Sunday, October 9, 2011


We resumed our tradition Saturday morning of going to Harvest Homecoming for donuts. I'm unsure why we didn't go last year, Steve may have been in Bloomington. It's so nice to get there as the booths are opening. It's cool and not a lot of crowds. We also hit it up our favorite booth; Discovery Toys. The consultant had some discounted items for sale, we bought Cooper some pretend gardening tools. Every year we go we always say that we are coming back in the evening and spending about $100 on real food, we never do. One day we are going back and eating our hearts out. This year, donuts will do.

Me and my boy, courtesy of Steve and Instagram.

I mean seriously, check out those donuts. Our bag still had the glaze dripping off them.


Susie said...

They are some great tasting donuts!! I had a couple myself this weekend!!

ginmommy said...

Man, I miss the HH!!!! Those donuts look amazing!!

Tracey said...

Yum!!!!! I didn't get any this year. Boo.

The McAfee's said...