Friday, October 7, 2011

Fish, Parade Balls, and Ducks

I feel like my mission this week must have been to hit up all the major parks in our area. It all started Monday evening when Steve mentioned taking the boys to Speed Park after dinner. Cooper calls this the fishy park, because they have a pond of fish of course. I forgot to bring the camera but it was slides, see saw's, and swings as usual. At one point I had Cameron at the baby swings and Cooper was with Steve on the playground. I looked over and Steve was rubbing Cooper's head, he had fell down while going up the steps and hit his head. Steve said he did everything to keep from crying.

Wednesday we met up with our Peeps group from church at Bob Hedge Park. We haven't been here since the Spring. Cooper calls this park the parade ball park. He got a small ball that looks like a globe at a parade once and it looks just like the globe they have. So, he calls it the parade ball park. He was all about climbing and sliding.

Cameron enjoyed the swings as usual, he loves swinging and giggles the whole time. Super cute!

Then this morning we met up with Alicia, Jake, and Nora at Community Park in New Albany. I've never taken the kids here before, he decided quickly it would be called the duck park.

Cooper and Jake liked feeding the ducks.

Look at these crazy things.

We stayed at the park for a solid 2+ hours. The kids got to play at two different playgrounds, we were making our way to the third when we realized it was getting late and they were having fun just running around looking at duck poop anyway. They both were so exhausted when we got back to the cars it didn't matter at all we were leaving, they were just happy to sit down. Of course all this park hopping business made for one tired (almost) four year old. Makes this one happy momma come nap time.


The McAfee's said...

That's a lot of fun park time!!! We had so much fun today!! :)

ginmommy said...

Fun!! Glad to see that the ducks didn't attack you guys :)

Jaime Mac said...

Wow, sounds like you were hitting all the parks! It's been great weather for that!