Saturday, October 22, 2011

Montgomery Farms

We headed out this morning to our 2nd annual trip to Montgomery Farms. We had a busy day so we arrived right at opening. Our first stop were the animals. Some workers were out doing the morning feed, Cooper got to throw an apple to the pigs. They had a super cute baby pig! Steve couldn't remember if they had the animals out last year. How could he forget the goat attacking the empty Big Red can? I remember having a 3 week old wishing I had that can of Big Red for my caffeine fix. You are going to have to bear with me. I had to throw some pictures in of last year for comparison. October 2010- 2 years and 11 months.

October 2011- 3 years and 11 months I wish I could have gotten them in the same spot. I know he has grown more than it looks.

This is funny, the first is from last year and the second from this year. I have almost the same exact expression.

This is how Cameron spent our entire trip last year.

Oh my sweet baby boy! Where has time gone? This year he was all about the corn bin.

I had no idea that Steve was taking this picture. It looks like I am doing some crazy Olen Mills pose.

Cooper was talking about this corn bin all week but wasn't as interested today. He was more excited about the mini corn maze. But guess what- they didn't have it. It looked like they maybe tried to make one but the weather didn't cooperate and the corn wasn't right. I don't know. They didn't have the adult one either, which we wouldn't have done anyway. I just felt they didn't have as much in the playground this year.

After some play time and snacks enough people have arrived that we could take the hayride to the pumpkin patch.

Cameron was so not into the hayride. At one point he just laid down in the hay. They have the cutest dog that followed the tractor all the way to the pumpkin patch and back. That's a true farm dog, never leaving the owner.

Before heading home we got to do the one thing Cooper was asking about all day; the cow train.

See this picture? Somehow he went from this..... to this. I have no idea how he slid down. We could hardley see him.

If you look close all you can see is this little toboggan in the distance.

We made a quick stop back past the animals before heading out. Cameron was fast asleep before we made it out of the parking lot. If was a fun start to a busy day! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall?


The McAfee's said...

funny that we must have passed each other!!

Jill said...

Looks like fun! We've never been to Montogomery Farms. We may have to keep it in mind for next year! :) Love the cow train!

ginmommy said...

I love your Olan Mills pose :) Looks like such a fun day. Both the boys are so cute with their little hats on. Love fall!

Jaime Mac said...

Both the boys are growing up fast. Love the comparison shots!