Friday, October 21, 2011

Dress up, brownies, diet cokes, and child labor

Today has been one of those unusually fun days. I say unusual because we have done NOTHING! The boys are all feeling better so I debated going on a play date today but decided to go ahead and stay home. I'm not going to lie, some days are hard to keep everyone entertained all day, somehow today was easy. Before I knew it, it was 3:00. The only low part of the day is a minor headache. You know the smell when you turn your heat for the first time all season? Our kicked on last night and imagine the smell if hasn't been ran, ever! We started off today with a little experiment. Someone told me if you put gummy bears in water they will grow. Didn't know that, so we of course had to try it out.

I was expecting giant gummy bears, like when you stick a peep in the microwave. Still neat though. I was on the phone with Steve's mom when I took them out of the water and I accidentally threw them away. I had to re-start the experiment without telling Cooper so he hasn't seen them yet.Cooper was getting dressed for the day and wanted to put on his Special Agent vest again.

I decided to go through all of Cooper's summer clothes and box up the ones he has grown out of. I was putting them away when I found his old Halloween costumes. This is the best picture I got of Cameron, he is going to make one super cute Nemo next year. I had to send this to my friend Angie from church. I know I've mentioned she lives down the street. Well, i used to live across the street from her ex-husband. I used to always see her in passing when she would be over to pick up their daughter. It was two years ago when Cooper wore this costume and she was over there trick or treating with her daughter. She thought it was the cutest thing, I don't even think we knew each other then but came over to take his picture. I had to ask her if she remembered it.

Cooper had to have a banana with his monkey costumer. Wonder if I can get him to eat a carrot if he dresses like a bunny.

My mom was on her way home so she brought us McDonald's for lunch. Score for a free lunch! I had just made some brownies for tomorrow, I am making this recipe to take to a party. You have to let the top layer set for a while and I knew we would be busy with other things so I started today. My mom walks in and smells brownies and wants to start digging in. I did have another box so I let her. I mean she did bring me a diet coke,

and the boys got Halloween buckets to decorate,

and I got to lick the brownie batter bowl twice. What's a few extra minutes mixing brownies for all that?

I also put the boys to work today. I start em early.

Steve gathered some branches and wood from our now bare field behind our house. I had Cooper dig them out of the fire pit to dry out, we are hoping for some marshmallows this weekend. I guess he thought he needed some eye protective wear.

I seriously cannot believe it's almost 4:00. I don't remember the last time our day has ever went by this fast. We have a fun weekend planned so hopefully more posts to come.


ginmommy said...

Looks like a great day with your babies! Love those kinds of fast, fun days :)

The McAfee's said...

Fun day!! I am glad everyone is feeling better!!

Jaime Mac said...

Yay for free lunch! Those brownies look YUMMY, now I see why you got 2nd place!