Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Ready

Around our house my kids can be good as gold, but the minute we are to leave the house all chaos breaks. Take Sunday for example. We were getting ready to leave for Jake's party, I'm sure you can read all about that on Alicia's blog, and it was crazy. Cameron was sleeping until about 10 minutes before we left, once he woke up he wanted to do but be in my arms. Then I tried to get Cooper to sign Jake's card. He can sign his name, no problem. This is what he decided to do instead. When it was time to go, he would not take off these goggles. I mean really? I didn't feel like fighting it and he wore them to the party. He bounced in them and all. Sometime around dinner he took them off.

Not related but he calls this his special agent best from Special Agent Oso. Crazy kid!
Thanks for having us Alicia, Cooper had a blast.


The McAfee's said...

Funny!! I am so glad you guys came!! Jake loved it!

ginmommy said...

Love that he wore the goggles!!

Tracey said...

I totally love it!!!!