free. He used all this tickets and it was time to go and of course he didn't want to, but guess what mommy had? More gummy bears.

I was in the store buying some peanut butter balls. If you have never tried those from Huber's you must go buy some right now. They have either milk chocolate or white chocolate and there are made with rice krispies inside the peanut butter. It's a good thing I only go up there once or twice a year. Anyway, while I was paying Cooper and Angie were having fun with the hats. She sent me this one from her phone.

It was a such a fun morning/afternoon and the kids were so good. I worry about that when I'm out with someone else. I have a video I may try and post, it's of Cooper and me going down the big slide that they have at the winery. I taped it for Steve, it was awesome. I tried to take Cameron down but we got up there and Cooper would not go by himself. I ended up with both of them on my lap, I so wish I would have had the camera for that one. The things we do for our kids. I did feel bad for Cameron though. He is at that awkward age where he wants to be down playing but most things are too big for him. Most of the time when we go places he ends up in the stroller all day. Like I said, he is great. By the time Spring rolls back around he will be right there with Cooper.


Jaime Mac said...

Looks like a great day. I could totally get behind those peanut butter balls! They sound yummy!
(Did you go through a display they have there with orange tractors?! The tractors on display are there from where I work...)

ginmommy said...

Man, I love me some Hubers!!! Such a fun time of year.

The McAfee's said...

I can't wait to go up there!! I will have to get some peanut butter balls. My boys LOVE peanut butter!